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I'm in pain.

The member of ISIS warns that they execute them 72 hours later.A time limit seems to be about 2:50 on the afternoon of Friday of January 23.

"We are fighting against time, and we'll make an all-out effort and use every diplomatic route that we have developed to win the release of the two.We will never give in to terrorism." Prime Minister Abe said.
After that,Suga Chief Cabinet Secretary said,"Japan's aim is not to kill the Muslim people, as the militant group claims it to be," .It means humanitarian support is not military support. "We strongly urge them not to harm the two Japanese and release them immediately."
Neither Prime Minister Abe nor the Suga Chief Cabinet Secretary mentions the payment of the ransom at all. However, Vice President Masahiko Takamura of the Liberal Democratic Party said on January 21 "It is impossible to pay ransom ". and he demanded resolute treatment from the government. And he added, "I want the government to do its best for rescue as far as the government can do ".
Vice President Masahiko Takamura of the Liberal Democratic Party

Japan's Government does not say formally that Japan's Government does not pay ransom .The above is only opinion of Mr.Takamura.Probably Prime Minister Abe takes a noncommittal attitude about a problem of the ransom.The United States and the U. K. didn't pay and, the hostages were killed by decapitation.France and Spain paid 270 million yen($2,290,140) per person, and 15 people were freed.
49 Turkish consul generals restricted in Mosul in northern Iraq on September in last year by ISIS were freed by intermediation of the Iraqi well-known tribe head .This incident was caused in Syria not Iraq but I hope that the intermediation of the Iraqi well-known tribe head will be useful.
Former Prime Minister Koizumi rescued three Japanese hostages restricted in Iraq by al Qaeda and he failed to rescue 1 Japanese hostage restricted in Iraq by al Qaeda.I suppose that Former Prime Minister Koizumi had paid ransom in the case that was able to rescue 3 hostages.
Prime Minister Abe is much more aggressive than Former Prime Minister Koizumi.Prime Minister Abe is a person who hopes to revenge by all means although he has the soft image.And Prime Minister Abe is severer than former Prime Minister Koizumi.Ohhhhhhh.I'm in pain.
There were some Prime Ministers paying ransom in Japanese history , and there is luck or misfortune for each hostage.The family of each hostage can collect donations to pay ransom if ISIS puts off an execution day for one year.
I suppose that Iran would march in cooperation with an aerial bombardment of the United States and I suppose that there is not the possibility that ISIS escalates power.
The fund blockade of ISIS cannot be difficult. I suppose that some powers of the Muslims who would oppose against the construction of the Israeli Solomon shrine cooperate with the smuggling of the oil of ISIS.The fund blockade of ISIS will come true now if Israel makes the construction of the Solomon shrine postpone after 1000 years in order to examine the construction again 1000 years later.
1. I suggest that Israel government would postpone the construction of the Solomon shrine after 1000 years.
The postponement is very important in the situation of these days.
And it is very important for the human race to construct the kingdom of peace for 1000 years.
2. And the Japanese hostage is worth being useful for plea bargaining for the executives of ISIS after the war.I desire that ISIS would put off an execution day for one year.ISIS should postpone an execution day for the family of each hostage to collect donations even if Japanese Government does not pay ransom by any chance.
Aozora always hopes from bottom of the heart that whole Middle East becomes peaceful .
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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