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Suggestion in order to expel Ichiro Ozawa and Shizuka Kamei from the politics

 Joint representative Hashimoto and Eda
Deputy Representative Okada of the Democratic Party
The cooperation of the opposition parties seems to advance smoothly.I can understand that it may be impossible to set all competing electoral districts among opposition parties to zero.I'm very sorry to be noisy to say my opinions so much.However, the Democratic Party makes a great concession to a joint representative Hashimoto who is also Osaka Mayor because the Democratic Party withdrew all the support of the candidates of Osaka-city.If RESTORATION PARTY( Nippon IshinnoKai) does not make more concession to the Democratic Party more, honor of Deputy Representative Okada of the Democratic Party will be destroyed.RESTORATION PARTY( Nippon IshinnoKai) should take proper measures immediately.
I think the politicians of RESTORATION PARTY( Nippon IshinnoKai) are in comfortable environment if we compare the situation with Yoshimi Watanabe. ‘"Your Party" which Yoshimi Watanabe had established’ dissolved a political party on November 28 2014..I think Yoshimi will disappear from the politics with grasping a rake of 800 million yen(6,765,600$) soon.
The children from good homes are taught that buying rakes of the luck of money is not smart.Yoshimi Watanabe proved that the Rake of 800 million yen isn't responsive to prayers.
And I hope that RESTORATION PARTY( Nippon IshinnoKai) receive ‘Mr. Keiichiro Asao and members of former "Your Party"'.Please show your manhood,Joint representative Hashimoto and Eda.When Mr. Eda had belonged to Your Party, Mr. Eda might have endured for many troubles very much.Especially joint representative Eda should permit their past and had better hug them.An image of Mr. Eda will improve more and more before election.

I don't care a fig for the Rake of 800 million yen of Yoshimi Watanabe anymore.I want to say about Ichiro Ozawa and Shizuka Kamei.
Iwate Ward 4 of the 46th House of Representatives general election (The Lower House election of 2012)
Candidateagepolitical partyvoterate of votes obtained

duplication of  proportional representation system
electedozawalittledayon.jpgIchiro Izawa70Tomorrow Party of Japan78,05745.5%New Party DAICHI
elected  in a proportional representation systemTakashi Hujiwara29
Liberal Democratic Party
Toshiaki  Oikawa56
Democratic Party
Kouki Takahashi65Japanese Communist Party17,0339.9%
In the the Lower House election of 2012,the Liberal Democratic Party's votes might have exceeded Ozawa's vote if we had made a confrontation only among the Liberal Democratic Party and Ozawa in Iwate Ward 4.
Let's try to add all the votes except the vote which Ozawa got.47,887+28,593+17,033=93,513 The majority of the citizens who voted in Iwate Ward 4 had chosen someone except Ozawa.In other words it means that Ozawa lost if the Democratic Party and the Communist Party had not run in Iwate Ward 4. 
In this election,Ichiro Ozawa aims at 16 successive victories."Takashi Fujiwara of the member of Liberal Democratic Party who was elected in a proportional representation system in the last time" and "Koki Takahashi of the new face of the Communist Party" will challenge against this Ichiro Ozawa. The Democratic Party shelved participation in this election of Iwate Ward 4.  

If overall numbers of votes of People's Life Party of the political party of Ozawa are few, if Ozawa is defeated in electoral system, it has potential Ozawa cannot be elected even in a proportional representation system .Since an approval rating of People's Life Party is 0%,and since both Katumasa Suzuki and Yasuko Komiyama left People's Life Party, it is the big chance expelling Ozawa from the politics.In addition,Ichiro Ozawa does not duplicate both of "an electoral system of single-seat constituency electoral system" and "a proportional representation system" basically.It's now or never.If Ichiro Ozawa can't revive in "a proportional representation system", because it is the great shame for a big‐name politician like Ozawa, I think that Ozawa doesn't hope to duplicate both of "an electoral system of single-seat constituency electoral system" and "a proportional representation system" .
1.  I would like to hope that Japanese Communist Party would withdraw bravely from Iwate Ward 4 in order to expel Ozawa from the politics.
2.  In like manner,I would like to hope that Japanese Communist Party would withdraw bravely from Hiroshima Ward 6 in order to expel Shizuka Kamei from the politics.
I might have ever said that the Democratic Party should fight in Hiroshima Ward 6, but I withdraw the opinion.
In Hiroshima Ward 6,Toshihumi Kojima of the Liberal Democratic Party was elected in a proportional representation system in the last Lower House election.If Japanese Communist Party would withdraw bravely from Hiroshima Ward 6,because the Democratic party already withdraw from Hiroshima Ward 6,Kamei will be defeated by Liberal Democratic Party.
It is nonsense that divide votes with the Liberal Democratic Party in the same electoral district of Ozawa and Kamei and lose.Opposition parties should challenge in the electoral district which can win more.
We must overthrow the Abe Administration, but we must expel Ozawa and Kamei from the politics.
China has a plot to cause an internal disturbance in Japan for more than 40 years.If Ozawa and Kamei are ousted from the politics, it will restrain China strongly.
I hope that Japanese Communist Party makes a wise decision heartily.

Singers: EXILE Lyrics: ATSUSHI
I still hope even now that the world will become peaceful.

First, Japan should take a step forward for the peace.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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