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It means that prosperity comes peacefully by a few efforts.

Saint Basils Cathedral
Saint Basil's Cathedral
It seems to be a cute building in a fairy tale.
After Manchurian Incident of 1931 and Japan-China War of 1937, ‘America, Britain, China, and the Dutch country' applied economic sanctions of ABCD line to Japan which had begun the militaristic amplification , and it caused into World War II.
Japan had taken advantage of the situation that the Western countries' power in the Asian region had been weakened, to invade China as Japan liked.I think ABCD line was unavoidable to restrain a Japanese military regime.
"The current anti Russia network" may enough possibly include to develop into World War 3 . However, Russia does not cause an aggressive war such as the past former Japan forces.Therefore,I think that the United States and Russia have the chance which can be reconciled with each other by a few mutual concessions.
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
The magnificent Statue of Liberty is 93m. Japan's great statue of Buddha of Kamakura is 11.3m. But Buddha of Kamakura always sits down.In fact, Buddha has enormous long legs.
The battle of "Russia and BRICS which are going to destroy the U. S. dollar" VS "The sudden fall of the crude oil price and Stop of the fund flow to the Russian bank" .Damage is heavy in both sides.
Even if a crude oil price slumps, the economy of Russia will not be destroyed immediately thanks to inflation in Russia , the foreign currency reserves of approximately 370 billion dollars and oil reserve of one year .However, in this situation the failure of the Russian bank may happen within two years and may cause collapse of the economy of Russia.
I often hear that certain military industry intends to isolate Russia in order to cause World War III.However, I think that an internal disturbance will happen in China even if nobody do anything if the United States and Russia are reconciled with each other than isolating Russia, and if Middle Eastern chaos converges.In China, struggle for power leads to conflicts .The system which can exhaust plenty poisonous water and poison's smoke if factories pay many money to each government official becomes established in China.China can't eradicate bribery and public hazard.From the latter half of 2013, the riot and demonstrations occur from 500 to 800 for a day in China.There are approximately 60 Communist Party executives who lost their positions under the leadership of Xi Jinping. And the next target is the military authorities.After 2015, I am convinced that the coup d'etat of the military authorities may happen in China.I think that there is the method that military industry gains the profits by an internal disturbance in China without causing World War 3 expressly.
Nostradamus predicts that the internal disturbance in China lasts 27 years.
L'antechrist trois bien tost annichilez ,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques mortz , captifs , exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre .
Centurie 8 Quatrain 77
The Antichrist will soon annihilate the 3.
His war will have lasted for 27 years
The heretics are either dead,captive,or exiled
Blood, the human body, the water turn red and hail in the ground.
Century 8 - Quatrain 77
Of course anti-Christ is Xi Jinping.Anti-Christ isn't President Putin.The Apocalypse foretells collapse of China in the chapter of a red dragon and the beast, and it is not necessary to dare to isolate Russia .
The 3 means 3 powers in China,I think. 3 powers are a power of Jiang Zemin ,a power of Bo Xilai , a power of Zhou Yongkang.Only Jiang Zemin has not been yet arrested.
Jiang Zemin set assassination of Hu Jintao approximately three times.Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai planned the downfall of Xi Jinping. Zhou Yongkang set assassination of Xi Jinping as twice before and after "3.19 political change" (a coup d'etat attempt that an armed military unit surrounded Zhongnanhai of the best leadership location on the night of March 19, 2012) of 2012 and Beidaihe meeting of 2013.The leadership split into "federation of Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao" and "the Jiang Zemin group".If Jiang Zemin is arrested, probably the military authorities will begin to repel Xi Jinping for self-protection,I think.It will be soon.
If the United States and Russia become the Cold War, the world economy will receive the heavy damage.If the world's countries trade with not only TPP but also "the trade between Russia and BRICS" by progress each other at the same time, the flow of the fund will be smoothened and the world economy will develop widely.We should develop the world economy more positive idea than a negative idea.
If the United States and Russia are not reconciled with each other, an internal disturbance does not happen in China.It means that prosperity comes peacefully by a few efforts.
Let's build the kingdom of the peace for 1,000 years .
Before the Chinese military authorities begin reckless driving,Japan should settle the negative past.
Japan should restore human rights and the honor of women abducted in the former Japan forces.
Prime Minister Abe! Don't pretend to be unable to hear please .
Prime Minister Abe! Everybody knows you have the special sharp ears.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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