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Prime Minister Abe's star is on the wane.

Residents of Japan's Okinawa on Sunday elected a governor opposed to relocating a controversial air base, home to a bulk of the U. S. military forces in the country.
The poll projections showed former Mayor Takeshi Onaga was certain to defeat incumbent Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima who was backed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's party.

Defeat of Nakaima is a symbolic event.
Prime Minister A
be's star is on the wane.

Prime Minister Abe spent vast money in Henoko of Okinawa in order to reclaim the foreshore from the sea of Henoko to make a US base.Prime Minister Abe purchased even the fishermen's association of Henoko.
I hate Prime Minister Abe from the bottom of my heart .
Prime Minister Abe2014 11 17
Prime Minister Abe who attends at Australian 2014 G20 
The sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful of all over the world."Virtually,the fact to prepare the reclaimed land into the sea of Okinawa" is the same cruel thing as "the fact to put a tattoo on the face of a beautiful daughter".
It is pure for loving the beautiful sea of Okinawa of the coral reef of the azure blue.
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Hashima Island , commonly called Gunkanjima (; meaning Battleship Island), is one among 505 uninhabited islands in Nagasaki Prefecture about 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Nagasaki itself.
On the other hand,Nozakijima is the uninhabited island which has abundant water, and the dam exists. Many hiding Christians lived in the Nozakijima Island at the Edo era.There is the distance of 77.2km between the Nozaki Island and the Nagasaki US Navy Sasebo base, and its area is 7.36 km² .The Henoko US base is a plan of the 1, 84 square kilometer, and Nozakijima island has the enough area. Japan can prepare both US base and new Japanese port town into the Nozakijima Island.The distance in a straight line from Nokocho, Hirado-city, Nagasaki to the Nozaki Island is 22.4km.The distance in a straight line is 3.2km from Ojika Airport of the nearest Ojika Island to the Nozaki Island.
Why can't Japan apply these uninhabited islands for building the new US base?
The suggestion to build a bridge of 25.6km from Odikajima via Nozaki Island to Nokocho, Hirado-city, Nagasaki prefecture is far more better than building the reclaimed land in the sea of Henoko.
Honshū–Shikoku Bridge is 89.0km in total length.Japan can build the bridge whose total length is 25.6km from Odikajima via Nozaki Island to Nokocho, Hirado-city, Nagasaki prefecture .It means the United States Armed Forces Sasebo base virtually spreads.I think it is good that Japan may build the Malin resort facility in Odikajima island.
More than half of 200,000 war dead of the Okinawa war committed suicide by the reign of terror of the former Japan forces.In the end of Okinawa war, many soldiers of the former Japan forces talked to Okinawa citizens about the fact that the former Japan forces made the citizens of Asian women the prostitutes of the Japan soldiers and they had starved many Asian men's citizens to death by forced labor .It is abnormality that the island of Okinawa has more war dead than war dead of the atom bombs of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.Because the people of Okinawa couldn't but commit suicide by the Japanese Government of the then military regime , it is not permitted that current Japan's government builds reclaimed land in the sea of Okinawa for the construction of the US base.The soldiers of the former Japan forces shot Okinawa citizens in large quantities to death if I say exactly.The group self-determination was compulsion.Because "also the people who avoided the group self-determination" had been brainwashed so that they might be forced to be slaves by the U. S. forces, they committed suicide after all.There was only despair there at the Okinawa war .My relatives of Okinawa wound each belt of the cloth round and round themselves with land mine and they jumped into each tank of U. S. forces and died.Can you imagine that 60% of relatives are killed by the former Japan forces?It took time more than 40 years so that the number of relatives was restored.The former Japan forces killed a lot of people of Okinawa as same as U. S. forces.
The Japanese Government should compromise. The Japanese Government should no longer force Okinawa's citizens forcibly. Current Japan's government should feel again the importance of human life.If the government makes concessions to Okinawa island, each life of the war dead would be rewarded after a long effort of current Okinawa citizens.

Pure love can overcome hypocrisy in the long history.
Prime Minister Abe ,I'll get you for this.
I bless the "chura-umi" (beautiful sea) of Okinawa.
Remember the Samurai Sprits!!!
Fight as a HERO in order to overthrow Abe Cabinet.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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