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Flow of Moldau

Dear Sir,
President Putin
I wrote this blog on December 30.
Moscow in winter1 The winter of Moscow is very beautiful.I think that Russian music and Russian ballet come out of the beauty of the snowy scenery. I can play " Flow of Moldau" on the piano.I have loved Russian beautiful marvelous art since my childhood.
I read an article that Moscow has invited Japan's Prime Minister Abe to attend celebrations on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War as well as leaders of other countries in the anti-Hitler coalition.
I always feel that the history that overcame the terrible Nazis is splendid.The enemy that I fight now is Nazism. Prime Minister Abe is going to build a military regime affiliated with Cheney. The political policy of Cheney is just Nazism.Cheney sprinkles a seed of the Nazism world everywhere.And the true enemy tormenting President Putin is Nazism.
I think that Assistant Victoria Nuland Secretary of State isn't the true wirepuller of the dispute of Ukraine.I often hear that a plan to isolate President Putin in order to cause World War 3 is included in the NWO plan.
However, President Obama is the great President and is not at all a marionette of the military industry .President Obama continued a peace negotiation with Iran by his indomitable spirit.President Obama continued avoiding World War 3 bravely.It means that President Obama does not succumb to any pressure such as Brzeziński or George Soros.
However, I think that the prestige of President Obama was stained deeply by President Putin sheltering Snowden.If President Putin would deliver Snowden to Japan, the wise President Obama would certainly accept U. S.-Russia peace settlement in order to avoid World War 3.
The United States is a powerful country, but various powers of existences are mixed in the United States.In front of those powerful powers, I think that it is difficult for President Obama to accept a U. S.-Russia settlement without Snowden.
A man of the Romanoffs' family of Russian illuminati put on the wanted list took refuge in the United States, but there seems to be the opinion that President Putin does not deliver Snowden to the United States because President Obama did not deliver a man of the Romanoffs' family of Russian illuminati to Russia.
However, President Putin does not receive damage so much even if President Obama sheltered the man of Russian illuminati."The degree to which this Romanoffs' man attracts persons' attention" is very very low.On the other hand, President Obama continues receiving severe damage if President Putin continues sheltering Snowden.This is not fair.
To be frank, the man of Russian illuminati is nothing but an inconsequential character. However, Snowden is a valuable Chinese spy comparable to one Crimea.
Even if "Rome and huge the military industry" may lead NWO plan, I think that a person to lead Nazism to the Ukrainian right wing radicals is really Cheney .The method to brainwash people with a drug to make them become brutal is just a specialized field of Cheney.And Cheney continues insulting President Obama on TV and the radio, and I think that the ringleader of the assassination attempt plan of President Obama is Cheney.
However,I think "the political change so that China will arrest Jiang Zemin" will happen in January, 2015 , and I think that the military coup will happen in China.If Snowden will be arrested by Obama government, the NWO plan will be switched into another new method to profit by an internal disturbance in China rather than isolating Russia for the World War III..Snowden is a Chinese spy, and I suppose that the center person leaking American military secrets among the computer programmers is Cheney.
The delivering of Snowden will lead an arrest of Cheney.And President Putin would cease to suffer by a problem of Ukraine, too.

By the method that I had suggested before,if Japan will deliver Snowden to the United States by causing time lag by ex post facto approval for Media before Cheney moves the military authorities, the delivering of Snowden will come true .
If Snowden will have heart failure in an airplane, and if the airplane made an emergency landing at Aomori Airport, Japan, everybody will admit Russia would have tried to help life of Snowden .Even if President Putin may say to Japan to deliver Snowden to a Russian ambassador because Snowden has a plan to visit Argentina to attend at a lecture, if Prime Minister Abe delivers Snowden to the United States, Prime Minister Abe will be criticized by many fans of all over the world for Snowden .
I will take this opportunity of the incident of Snowden, and I'll insist in my blog that the United States and Russia should be reconciled each other.And I'll insist that both "U. S.-EU" and "Russia - BRICS" should lift economic sanctions each other, and I'll insist that the world's leaders should participate to celebrations on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War as well as leaders of other countries in the anti-Hitler coalition in the world in order to remember the defeat of the Nazism.
Why is the flow of Moldau of Smetana so beautiful ?
I love the flow of Moldau of Smetana very much since my childhood.
I wish my faithful thought to love Russia will reach to the Kremlin.
In the long history, pure love may defeat hypocrisy sometimes.
A thing with the power to defeat evil is just the pure love.
I want to defeat wicked Cheney who torment both President Putin and President Obama.
Best Regard,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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