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Premeditated murder by Abe Administration in order to revise the constitution????

Prime Minister Abe 20150126 150125_isis2015.jpg yukawa.jpg I hear the Abe Cabinet may submit "an overseas deployment of Self-Defense Forces perpetuation bill" to the ordinary session of the Diet beginning on today of January 26.I could smell that something was going wrong.It's too precision timing.
In order to push forward revision of the Constitution conveniently, Prime Minister Abe might have waited so that Mr. Yukawa was killed .
On the yesterday's video of January 25, Prime Minister Abe expressed a grieved look after the news of the incident that Mr.Yukawa was killed.When I watched this video,I noticed that something is off about that.When eight people concerned in architectural forgery in Japan did mysterious suicide in 2005, Prime Minister Abe seemed not so sadly.Prime Minister Abe seemed to be related to architectural forgery in Japan, but Prime Minister Abe became the Prime Minister lazily in 2006 and established the first Abe Cabinet.

Hey, Prime Minister Abe, can you feel sad that Mr. Yukawa was killed?

It is August 16, 2014 that Mr.Yukawa was restricted by ISIS. It is November, 2014 that Mr.Goto was restricted by ISIS.Prime Minister Abe did not make an effort at all to rescue two people until ISIS warned about the execution of two people in January on January 20, 2015 .
Everyone suspects that Prime Minister Abe is going to establish a military regime under Cheney.And anyone knows that the wirepuller of ISIS is Cheney and McCain.Ummmmmmmmmm.Do you not feel that something is out of place?

The Abe Administration continued being ignored by ISIS since January 20.Although the Abe Administration couldn't contact with ISIS at all after January 20,why could Prime Minister Abe discover a new video of Mr.Goto in Facebook of the member of ISIS at January 24 past 23:00 at the first??Besides, the video was deleted immediately. I couldn't watch it anymore at about 0:00 on the midnight on January 25.Ummmmmmmmmm.It's too precision timing.That is a little less than one hour.

I suspect that Prime Minister Abe might have waited so that Mr. Yukawa was killed , in order to push forward revision of the Constitution conveniently .
Vice President Masahiko Takamura of the Liberal Democratic Party
Mr.Yukawa's death left me in a daze.Because Mr. Yukawa possessed the weapons such as rifles to begin guards business in Syria, it seemed Mr. Yukawa was suspected by ISIS that he was a spy or smuggled weapons in an enemy side.ISIS might not have released Mr. Yukawa unless in extreme circumstances such as the huge ransom. I think "the posture of the government not to pay any ransoms" might have been a death sentence of Mr. Yukawa at least.
Japan's government should not have announced a policy of the government not to pay any ransom.
Vice President Masahiko Takamura of the Liberal Democratic Party said on January 21 "It is impossible to pay ransom ". and he demanded resolute treatment from the government. And he added, "I want the government to do its best for rescue as far as the government can do ".
1.At least, Vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party, Masahiko Takamura must take the responsibility for the decapitation of Mr. Yukawa and should resign.

Jordanian pilot (the center) who is restricted by ISIS

Ms.Sajida al-rishawi, Iraqi terrorist in Jordan's prison
Mr.Goto who is restricted by ISIS

We must save life of Mr. Goto at least .The Abe Cabinet must not make a victim of Mr. Goto for revision of the Constitution.
Originally Jordan intended to exchange Ms. Sajida al-rishawi of the condemned criminal with Jordanian pilot restricted in ISIS.ISIS are demanding the release of Ms.Sajida al-rishawi in return for Mr. Goto.
But Japan should pay another 300 million yen(US$2,539,500) to Jordan.And then it is freedom of Jordan that Jordan may pay 300 million yen of the ransom of the Jordanian pilot to ISIS.
2.Japan should pay another 300 million yen(US$2,539,500) to Jordan.And Jordan should pay 300 million yen of the ransom of the Jordanian pilot to ISIS.
There is the mother who gave birth to a Jordanian pilot and brought up him. His mother has a right to hug her son.We must not let mother of the Jordanian pilot despair.

The ambition of the military regime of Prime Minister Abe is the intolerable gross untruth.We must notice it.
kishida20150126.jpg Russia has lambasted what it called “baffling” comments by Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida on Tuesday January 21, in which he compared Russia's actions in Ukraine to the Soviet annexation of Japanese territory at the end of World War II.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kishida had said in Brussels of the visit "stated that the essence of having got up in issue of northern territories and Ukraine was the situation change by the power".
In a speech on Tuesday in Brussels, Kishida referred to Moscow's annexation of the Northern Territories, saying what has happened in Ukraine is directly comparable: a change of the status quo by force. Russia still administers the disputed isles, which it knows as the Southern Kurils.
The lengthy rebuttal by the Russian foreign ministry assailed Japan for its actions in the early part of the 20th century.
“We (recall) that it was a militaristic Japan which together with Nazi Germany tried to force their supremacy on the world, smashed by force the pre-war status quo and occupied a whole range of states,”Russian foreign ministry said.
Prime Minister Abe is trying to overturn history from top to toe. Prime Minister Abe intends to distort widely recognized understanding” of the reasons for World War II and its results.
I think that President Putin would be angry more because President Putin would govern with strong authority.Current Prime Minister Abe is mad by the ambition of the military regime.Prime Minister Abe regards war crimes of Japan as 1 and regards "the damage that Japan received" as 1 million.Many Japanese captives were forced to become Russian slaves by Russian army, and some Japanese people bear a grudge against the history that Russian army pirated a large number of Japanese withdrawing from Manchurian country.
But I think the war crimes of the former Japan forces were much crueler than current ISIS . The war crimes of the former Japan forces had cold-blooded heartlessness than current ISIS.
The history that the former Japan army forced Asian women to become the prostitutes for the former Japan forces or the history of a 731 corps are horrifying.Even daughters of the mayors and even daughters of the doctors were forced to be the prostitutes for the former Japan forces, too. In the 731 corps, many Russian people, Mongolian people, Korean people, and Chinese people were murdered by experiment on a human body.
The war makes a person be mad.However, because the upper echelon of the then Japanese military were Satanists under the influence of Hitler and Mussolini, the Japanese military became like the devil..I am afraid of Prime Minister Abe admiring Hitler very much.
I'm convinced that the devil of a high rank confusing the people always stands behind Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe doesn't know what is the pure love.Prime Minister Abe knows a show of only affection motivated by selfishness.A man of learning is not always a man of sense.Prime Minister Abe is full of a towering ambition for political power of military regime. Foreign Minister Kishida is only a parrot of Prime Minister Abe.

In the Japan's Liberal Democratic Party, there are only "flies coveting each right in the center of the government", or parrots or robots.Therefore,foreign Minister Kishida will not apologize about his gaffe.
But Aozora will apologize to President Putin and Russia heartily in place of them about his slip of the tongue of foreign Minister Kishida.My sincerest apologies.I apologize for the confusion.
Prime Minister Abe is going to announce the 70th anniversary statement after the war, but I think that China and Russia and Korea may fly into a rage and I am worry about it from now.

However, Aozora desires that "peace treaty between Japan and Russia" will come true in order to prevent the Japan-China war .I believe "Peace treaty between Japan and Russia "will protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.I want to let "Peace treaty between Japan and Russia " come true by all means.
I will love Russia with extremely sincere mind so that Russia and United States, Russia and Ukraine, Russia and EU can be reconciled together. And I hope that President Putin opens the heart for my suggestion of peace that I have been suggesting that since before.
3.If Japan arbitrates the dispute, Japan can survive in this world. Japan should refrain from a slip of the tongue for every country without forgetting the war crime.

Title:The Flower's Name
Everyone has someone they want to meet
Everyone has someone they are waiting for

If there's someone you want to meet
Then there is someone waiting for you
All the time…

If you're a flower
You may not be so different
From all the rest

Only I, who chose you
From among all the others
Only you…
* * * * * * *


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