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Abe's Propaganda for rushing into the military regime

Questions and answers in the Diet begin, but the will of the opposition parties is too weak to fight against Prime Minister Abe although Prime Minister Abe is going to rush into the military regime.
  Because it is criticized by the world countries if Prime Minister Abe denies Kono Statement, Prime Minister Abe makes his own aide and confidants express the opinion to deny Kono Statement now.

However, I'll speak definitely.

"The attack against the Asahi Shimbun" and " the negation of Kono Statement" and "the claim that former Japan forces do not abduct all women" is a brilliant opening ceremony of the military regime.
This is an Abe's Propaganda for rushing into the military regime.

On October 6 ,when Mr. "Takeshi Shina" of the Democratic Party asked Prime Minister Abe, "Inconvenient information is appointed by a specific secret, and may not be disclosed for the government by the Diet." , Prime Minister Abe answered as follows.

Prime Minister Abe at the question and answer in the Diet.
Prime Minister Abe emphasized about "the specific National Secrets Bill which would be taken effect in Committee on the Budget of the House of Representatives in December" and said , "By doubleness or triple structure, it is impossible to apply a bill illegally . There is not any fears to cover the information intentionally."
About an operative standard to perform specific secret "designation and cancellation" based on "the specific National Secrets Bill", he told,"There is an existence of fixed rules . I who am the prime minister can look at the contents well. transparency is certain and, I am convinced that the grasp in the political level will be advanced basically."

What happens?Prime Minister Abe likes to mystify people.Prime Minister Abe is a great liar, to begin with.

Warning!The organization of the triple structure which will inspect the specific secrets will be formed by Prime Minister's aides and his confidants.
The deficiency of the Abe Cabinet's policy
Warning!   National Secret Bill may change into the terrible bill to arrest citizens unfairly, and this terrible bill can found a concentration camp.
Stand Up,Politicians!
Fight against Prime Minister Abe.
What are you afraid of?
Prime Minister Abe is going to begin the reign of terror such as the video.
What are you afraid of?
"The opposition party which can point out definitely about the deficiency of the specific National Secrets Bill " can win in the next election.

Fight against Prime Minister Abe.
The distrust to Abenomix in the market spreads.The Abe Cabinet should show faithful correspondence for Japanese citizens and the world's market.
1.  An item in National Secret Bill should apply "a crime called abuse of a government employee's authority" for Prime Minister , deputy Prime Minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary,Minister of Defense, the chief secretary, Commissioner General of the National Police Agency ,and Chief of Joint Staff Office, JSO of Japan Self-Defense Forces, JSDF.
Of course this item includes their penal servitudes.
2.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can reproduce Japan's original Tokyo trial when Cabinet, the police, and the Self-Defense Forces rush into Nazism and a reign of terror.
3.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can build the system which chooses the jurymen except the politician from the various quarters to perform Japan's original Tokyo trial.
4.  An item prohibiting the establishment of the concentration camp is necessary  in National Secret Bill .
Prime Minister Abe insists to found Japanese FEMA but actually, he is going to establish many concentration camps.
5.  Neither Japanese citizens nor "any citizens of other countries" should not be kidnapped unjustly in military purposes.
An item forbidding abducting any citizens is necessary.
Why are not "Abe cabinet , the police, and the Self-Defense Forces" punished in National Secret Bill ?
The law that can arrest only the citizens unfairly is wrong.
An item to restrain national reckless driving is lacked in National Secret Bill.

Artiste: Zazie
Chanson: Je Suis Un Homme 
The ambition of the Abe prime minister never comes true.
We are at the turning point of the Apocalypse.
The Apocalypse prophesies that a kingdom of the peace for 1000 years will be built.
Therefore Cheney is defeated.
Prime Minister Abe wants to commit a double suicide with Cheney.
But we are different from Prime Minister Abe.
The militarism let a human being be mad.
Down with militarism!
Prime Minister Abe imbues us with militarism.
But he can't!!!!
No militarism! No atomic bombs! No FEMA camp!
Wake up ,Japanese politicians.
Remember Samurai Spirit!!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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