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In the cause of peace

Dear Sir,
President President Rouhani

I wrote this letter on September 19 .
Iran and six world powers are launching a fresh effort to try to narrow stubborn differences on what nuclear concessions Tehran must agree to in exchange for full sanctions relief.
The deadline for agreement is November 24.Iran's uranium enrichment program is the greatest stumbling block. Tehran says it is not interested in nuclear weapons and wants to enrich only to make reactor fuel. It seeks to keep its enrichment activities robust, but Washington wants deep cuts in the program because it can also be used to make the fissile core of a warhead.
Because USA and Europe suspect Iran whether Iran may arm with a nucleus's weapons by using a lot of centrifuge for the enrichment of uranium, America requires U. S. Europe to reduce it to several thousand from approximately 19000 engines which Iran has.
On the other hand, Iran uses the old-model of centrifuges. Therefore the Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei insists that Iran can't get the ability for enough enrichment of uranium if Iran does not introduce approximately 190000 of the centrifuges, which are approximately 10 times of current numbers of the centrifuges.
I think that almost Israeli citizens will be terrified violently only by insisting of the Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei" about necessity of 19,000 centrifuges .The Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei who wears the ancient costume of the clergyman of the Shiah has dignity and the great charisma and even only existence gives all Israeli citizens awful fear and menace by all means.Even if the Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei insists that the fear of Israeli citizens is persecution complex, this interpretation is unreasonable for them.Even the mere mention of his name of the Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei is enough to silence a naughty child in Israel.Besides an Israeli will become very pale only by the number of 19,000 or 190,000 which the Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei would express.
Of course I think that it gives Iran a great menace because Israel owns more than 300 nuclear weapons .
Well, I have a suggestion to make.
1.  Instead of changing all Israeli nuclear site into the USA's military base as the jurisdiction of U. S. forces, and depriving a right to push the nuclear button of Israel virtually, I suggest that Iran would reduce centrifuges from 19000 to 10000 .
2.  But I suggest that Iran will sell all the old types of centrifuges to the United States, and I suggest that Iran introduces 10, 000 latest centrifuges.
3.  Please make a effort that a summit meeting between Iran and USA come true at the U. N. Assembly.
Although United States Army general Martin E. Dempsey insisted that Dempsey would persuade President Obama to approve a ground war, President Obama declared yesterday that USA did not use a ground war in sweep operation of ISIS .I think that President Obama considered President Rouhani obviously. If a summit meeting between Iran and USA doesn't come true, I am worry because President Obama may be slandered by Cheney and neo-conservatives.
Cheney seduces ISIS and the Ukrainian right wing radicals in order to cause World War 3.Probably Cheney will intend to deprive oil's rights from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Russia by causing World War 3.The world becomes peaceful if the world can let Cheney lose his position.
I would like to hope that Iran would cooperate with Aozora in order to let Cheney overthrow for world peace.
I love piano performances of Ingrid St-pierre very much.
Will there be so pretty and gentle melody elsewhere?
I would like to hope heartily that my pure heart to love Iran reaches to the Rev. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei and President Rouhani .
Best Regard,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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