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US Assembly elections will be Global revolution for Peace.

M. Pokora - On est là 
I'll call to every American citizens inside of your heart.
I am fighting at the risk of life in this Japan where the Nazi Administration is going to be created.
Prime Minister Abe lets the concentration camps be full and intends to begin a bloodbath if the specific National Secret Bill is enforced on December 10 of this year .
Prime Minister Abe is going to establish a military regime which is affiliated with Cheney in Japan.
I notice Cheney prompts Japan to militarism by using Japanese right-wingism in order to let Japan defeat by Japan-China War.
I notice Cheney has a plot to arrest family of the Emperor to execute them in Beijing.I shake like a leaf for fear.
I often dread to think of their cruel execution method and torture.
Prime Minister Abe 20141103
Prime Minister Abe 
However, Japan must never move back in militarism.
I must prevent the Nazi Administration.
I must advance in order to protect freedom and democracy.
There are only another 37 days until December 10 of this year.There's not much time for me.Cheney brainwashes even Nippon Kaigi which is a right-wingism group becoming the center of the current politics of Japan.But as far as my own life continues, I fight to perform the overthrowing the Abe Administration to prevent a military regime which is affiliated with Cheney.

I may be murdered by a miserable method by Abe Cabinet after December 10, but I want to live with tackling everything with all my efforts so that I will not regret it afterward in order to protect freedom and democracy to prevent the Nazi Administration even if my life is not long.

Of course Cheney brainwashes many American citizens extremely skillfully .
Cheney20141103.jpg And Cheney slanders President Obama through the media and Cheney controls the Republican Party wonderfully.
At the beginning of the assumption of office of President Obama , the number of the Democratic Party had the majority of the Houses of Parliament.And President Obama made "‘the Obama Economic Stimulus Package (February, 2009)' and ‘Health care reform in the United States (March, 2010 establishment)'" come true in sequence.
However, "the Divided government" where the majority was different occurred in the Houses of Parliament when the Republican Party recaptured a majority by an interim election in the Lower House in 2010 . Many bills and policies including the emigrant system reform were delayed.
President Obama20141103

If the Republican Party controls the Upper House, political power change will come true at the presidential election two years later, and the Nazis political power which Cheney rules over will begin in the United States.
Cheney slanders the Obama Administration on TV and a radio in order to brainwash many American citizens, and such an absurdity is taking place in USA.

In the United States, many American citizens will be murdered at FEMA camps two years later if the same situation continues.
By brainwashing an American citizens by internet, Cheney scatters disinformation that the Obama Administration may confine many American citizens in prison in FEMA camps .Cheney expands disinformation as if President Obama pushed forward a plan to let "filovirus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever" be prevalent and to isolate many American citizens in FEMA camps in order to put microchip inside.
However, the person to be going to really begin a population reduction plan is Cheney and is not President Obama.
The Strecker Memorandum
Dr. Robert Strecker 
AIDS and Ebola viruses did not originate from monkeys left alone in the wild - they were bioengineered in American laboratories.
Two men were murdered (Congressman Huff and Ted Strecker) for exposing that Bionetics Laboratories (owned by Litton Systems, owned by Litton Industries, Inc) and the United States Army, acting on orders from the U. S. government, have weaponized the Ebola disease, HIV/AIDS, and others at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Some, like Ebola were successfully weaponized; others, like HIV/AIDS, did not function effectively as a weapon. The CDC owns the patent on all strains of Ebola. NIH owns the patent on the vaccine…and yes, there is one that was also developed in an army lab. Bio-warfare labs are five to ten years ahead of commercial labs. In this case, NIH worked with Merck on some of the research and development. Dr. Robert and Theodore "Ted" Streckert tried to share their findings with national, state and local authorities, they received only two responses. On August 11, 1988, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri. The death was ruled a suicide, in spite of the fact that Dr. Robert Strecker had spoken to his brother on the phone the night before, and Ted was both healthy and in good spirits.
On September 12, 1988, the lone political official who had responded to the Streckers' findings, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago, was found dead in his home. The autopsy claimed he died of a stroke as a result of an overdose of cocaine and heroin. Huff had been an outspoken supporter of Dr. Strecker's work to publicize what was in essence an AIDS cover-up.
EX-REPRESENTATIVE DIES. Former State Rep. Douglas Huff Jr., who resigned his seat in the Illinois House after 14 years when he was convicted of federal tax evasion, has died following a stroke, officials said Friday. Huff, 57, died late Thursday at St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital Center, said hospital spokesman Joe Boton. Huff, D-Chicago, had been scheduled to begin his prison term Oct. 18. Huff resigned his House seat at midnight Sept. 7, 1988.
It was the reign of republican President Reagan when these two men were murdered.
FEMA CAMP20141103
Coffins in FEMA camp
The system which more than 800 forcible expropriation camps like FEMA camps can receive anytime is prepared in the United States .The staff is already placed, too, and the monitoring system is made for 24 hours.FEMA camp in the east of Anchorage has the seating capacity of 500000 people, and FEMA camp of Alaska has the seating capacity of 2 million people.
The construction of FEMA camps began since the reign of republican PAPA Bush.
It is surely convenient when a house is lost by the disasters such as a hurricane , an earthquake, and the fire if there is the area where citizens can evacuate to safely.However, the actual situation of the FEMA camping seems to be the facilities which are near to the concentration camp.There are FEMA camps near a railroad line to be able to send a person immediately, but FEMA camps are all located in the miles from nowhere.There is the house trunk in FEMA camps, but there are the terrible equipments that make us imagine totally forcible expropriation camps because many coffins and many gas pipes are set up around the facilities.FEMA camps have wide authority so that all American public servants are required to come under the command of "FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency " at the time of the disaster .Furthermore, in emergency, the government itself comes to come under the command of the FEMA, too, and the FEMA is given various special privileges.
Cheney brainwashes many American citizens extremely skillfully and Cheney controls Republican Party behind the scenes .If the Republican Party controls the Upper House, political power change will come true at the presidential election two years later, and the Nazis political power which Cheney rules over will begin in the United States.In the United States, many American citizens will be murdered at FEMA camps two years later if the same situation continues.

The American citizen must do a right judgment now. Otherwise Nazism will be caused in the United States.

"Mr. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski" have founded FEMA camps , and because "Mr. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski" is President Obama's main advisors on foreign politics, President Obama may be doubted, too by American citizens.However, the politics of America is not a monolith. President Obama must run a country without fighting against the politicians of various factions.The American political world is always complicated.However, President Obama will just ignore an opinion of Mr. Brzezinski and hardly hears what Mr. Brzezinski says.
Mr. Brzezinski is the existence which is near to the mummy of Metropolitan Museum .Mr. Brzezinski is a decrepit elderly person as if Mr. Brzezinski himself were putting his own one leg into the coffin.Mr. Brzezinski looks very very scary at first glance but he has not any power as if he were a mummy of Metropolitan Museum.

Every American citizens,You need not fear!!!Don't worry!!!Never mind!!!

I think that the United States should collect investment by clear business suggestions from all the countries of the world and the United States should develop business.

  The economic growth of USA and job creation

Israeli Water desalination has the highest-performance in the world.
The green bridge which is built on Lake Oroville which is compared the quantity of water between August 19, 2014 and July 20, 2011.
"Water desalination " removes of salts and minerals in order to make the fresh water.Because 70% of earth are the seas, Israeli "Water desalination "can bring much fresh water in the drought's area.
The drought of "California and Texas" of the United States is serious this very moment.Because the United States is a world's best economic country, Japan can get the big merit if Japan can invest US's public works project .The employments of "California and Texas" will expand if USA government will perform a project to use the natural energy for the electricity of Water desalination .
I would like to hope to suggest intensive model photovoltaic power generation in place of fossil fuel.

The employment to bring about of the public works project to make a road and a bridge is short-term.If a project will be over, the employments will be lost. It is not enough good work for the people of "California and Texas" to continue throughout their lives.Because "California and Texas" will import most of material from other places rather than "California and Texas" in the public works project to make a road and a bridge, even if the amount of money to handle will be really many, "California and Texas" can keep only personnel expenses .In the public works project to make a road and a bridge, the effect of the local reproduction is unexpectedly small. Because the maintenance cost of a road and the bridge is high, they will burden the fund of "California and Texas".
Because the employments will be created through intensive model photovoltaic power generation if "California and Texas" promotes intensive model photovoltaic power generation and does not need to pay the vast fossil fuel costs which began to flow outside "California and Texas", it will be a big benefit for regional economy.
The employments of "California and Texas" will expand by facilities of Israeli Water desalination.

In addition,I would like to hope to suggest that US government would introduce Israeli Water desalination into the townships of Native Americans in order to cultivate the very large fields of herb such as lavender or Lemon myrtle by Israeli Water desalination.
I think that they can live more wealthily if US government would make the huge hot spring tourist facilities which have the fragrance of the herb bath because their almost townships stay in the desert zone.
Because the Indian casino does not make a big profit, they are not so rich.
But Israeli Water desalination has infinite possibilities.I hope that Japan extends useful investment for the public works project of US economic power which is the top in the world. And I wish Japanese economy revives.
Pueblo.jpg The Pueblo is registered as a village of ancient native Indians for both a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark.Native American is proud of Pueblo.I want to see the scene which Pueblo is covered in a very large field and forest, and a small birds begins to sing there.
It is unbelievable that Lean Khan persecuted Native Americans. I thought that Lean Khan had been a better human being.
In the time of Lean Khan,Indians were not considered human beings.There were various histories as if they were counted as the fish, deer, livestock. When they burned the gypsies and Native Americans they threw the burned flesh to the crowds to be consumed. Native Americans weren't considered human beings. Presently Native Americans are fight for rights. They will consider them only if they don't in anyway inter fer with their occupiers .In the view of the occupier, all Indians were the same. They showed not respect to culture, tribes or languages. We should know the Indian was a strong and proud people.
38 persons of Dakota were killed in 1862. The government brought the township of the Dakotan poverty and starvation and induced the township as if it were a kind of ghetto. It is important that human race should change the desert zone of their township into the forest and the vast farms. Although more than 150 years were passed, they are still oppressed. USA should plant trees in the desert area of Native American to let economy of America make rapid progress.
If US government can introduce Desalination which can change the seawater into fresh water into the desert area and make energy of Solar Power , USA can extend the vast employments surely. In addition, USA may offer work to the homeless person of 12 million. If the area of Native American becomes rich as the nice sightseeing spot, too, the United States of America can estimate the yield of taxes to be it.
It becomes a breakthrough of the current economy of USA. Because Japan's personnel expenses do not become cheaper, in Japan, Japan cannot let any factories of the manufacturing industry go back to Japan from the country of cheap personnel expenses. In Japan, Japan should be able to escalate a trade balance if Japan extends investment business in the United States by supporting the culture of Native American because Japan can get foreign currency.
Lean Khan is thought to be the model President for the United States of America, but is the leader of the cold-blooded unjust massacre for Native Americans.However, as for Lean Khan, it becomes the big achievement because Lean Khan made the emancipation of slaves come true.
American citizens and the world's citizens pay attention to what kind of clear achievement the American President accomplished.If President Obama would restore the human rights of Native Americans and if President Obama would change their Pueblos into the beautiful rich town with big forest and the vast farms, the achievement of President Obama will be highly acclaimed far more than Lean Khan.
We live in the times of the Apocalypse.We must build the kingdom of the peace for 1000 years. It is the salvation of souls of the human race.
  Preparing of homeless house of 12 million people
homeless 0EC0FF10-4E6D1
Homeless in New mexico 
The tribes of Native Americans live on often as much as $600 a year per family. For example, in New Mexico the Homeless wander the streets. Many are the Pueblo and Navajo Indians. The are drunk and hopeless. Their reservation is mined and poisoned with uranium toxic waste. So many die of cancer and exposure. The Navajo got 1/2 billion $ but to clean up their lands that won't even touch it. Education and hope is wasted. Native Americans are working on indigenous peoples rights, but the bill say they may become people if they don't effect the standing government. The government got used to the abuse of the people of Native Americans for a long time. So in these days, Native Americans know if US government brought the money and the soldiers home could do all of this. When everybody goes across this land everybody sees fracking. And for homeless and veterans with no where to go, the police often assaults with their weapons from tanks.
But if US government can introduce Desalination which can change the seawater into fresh water into the desert area and make energy of Solar Power , USA can extend the vast employments surely. In addition, USA may offer work to the homeless person of 12 million.
If the area of Native American becomes rich as the nice sightseeing spot, too, the United States of America can estimate the yield of taxes to be it.If the Obama Administration makes a contract so that Japan and the world invest it in "the townships of Native Americans", California and Texas, the Obama Administration can save national budget.
If the Obama government would decide to include the construction costs of the apartment houses in a part of the investment as a light of the sun electric industrial companies' houses, the Obama government can provide each house.
Even if US government is going to do anything only on a budget of USA, it is impossible substantially. However, I am convinced that the Obama Administration would be able to collect investment from the world if there is a clear vision to build the township of Native American as beautiful sightseeing spot and amusement parks. Of course the Obama Administration should cooperate with China or Saudi Arabia to offer investment to this suggestion . Because they expect cooperation with the United States, I think that they will accept it.

Yes,it is.US Assembly elections will be Global revolution for Peace.
Every American citizens !!! Just the Democratic Party exists for your future.
Brave American Citizens!!!!!!
The American citizen should vote for the Democratic Party now so that the Republican Party government does not begin a reign of terror two years later.
Brave American citizens! Let's unite in order to prevent a bloodbath of the Republicans.
Brave American citizens! Let's unite in order to protect freedom and democracy.

Brave American citizens! Let's unite in order to overthrow Nazism with me.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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