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U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L), Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (R) and EU envoy Catherine Ashton met before a meeting in Vienna November 22, 2014.U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said "big gaps" remained with two days to go before a self-imposed Nov. 24 deadline for an accord, despite signs of some headway. A European source said the likelihood of a final deal by Monday was "very small".
I think that they had likely exerted superhuman effort together in order to make some type of compromise.
And I would like to hope to send my message to the Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei by all means.I would like to hope to explain a sublime self-sacrifice of President Obama to the Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei .
The powerful political group which puts great pressure on the Obama Administration so that the United States makes war on Iran exists.But President Obama staked his life on a peace negotiation with Iran.Therefore President Obama continued being slandered.
The White House invasion case really happened, and the movie which was the story to occupy the White House was made by an American production company, and the assassination attempt cases of the President happened sometimes.When a daughter of President Obama went to Mexico for a trip, the dangerous earthquake was generated in Mexico.
If the war happens among the United States and Iran, I thought that it became the World war 3 . So I entreated President Obama peace many times on my knees in my blog. If the United States made war on Syrian President Assad, the peace discussion among USA and Iran have never come true .If World War 3 happens, citizens more than 4 billion will be burnt to death.Although Syria used the poisonous gas weapon, President Obama became the target of criticism because the United States did not participate in Syrian civil war.
If clear result does not appear in nuclear discussion between USA and Iran, President Obama continues being still insulted, and President Obama will continue being threatened by various power political groups.A country of the United States is not a monolith while the United States is a military power and a major economic power.Many American Presidents might have been terrible war industrial marionettes, but President Obama is not their marionette.

The Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei might have prejudices against USA as if USA were a country which is far away from God.However, the lonely fight of President Obama is very brave. I think that the common person will be discouraged far earlier than him.The heart of mass psychology is cold. The mass of the people abandons a leader if there is no merit immediately.
I feel that the human being who moves by only reason whether a merit exists is a worthless human being to believe.If 10, 000 human beings exist there, 9, 998 people are worthless human beings enough to believe.Most human beings run about for self-protection and they desire prosperity and profitability to live.However, President Obama is only one talented person within 10,000 persons.
I would like to hope that the Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei would understand the courage of President Obama and his own indomitable spirit .And I wish the Iran supreme leader AlI Khamenei would yield the palm to President Obama.

Dick Cheney20131017And I would like to hope that three countries of Iran, the United States, and Israel notice that the common enemy exists.The common enemy is Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney .
And many people notice an information that ISIS terrorists sponsored by Cheney yet.Cheney is a big spy of China ,who intends to change the NWO plan into China's world conquest plan .Probably I think that Cheney does each same suggestion for both of Rothchild and Rockefeller about depriving oil rights from both of Iraq and Saudi Arabia by ISIS in order to monopolize it together. After that terrorists have trained in ISIS, they will cause many internal disturbances as soon as they go back to EU. This situation may happen actually like the description of the Apocalypse. Cheney causes many internal disturbances in whole EU and intends to absorb wealth of Rothchild. Cheney is the fourth knight of the Apocalypse and is the symbol of the god of death. The temptation of the god of death includes ruin. Cheney works on the areas which have the oil rights. Cheney intends to destroy each country without the oil rights such as Israel and Japan , uncharitably. Cheney does not have attachment for European cultural heritages to destroy it by smuggling of many weapons from China. Cheney is just only the god of death. And I think Cheney will do a bloodbath of every neo-conservative in order to monopolize the American hegemony.Cheney is an enemy against USA , also an enemy against Israel and also enemy against Iran.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insists that Iran is an arsenal to attack Israel, but ISIS approaches Israel now.Cheney might have suggested that Rothchild's financial combine , Israel and Saudi Arabia contribute a fund to ISIS in order to extend the power of ISIS, but, actually, Europe, Israel and Saudi Arabia are targets of ISIS.
Cheney is just a god of death. Cheney is not easily arrested.However, there is only one method to defeat Cheney.If NWO plan is canceled, China ruins itself by pollution and an internal disturbance, and Cheney loses his own great support and will die out.We must recognize the severity of the fact that Cheney is the true enemy .If Iran is reconciled with Israel for the peace, Cheney loses a place to go.Even if it is impossible that Israel is reconciled with Iran immediately, only by the effort that Israel and Iran avoid quarrelling, Cheney falls into a predicament surely .If Israel offers " the certain circumstantial evidence that an wirepuller of ISIS is Cheney" for arrests of Cheney to the United States, and if Israel and Iran make an effort to avoid quarrelling, ISIS will lose power surely.
Because Israel and Iran hate each other, ISIS's power is easy to spread. *†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*:;;;:*†*
  Instead of the removal of the ban of investment in at least Iranian oil and natural gas, I would like to suggest that Iran will dispatch large-scale troops of 120,000 persons to pacify a rebellion of the ISIS in Iraq , and I would like to suggest that Iran share ISIS information with U. S. forces , and Iraq forces.
The scale of the armed forces of ISIS is not more than 12, 000 people. The solidarity power of the Iranian military with the latest weapon will overwhelm ISIS.
If the number of people of the armed forces is 10 times of ISIS, and if it will perform a job or duty on a rotating basis of 3 group of soldiers, this armed forces can prevent to let ISIS take enough sleep and fight.If ISIS cannot sleep even if the armed forces of ISIS resist strongly, ISIS will be defeated.ISIS will fall if the army continues taking a night attack as well as daytime attack.
Of course because soldiers of Foreign Legion flow from Turkey into Iraqi ISIS and Syrian ISIS, it is necessary to stop flights and ships from Turkey to Iraq and Syria more than one year.
If the ground troops to suppress ISIS are composed from Muslims, it does not develop into World War 3.The authorized ground troop of the Muslim is necessary to destroy ISIS.If my suggestion will be passed the nuclear discussion of Iran will become the first step of the peace.
If the Iranian armed forces destroy ISIS, and if the ban of investment in Iranian oil and natural gas will be lifted , I think the investment would gather into Iran from all over the world.
Six countries had better talk about how to deal with ISIS of Syria again then after Iraqi ISIS will be exterminated .
I would like to hope that six countries would talk about my suggestion, if there aren't any good ideas to solve current Middle Eastern chaos. 1brgn5_e0line.gif

Singers: EXILE Lyrics: ATSUSHI
"The 1000 years kingdom of the peace" comes out by all means.
It is because God wishes to save the human race.
Even if the persons are Satanists even if the persons are the descendants of the former Japan forces, if they repent of their sins,God would help the persons who are going to build "the 1000 years kingdom of the peace".
The human being should get out from a painful weir further .
And the human being should take a step forward in order to build
"the 1000 years kingdom of the peace".
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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