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The Democratic Party of Japan's presidential race

Hosono_201501131640256d4.jpg The Democratic Party of Japan's presidential race will be held on January 18 by 3 candidates , Goshi Hosono , Katsuya Okada and Akira Nagatsuma.
In order to prevent a military regime of Prime Minister Abe,the Democratic Party must insist that the Democratic Party should never cooperate with Abe cabinet for the revision of the constitution at all unless Abe cabinet would admit a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill .That is why the election for representative of the Democratic Party is very important.
Mr. Katuya Okada is rich in experience, but Former Prime Minister Noda who is a group for revision of the Constitution is supporting him though Mr. Katuya Okada will not be at the mercy of Former Prime Minister Noda.I am still worried about that.
I think that the representative who can win more seats than now by the nationwide local elections( the Municipal elections and the elections of prefectural assembly members) in April and the summer Upper House election of 2016 is Mr.Goshi Hosono.
At the Lower House election of 2014, Mr. Goshi Hosono acquired 143,012 votes and was elected by a vote rate 58.56%.
On the other hand at the Lower House election of 2014, Mr. Katuya Okada acquired 120,950 votes and was elected by a vote rate 64.0%.
If Mr. Goshi Hosono fights at vote rates 64.0%, Mr. Goshi Hosono might get 156, 297 votes by a simple calculation.If Mr. Goshi Hosono is a representative, the Democratic Party will be advantageous to election.
Because the Democratic Party failed in an economic policy for the Democratic Party government era, the Democratic Party disappointed Japanese citizens seriously. It is necessary for another two years before the Democratic Party can restore civic trust to perform change of government.
I wish Mr. Goshi Hosono will be the representative of the Democratic Party in 2015 and 2016 in order to win more seats in 2 kinds of elections.
After 2017, I hope that Mr. Katuya Okada will be the representative for change of government.We must let Prime Minister Abe resign, but I think the Lower House election will not be held for two years.
By the election for this representative, the Democratic Party should give a chance to Mr. Goshi Hosono, and Mr. Katuya Okada and Mr. Akira nagatuma had better support him for 2 years.A necessary thing for the Democratic Party is change its image now .
The New Komeito and the opposition parties have the key which protects Japan from militarism.
Every Politician, Become a hero, now.
You can go down in history as a hero.
The Holocaust is "No".
"A concentration camp" is "No".
FEMA Camp is "No".
The Japan-China War is "NO".
These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down.
This revolution, the time will come
For us to finally win
We sing hallelujah, we sing hallelujah
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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