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Exclusion of dangerous persons.

Ichiro Ozawa 
Shizuka Kamei
Against expectation of Prime Minister Abe and the Suga Chief Cabinet Secretary, I am very happy that the electoral alliance among the opposition parties seems to advance more smoothly than before.However,Ozawa and Kamei should be excluded from he electoral alliance among the opposition parties.
The politicians who were in the center of the terrible plan to arrest the Emperor's family in order to deliver them to Beijing to execute them there should be expelled from the political world.
We should be faithful to defend the Emperor's family.
Good faith should be your guiding principle in dealing with others.
It is natural.
Do not cooperate with the traitors.
Have faith to love the mother country of Japan.
Next Ozawa is Prime Miniser Abe ....It is terrible.
Prime Minister Abe 
north-korea-Uncle_Jang Sung-taek
Jang Sung-taek 
Since "Sangokushi" (Annals of the Three Kingdoms), China has a strategy to change other countries into a China's puppet by supporting some men of power of other countries in order to cause the coup d'etat and the military regime.
The incident of Jang Sung-taek of North Korea shows an example , too.I think that Marshal Kim Jong Un was able to prevent a coup d'etat because he is very wise.
That is a valuable lesson.We should learn something from the history and we should take the immediate action to deal with "the riot" or "chaos by the military regime". We must act to defend the mother country and we must act to protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.
Prime Minister Abe always looks cool and unconcerned as if nothing had happened.But Prime Minister Abe is a devil in human form.Prime Minister Abe is going to found a military regime which is affiliated under Cheney.
Cheney intends to let Japan rush into the military regime in order to cause Japan-China War. And Cheney intends to leak all the Japanese strategies into China's army to make Japan defeat.
Therefore,I am afraid of Cheney because Cheney intends to arrest the Emperor's family in order to deliver them to Beijing to execute them there .
Cheney is a China's spy.

What is "being lacking in the present opposition parties most"?
It is that a slogan is getting weak.
1.  The restrain of the military regime.
2.  The restrain of building the concentration camp.
3.  The restrain of the thought control.
4.  The presentation of the draft amendment of the particularly national secret bill.
5.  The overthrowing of Abe Cabinet.
The citizens are longing for the clear slogans to prevent a reign of terror of the Abe Administration.
The citizens are too unconcerned about "local reproduction system" and "disparity between values of votes in different constituencies".
The citizens are waiting a hero who can stop a reign of terror.

Fight as a HERO in order to overthrow Abe Cabinet.
Toru Hashimoto Mayor Osaka
It is the Hashimoto Osaka mayor when he was young. He went wrong in old days.
RESTORATION PARTY( Nippon IshinnoKai) identified a policy to defer the decision of the full-scale electoral alliance with the Democratic Party. It is said that "Hashimoto Mayor Osaka who come into collision with the local Democratic Party through Osaka Metropolis plan" objected to the full-scale electoral alliance with the Democratic Party.

But I think that Hashimoto Mayor Osaka should give priority to overthrow the Abe Cabinet.
It is faithful for every citizen.It is not good to persist in his opinion.I would like to hope that Hashimoto Osaka mayor would decide the full-scale electoral alliance with the Democratic Party.Hey Hashimoto pretty boy, in human form of a middle-aged person !Do you enter your period of rebelliousness? Hello Hello,Toru?When can you be an adult? Erstwhile Hashimoto Osaka Mayor
Be thought a fine fellow!!!Or I will release more those strange pictures.
Hashimoto Osaka mayor!!Remember the Samurai sprits of Ryoma.
Ryoma gave priority to overthrow the shogunate in Japan and Ryoma mediated to form the Satsuma-Choshu alliance .
Hashimoto Osaka Mayor should do the same now.

Hypocrisy is abhorrent to Japanese citizens.
Remember the Samurai Sprits!!!
Even if the dream that we have believed
became the reality one day and came true,
we are led ahead of there.
We stand at the turning point of the Apocalypse.
We can overthrow the Nazism now by all means.
Remember the Samurai Sprits!!!
Fight as a HERO in order to overthrow Abe Cabinet.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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