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The world should support Abdullah

It is very unfortunate that Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is the new President of Afghanistan.Because it is recognized that many soldiers of Taliban had threatened a lot of Afghanistani citizens by guns in order to seize each card of ballot , the election is clearly unjust.
Mr.Ghani will become president of the country and Mr.Abdullah will work as chief executive, effectively having the powers of a prime minister, and will be responsible for the day to day running of the country.
But if Mr.Abdullah governs Afghanistan, it is not a bad result.Mr. Ghani had better do the activity for the consolation of the stricken area technically and should become the symbol of peace.
Hamid Karzai embezzled support gold which gathered from the world.The money of vast support of Japan was used for their Benz, their houses and the luxury presents of beautiful lovers of the Hamid Karzai whole families and the aides.
Hamid Karzai often talked about criticism of America to Iran as if Afghanistan were an American colony. On the other hand,Hamid Karzai talked about criticism of Iran to the United States.
Because everyday I read Iran Radio which is the homepage that the Iranian government would publish , I knew the Iranian government's opinion about Afghanistan and I noticed that Hamid Karzai often said bad things about USA to Iranian government.Hamid Karzai’s nonsensical behavior is shocking.
Because Mr. Ghani received the support of Hamid Karzai, the United States and Iran should support "Mr. Abdullah" for world peace . Not Mr. Ghani.
The U. S. Government and the Iranian government should support the new Afghanistan's government to be able to seize all the assets of Hamid Karzai.
I would like to hope that President Obama and the Rowḥānī President would talk about the seizure of all the assets of Hamid Karzai if a summit meeting between the United States and Iran comes true in the United Nations General Assembly.
I never say that Afghanistan should return even 1 yen of money of Japan's support to Japan.I pray heartily that the Afghanistan's government would use all the assets which will be confiscated from Hamid Karzai for the scholarship of Afghanistan's children .The delay of the education of Afghanistan's children is serious. I hope that Afghanistan's children study hard so that Afghanistan can prosper.
Because Japan does not have energy resources,Japan has worked many times harder than any other countries .Because Afghanistan has abundant natural gas , Afghanistan has far more chances than Japan.
Afghanistan's students should be endowed with great interest in learning and forwardness, and should play an important role to develop the medical science and the electrical engineering in Afghanistan through cooperating with many scientists and doctors .

Lyric:Goodbye Isaac
(Singer,Lyric writer and composer: Motohiro Hata)
Let's open our future positively.
The new wind is blowing.
Dreams come true.
The Afghanistan's people have suffered very much for a long time.
However, the human being must make an effort to change fate.
Human beings is born in order to build peaceful society.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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