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Mr. Goto should return to Japan alive.

New ISIS Video appears to show Japanese hostage Kenji Goto. In the latest message, the speaker repeated the condition for his release - that Jordan should free suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi from death row in return. ISIS declared time limit is in 24 hours for Kenji Goto. He also said that Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, who was captured after his jet crashed in northeast Syria in December during a bombing mission against the militants, had less than 24 hours to live.
ISIS message from Mr.Goto in full is as follows.
I am Kenji Goto Jogo. To the people of Japan and the Japanese government: 'I have been told this is my last message and I've also been told that the barrier obstructing my freedom is now just the Jordanian government delaying the handover of (Sajida al-Rishawi). 'Tell the Japanese government to put all their political pressure on Jordan. Time is now running very short. It is me for her. 'What seems to be so difficult to understand: she has been a prisoner for a decade and I have only been a prisoner for a few months. 'Her for me - a straight exchange. 'Any more delays by the Jordanian government will mean they are responsible for the death of their pilot which will then be followed by mine. 'I only have 24 hours left to live... and the pilot has even less. 'Please don't leave us to die. Any more delaying tactics will simply see both of us getting killed. 'The ball is now in the Jordanian's court.'
Japan is in a tense atmosphere for Mr. Goto.Of course anyone prays for both rescue of Kenji Goto and Jordanian military pilot Nisaz al-Kasaveh.And Ms. Sajida al-Rishawi is the existence of a heroine for ISIS .We must give a chance for living into three people.
The Japanese Government negotiates with Jordan about the hostage exchange of 2:2 and Japan proposes so that Jordan would release another condemned criminal and Sajida al-Rishawi.But it is impossible for everyone to finish the negotiation in 24 hours.
Jordanian citizens never allow for Jordan's government to release Sajida al-Rishawi to rescue only one Japanese hostage.If the Jordanian government would rescue only Mr.Goto, a civic riot in Jordan will happen.

Jordanian pilot (the center) who is restricted by ISIS
Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh
Ms.Sajida al-rishawi, Iraqi terrorist in Jordan's prison
Mr.Goto who is restricted by ISIS

Japan should pay another 300 million yen(US$2,539,500) to Jordan.And Jordan should pay 300 million yen of the ransom of the Jordanian pilot Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh to ISIS.
Rise to the occasion,please.
It is August 16, 2014 that Mr.Yukawa was restricted by ISIS. It is November, 2014 that Mr.Goto was restricted by ISIS.Prime Minister Abe did not make an effort so much to rescue two people until ISIS warned about the execution of two people in January on January 20, 2015 .
Last year, Japanese government examined paying the ransom to rescue Mr. Goto, but because ISIS required both ransom for "Mr. Yukawa and Mr. Goto" to Japanese government, the Japanese government forsook both lives of two people .Mr. Yukawa intended to establish bodyguard business in Syria. But Japanese government seemed to have considered not to be able to pay even 1 yen of ransom for Mr. Yukawa, because Japanese government suspected that Yukawa might be a weapon merchant.
Prime Minister Abe 20150128Prime Minister Abe spoke in Diet like that Japanese government worked hard to rescue them behind the scenes, but, actually, it is the fact that Prime Minister Abe stopped an effort to rescue them on the way. Half of what Prime Minister Abe says are true and the another half are lies. Prime Minister Abe is always poker‐faced under any circumstance. Prime Minister Abe seems to treat each chairman of newspaper publishing companies with a feast by using national secret funds every evening. So Prime Minister Abe's face becomes a fat poker face more and more recently.(pork face;the pig's face)! Just because Prime Minister Abe wants to revise the Constitution to establish a military regime under Cheney, I doubt that Prime Minister Abe might have waited the victims like Mr. Yukawa. And Just because Prime Minister Abe wants to revise the Constitution to establish a military regime under Cheney,Abe cabinet never admit a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill . Prime Minister Abe is a person telling each lie at a long-term span in order to deceive Japanese citizens.The decapitation of Mr. Yukawa is a fault of Prime Minister Abe obviously. It is, so to speak, the premeditated murder by Abe Administration in order to "revise the constitution to establish a military regime under Cheney". Japan must help Mr. Goto at least.
Japan should pay another 300 million yen(US$2,539,500) to Jordan.And Jordan should pay 300 million yen of the ransom of the Jordanian pilot Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh to ISIS.
I know it is impertinent for me to say such the rude things of Prime Minister Abe.With my intent desire to stop the decapitation , I say so.Prime Minister Abe is a head of state and Prime Minister Abe should forgive a person the rudeness although almost Japanese newspaper companies may be obedient for Prime Minister Abe.I pay an unfair tax from my very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cheap income, and "the national secret funds" is taxpayers' money.I have a right to curse Prime Minister Abe.
Yesterday on January 27, "approximately 80 religious people who included Islam , Christian and Buddhism" gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office of Tokyo, Nagatacho and they prayed for rescue of Mr. Goto and gave prayer.
After having read the Koran, the Bible, the one paragraph of the sutra aloud each, the participant raised each voice by saying "Please help the life of hostages" .And they prayed for both safety of "Mr. Goto and even Haruka Yukawa (42) who might have been killed" .
A man with a beard wearing glasses is Mr. Hārūn Kureishi of the Japanese Islam Cultural Center (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) secretary general. Mr. Hārūn Kureishi is a pacifist, and he is trusted by many Japanese and is loved. Mr. Hārūn Kureishi is a person like the models of the Muslims.
Even if the hostages may have a miserable experience, the Japanese people must not scowl at Muslims living in Japan . Even if the hostages may have a miserable experience, Japanese people must not speak ill of Muslims living in Japan disparagingly , by apparently meaning it to be heard. Muslims living in Japan are our important neighbors.
Takao Takeda (62) of the priest of Buddhist temple "Nipponzanmyohoji"(Shibuya-Wards) said,"all religion teach the same . All religion teach to feel the value of life so that everyone demands peace . Some persons who want to do war agitate bitter conflict greatly by making a bad use of religion." And he joined his hands in prayer.
Oh,yes, sir,exactly.I am surprised that Mr.Takeda knows the truth of the matter although Mr.Takeda is a priest of Buddhist temple.
Who are "some persons who want to do war agitate bitter conflict greatly by making a bad use of religion"?They are Cheney and McCain.I think that the people of ISIS are deceived by Cheney and McCain.Cheney and McCain tempt the people of ISIS by marijuana or vast wealth in order to extend their profits of their military industries.
Japan broke into the incomprehensible military regime once , and there is the cruel history that former Japan's army massacred in Asian foreign countries.
The war makes a person be mad.The marijuana makes a person be mad.The vast wealth makes a person be mad.However, a war , marijuana , vast wealth and a massacre are not all of this world.There are the beautiful things in this world by all means. They are pure love and prayer.Just because we are in this harsh petty world where money does the talking, we need pure love and prayer.
Let's believe pure love and prayer.
We love Mr.Kenji Goto.
We love Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh.
Please release Ms.Sajida al-rishawi.
We feel the value of life.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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Title:Genesis of Aquarion
Lyrics:Yuho Iwazato
Composer:Yoko Kanno

We listened to every fainted cry of the creatures there on
the day the world began.
Looking at everything that I've lost and almost everything
that I've loved.
I'll hold them all tightly in my arms.
Wondering where I am, so please tell me where to go.

All of the answers you seek lie hidden in the sun.
If I hadn't met you my life would've been in the darkness forever.
In my wings are the powers of immortality.
But by meeting you my whole life has changed.
You give light to me hope to me strength into my life.

All this time these twelve thousand years I know I love you.
Eight thousand years from the time that I've met you my 
love grows strong than ever before.
Words can't say of this time.
I've been waiting to share my love with you.
I'd give my life,
I would give you the world to see you smiling every day.
One hundred million and two thousand years from now I love you.
I want you know since you came in my life every day, every
night you give light into the darkest skies.

All these twelve thousand years.
I've been loving you.
***Mr. Goto should return to Japan alive.*


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