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Christmas's plan

Dear sir,
President Putin
I wrote this blog on December 21.
christmas_moscow460.jpg Moscow's streets seem to be spangled with Christmas lights. I can imagine that Moscow's buildings and trees are illuminated by Christmas lights and Christmas music can be heard throughout Moscow city.
President Putin governs Russia and the beautiful Moscow with strong authority.I respect President Putin who always evades World War 3 with great patience and often provides food support for the eastern Ukraine to save citizens from the starvation heartily.
And President Putin would have declared in a particularly memorable sound bite, "The bear never asks permission" in Russian state television "Channel 1" on December 18.It was the preview of the president's annual news conference as the promotion which was released by a state-owned Russian channel.
When I read President Putin's intention,I felt that President Putin has not at all the intention to deliver Snowden who got an eternal right of residence.
I think that Lindsay Mills of the girlfriend of Snowden is pretty and this couple may surely live happily now in Moscow city with Christmas lights.But Snowden is an expert to lead Russia at misdirection toward the awful war .
If President Putin would shelter Snowden in Russia, anti Russia network will be built, and anti China network becomes unfinished.If President Putin would shelter Snowden in Russia, China will chuckle to itself.It is not necessary for Russia to become a center of a target of the Western countries.
I'm convinced that originally Snowden is a Chinese spy. I read an article that many American programmers were leaking American many military secrets into China.If Russia stands alone by President Putin sheltering Snowden, China will preserve the peace by evading anti China network.
If Russia delivers Snowden to Japan by the method that I had suggested before, the prestige of President Putin would be protected.
Kremlin should prepare the Christmas's plan for Snowden to go to Argentina to attend at a lecture of human rights and to spend Christmas and New Year holidays there.However, if Snowden will sleep heavily in an airplane with a sleeping drug and if the pilot misunderstands that Snowden may cause heart failure , the pilot should make an emergency landing at Japanese Aomori Airport.
If Prime Minister Abe delivers Snowden to the United States though President Putin insists to deliver Snowden to Russian airplane after being dismissed from the hospital , Prime Minister Abe is criticized by a fan of Snowden.
This is a kind of accident and it never means,"The bear asks permission" .
Both sides should make an effort, and Russia and the United States should both compromise , too. Russia and the United States should strengthen economic cooperation, and I think that both sides should lift economic sanctions.
If NWO plan includes a plan to let President Putin lose the position in order to let Russia cause World War 3 , it is destiny of Aozora to stop the plan .
Aozora was born to stop World War 3.
Aozora may be killed one day.
While Aozora is alive, please cooperate with my suggestion of the peace.
I love Russia heartily and hug President Putin making an effort to avoid World War 3.
Best Regard,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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