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Political legerdemain of the Liberal Democratic Party general meeting.

Because the Liberal Democratic Party general meeting was going to improve a particularly secret bill, the Liberal Democratic Party general meeting postponed approval of the specific National Secret Bill on October 7, but their action was prevented by Prime Minister Abe.
The Liberal Democratic Party approved the operative standard and government ordinance which established the way of designation and the cancellation of the specific secret over the specific Official Secrets Act which inflicted a severe punishment on leaking national secret of the country in Executive Council of October 10.
Even if the government does what is not permitted humanely, if particularly the government side appoint their crimes the national secret unfairly , the government side will not be punished about any crimes by this specific national secret bill. 
The Internal Reporting Program will be installed, but Prime Minister Abe can delete information if a notice destination is a cabinet and the police to conceal those crimes.This won't serve the purpose.

The Liberal Democratic Party general meeting
   A woman of the right-side end of the photograph express the terrible icy smile. She is Tomomi Inada of the chairman of the LDP Policy Research Council.She is the most trusted and reliable assistant of Prime Minister Abe.Tomomi Inada are same tribes as Ukrainian "Deputy neonazi Svoboda party Olesya Orobetz", and "Svoboda deputy Irina Farion " , even if Tomomi is terrible flat-chested like the Cliffs of Moher.The iceberg floats in the sea. Even if Tomomi is terrible flat-chested like the Cliffs of Moher, I think Tomomi will be easy to float in the sea by her icy heart . Abe Cabinet must ruin like Titanic which was a luxury liner that collided with an iceberg and sank. Prime Minister Abe continues deceiving Japanese citizens by various methods, but the specific National Secrets Bill is just only a tip of an iceberg.

It's no joke! It's really a pain, you see.Now is not the time for making such malicious remarks.Japan is emergency.

Prime Minister Abe is a person telling a terrible lie frequently.The former Japan forces had forced abducted women to become each prostitute for many Japanese soldiers, but burnt every documents up to hide all evidences when Japan was defeated in World War II .Because there is not an evidence, Prime Minister Abe insists that there is not the history that the former Japan forces abducted any women in the countries invaded by Japan. And Prime Minister Abe asserts that he must restore Japan's honor.Prime Minister Abe does not intend to reflect on war crimes as one Japanese people at all. Prime Minister Abe intends to revive war crimes by the specific National Secrets Bill.

Naturally Prime Minister Abe is not punished if he appoints his own crime into a specific secret even if he forces "many abducted women of many other countries" and "many Japanese women" to become the prostitute and even if Prime Minister Abe can become a millionaire by this.

And Prime Minister Abe can appoint the concentration camps as a specific secret.
Even if the Abe Cabinet can establish the organization to sell the organs of the captives in the concentration camps to get the huge wealth, if Prime Minister Abe appoints his own crime into a specific secret , Prime Minister Abe is not punished at all.

Actually, the prewar Japanese forces kidnapped northeastern women of Japan before Russo-Japanese War and before World War II to sell the women to Europe and Japan's army became a millionaire to begin war. 
To complete the sum of his miseries,in the colonies that Japan occupied in World War II,the former Japan forces had forced abducted women to become each prostitute for many Japanese soldiers.
The thought of the ninja group making the poison which people of the ancient special hamlets are based on is still left in the right wing.It is thought of extreme androcracy and is the idea that ignored the human rights to justify to make the slaves for self-interests.Therefore,Prime Minister Abe has the thought of the sex discrimination obviously because he is affected by right-wingism.Prime Minister Abe is going to use some danger parts of the thought of the right wing.
On the other hand,Prime Minister Abe is going to stand up in a military regime affiliated with Cheney.
Chinese world conquest plan map 
I doubt that Prime Minister Abe lets Japan rush into Japan-China War, for the plan that the Emperor's family would be executed in Beijing.What I feel uneasy the most is this plan may advance after Japan's defeat of Japan-China War .
For more than 40 years, China side has had the terrible plan to cause a military coup in Japan with the organization of North Korean people residing in Japan to arrest the family of the Emperor and to deliver the family of the Emperor to Beijing by this organization .Ichiro Ozawa whom this organization supports was made to lose his position by the Obama Administration, but I think that Cheney who is going to let the Abe Cabinet rush into Japan-China War takes part in a plan to execute Emperor's family in Beijing because Cheney is a Chinese spy.
Does Cheney seduce Prime Minister Abe to establish Abe new dynasty in Japan? I'm worry about it. And Prime Minister Abe is going to rush desperately into the military regime.
However, please watch Chinese world conquest plan map.There is not Japan in this map.The existing position of Japan changes into a nuclear pollution area in this map .
China intends to let Japan sink with more than 100 nuclear weapons .
Although Cheney knows the intention of China enough, does Cheney seduce Prime Minister Abe to make him a new King?Does Prime Minister Abe intend to become King Fool?

Only a person of the holy lineage of the Lewi group who is a descendant of Aaron can become the Japanese Emperor.Prime Minister Abe can become neither a new king nor Emperor.If Prime Minister Abe rushes into the military regime, not only Emperor's family but also both Prime Minister Abe and all Japanese citizens will ruin.

The specific National Secret Bill to let Japan rush recklessly into this terrible ruin is going to be approved in a Cabinet meeting on October 14 and will be enforced on December 10.

Shuri castle 
We need world's cooperation.We must defeat the Abe Administration.Aozora declares fighting against Abe Cabinet in order to protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress from the terrible plots.His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress would have become the rainbow bridge between the island of Okinawa and Japan at the risk of life. In the island of Okinawa, there was the assassination attempt case soon after the war, too, but His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress were not discouraged.I know how His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress are holy pacifists .
His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress often visit leprosy patient facilities of Okinawa for consoling . How many patients would be grateful and shed tears for the thoughtfulness?
The thought to love Okinawa by His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress is always pure, and Shuri castle which had reduced to ashes in war was rebuilt by Japanese national budget.
The dispute by the minority race of Okinawa had disappeared by the pure mind that His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress love Okinawa island.I must do something in return for their courageous pure mind.And I must protect the beautiful Japan.

The fall of Japan's stock prices continues !I understand that market players have cited a variety of factors, including a drop in U. S. stock prices late this week, profit-taking triggered by the yen's uptrend and lower-than-expected GDP growth, and stock price movements in Asian markets.
The GDP growth rate of the third-quarter was estimated to be 4% on the average until just one month ago , by the economists . But it is considered that the GDP growth remain in 2-3% now. The GDP growth rate largely dropped with -7.1% in the second-quarter.
The Japanese economy turns worse rapidly by Abenomix, and the export does not spread, and citizens' real wages decrease for price hike, and a large number of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises go bankrupt.Wages never have also risen significantly and nominal wages have never risen at a pace exceeding the consumer price growth rate. employment and income situations have never improved and never activated consumer spending to result .
The bankruptcy of the company which imported raw materials from the foreign countries increased 18% more in comparison with the same month in a previous year, and the companies which went bankrupt by weak yen increased to 2.8 times last month in comparison with the same month in a year before it. The weak yen becomes the factor to suppress profit for the company depending on import while tweak yen is effective in pushing up the profit of the company mainly on the export.
Kuroda the Governor of the Bank of Japan 
Prime Minister Abe and Kuroda the Governor of the Bank of Japan promote weak yen forcibly, and ignore the bankruptcy of the small‐to‐medium‐sized enterprises mercilessly to direct the economic growth that the actual situation is not accompanied like the aerial fancies.It becomes the yen's uptrend this week, but against this situation,Prime Minister Abe and the Governor of the Bank of Japan try to promote weak yen forcibly more and more.Surely Japan's stocks have been overvalued .
Warning!Kuroda of the Governor of the Bank of Japan insists that Japan can get back manufacturing industry into Japan from Asian foreign countries of cheap personnel expenses by weak yen in order to increase export in the future.But then a barefaced hypocrite starts wanting to go crazy.
Even if Kuroda is going to regain manufacturing industry in Japan, the personnel expenses of Japan do not become cheaper.Japan should escalate investment business rather than manufacturing industry. And Japan should establish a constant position as international finance center like Singapore and Hong Kong.
The weak yen which ignores economic and financial fundamentals is a crime.
The exchange rate should be adjusted by reflecting economic fundamentals.
Recent Japan's economic crises demonstrate the need to strengthen economic fundamentals and financial systems.
Abenomix is absolutely  wrong !
An original material cost and the oil prices become the reasonable price if Japan can keep 1 dollar 100 yen, and the export of the auto industry will increase surely. The 1 dollar 110 yen level is unfair weak yen.
Everyone considers Prime Minister Abe and the Governor of the Bank of Japan the combination of the pharisees.They are sanctimonious hypocrites.We must defeat the Abe Administration.The fall of Japan's stock prices continues !Even if profit-taking may expand, we must give top priority to defeating the Abe Administration.
Warning!In addition, in order to prevent reckless driving by the Abe Administration,a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill is necessary for Japan.
1.  An item in National Secret Bill should apply "a crime called abuse of a government employee's authority" for Prime Minister , deputy Prime Minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary,Minister of Defense, the chief secretary, Commissioner General of the National Police Agency ,and Chief of Joint Staff Office, JSO of Japan Self-Defense Forces, JSDF.
Of course this item includes the Penal servitude ten years for them.
2.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can reproduce Japan's original Tokyo trial when Cabinet, the police, and the Self-Defense Forces rush into Nazism and a reign of terror.
3.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can build the system which chooses the jurymen except the politician from the various quarters to perform Japan's original Tokyo trial.
4.  An item prohibiting the establishment of the concentration camp is necessary  in National Secret Bill .
Prime Minister Abe insists to found Japanese FEMA but actually, he is going to establish many concentration camps.
5.  Neither Japanese citizens nor "any citizens of other countries" should not be kidnapped unjustly in military purposes.
An item forbidding abducting any citizens is necessary.
Why are not "Abe cabinet , the police, and the Self-Defense Forces" punished in National Secret Bill ?
The law that can arrest only the citizens unfairly is wrong.
An item to restrain national reckless driving is lacked in National Secret Bill.

Artiste: Zazie
Chanson: Je Suis Un Homme 
On a video, I watched the sight of politicians of the Liberal Democratic Party who were entering the room of the general meeting .
Most of them chuckled to themselves over their success.
I think they jeered at the proposal of a draft amendment .
There was a person who was in a transport of joy.
They smirk by being able to show the result that Prime Minister Abe will like for sure than protecting the future of their mother country.
However, in the long history pure love sometimes overcomes hypocrisy definitely .
An ugly thing is not all of the world.
The beautiful thing exists by all means in the world.
I believe it.
No militarism! No atomic bombs! No FEMA camp!
Wake up ,Japanese politicians.
Wake up ,Japanese people.
Remember Samurai Spirit!!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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