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Prime Minister Abe appeared on live TV of News23.
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Most media reports only good news which is calculated to be pleased by Prime Minister Abe.However, Shigetada Kishii of the anchor of News23 and Takako Senba of the main caster repeated pointed questions.
However, when citizens answered the street corner interview so that they did not benefit at all in Abenomix and their lives did not become comfortable, Prime Minister Abe flew into a rage.Prime Minister Abe insisted that the TBS side had edited the street corner interview in malice, and he was not going to hear any civic voices at all.
However, I'm convinced that the numerical value from October to December should turn worse more as long as GDP growth from June to September had become -1.6% .
Prime Minister Abe will suffer more terrible crushing defeat in election if Lower House will be dissolved in the next year because failure of Abenomix is too remarkable by GDP growth from October to December.
Therefore Prime Minister Abe does the Lower House election now.
I was too amazed with his essential qualities, while hearing the lies of this crafty schemer.If Prime Minister Abe dissolve the House of Representatives on November 21, he can deceive Japanese people about the failure of Abenomix because GDP growth from October to December is not announced yet.
Although the business failure should spread by sudden weak yen after October,by the enforcement of the specific National Secret Bill of December 10, Prime Minister Abe performs a thought control of the nation and intends to silence every citizen about failure of Abenomix.
The sudden monetary easing after October was carried out to begin a terrible reign of terror after December 10.Prime Minister Abe and Kuroda Governor of the Bank of Japan collude together for enforcement of the specific National Secret Bill .If the stock prices rise suddenly, Prime Minister Abe can deceive almost citizens well and can start enforcement of the specific National Secret Bill safely.
Warning!"The bright numbers that Prime Minister Abe spoke in News23 as if Abenomix were justice" makes a sudden drop from October, and the Japanese economy will be destroyed.Besides,Prime Minister Abe can silence every citizen by concentration camps like FEMA Camp.
I stared at eyes of Prime Minister Abe in News23, but felt sorrow because I understood his lies.
The human being can be cold-blooded, and the human being can make himself cruelly. Even if a little child cuts a cricket only for enjoying to kill it, if neighboring adults warn a little child not to neglect a important life of a creature, the little child learns preciousness of the life.But nobody can teach a important life of a creature to Prime Minister Abe.Why am I so sad?I don't know.

There is a rumor to have a plan that a huge organization of the European and American Satanists causes economic ruin in order to make citizens their slaves by poverty and starvation.
I feel that Prime Minister Abe who is going to build the military regime affiliated with Cheney intends to destroy Japanese economy after December 10 by sudden weak yen since October in this year.
According to the constitutional amendment draft of the Liberal Democratic Party , the preamble says "the Japanese citizen protects "a country and birthplace" by himself by "pride and the mettle", and with respecting to "fundamental human rights", a family and Great Society help each other and form a nation".
Don't you think that this preamble is very strange?
Did this preamble make so that they could make every citizen submit to poverty and starvation ?
We must not believe Abenomix.
Abenomix is only pretended economic effect, and the relatively better numerical value is until September. The more sudden weak yen destroys Japanese economy.
If the specific National Secret Bill is enforced on December 10 of this year, Prime Minister Abe lets the concentration camps be full and intends to begin a bloodbath . There are only another 20 days until December 10 of this year. There's not much time for us.Fight together in order to prevent the military regime.
Let's defeat the Abe Administration in order to realize the draft amendment of the National secret bill to force a military regime and a thought control on citizens.
And let's stop a military regime.

The common slogan of the opposition parties is necessary.
1.  The restrain of the military regime.
2.  The restrain of building the concentration camp.
3.  The restrain of the thought control.
4.  The presentation of the draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill .
5.  The overthrowing of Abe Cabinet.
6.  Japan's economy must change the trade balance into the trade surplus.
Japan's economy can control cost of the import if Japan kept 1 dollar 100 yen even if the stock prices does not rise so much.
7.  New government must force every company to release internal reserve to raise wages of citizens.
The internal reserve of the whole Japanese companies is 304 trillion yen(2,602,848,000,000$).Don't you feel this situation is too terrible? Prime Minister Abe did nothing so that he tried not to extend a difference of the poverty and wealth.
8.  We never forget "600 million yen of a malicious income concealment by his father Shintaro" and "the suspicion of tax evasion of Prime Minister Abe".
If tax evasion is found out, the citizen must pay double the sum to the taxation office.
Prime Minister Abe should pay 600 million yen that is the double of the amount of the inheritance tax of 300 million yen to the taxation office if Prime Minister Abe would want to remain being a politician.
The citizens are longing for the clear slogans to prevent a reign of terror of the Abe Administration.
To tell the truth,the citizens are too unconcerned about "local reproduction system" and "disparity between values of votes in different constituencies".
They aren't the matters of lives and death to citizens directly.
The citizens are waiting a hero who can stop a reign of terror.

Fight as a HERO in order to overthrow Abe Cabinet.

The opposition parties must give a clear slogan to prevent the establishment of the concentration camp such as military regime and FEMA Camp.
The opposition parties must give a clear slogan to prevent "a certain malice economic destruction" to cause slave rule by "starvation and poverty".
It is a dire emergency.
Prime Minister Abe may think that an orator takes his audience with him.
And I don't know the detail about the evil spirit to whom Faust sold his soul .But I'm convinced that Prime Minister Abe sold his soul to the evil spirit.
I can't see it but I feel it.

We no longer need to fear that.
Remember the Samurai Sprits!!!
Let's take each other by the hand!!!
Let's stand up to defend our mother country of Japan.
Fight as a HERO in order to overthrow Abe Cabinet.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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