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To save each life is first priority.

The message was posted on YouTube early this morning.
A new audio message purporting to be of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto has said a Jordanian air force pilot ,Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh who is held by Islamic State militants will be killed unless an Iraqi female prisoner, Ms.Sajida al-rishawi who is held by the Jordanian authorities is released by sunset.
ISIS's demand was made that "a jailed would-be suicide bomber, Ms. Sajida al-rishawi" should be delivered to the Turkish border by sunset Thursday. If Jordanian government can't do so, "a Jordanian fighter pilot, Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh" who is held captive by the group will be executed.
This voice message is as follows.
'I am Kenji Goto Jogo. This is a voice message I've been told to send to you. 'If Sajida al-Rishawi is not ready for exchange for my life at the Turkish border by Thursday sunset 29th of January Mosul time, the Jordanian pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh will be killed immediately.'
This video did not have any captive images, but the Japanese Government announced it that a sound might be a voice of Mr.Kenji Goto.But the Japanese Government is identifying the reliability of the voice message that Goto talks.A member of ISIS had uploaded the new video again at his website which was same as former warning video of the execution of Mr.Kenji Goto.
We have time for approximately another ten hours.ISIS seemed to have extended the deadline.There is still time left. However, I am convinced that there is no other way only that Japan should pay ransom of Jordanian pilot, Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh for ISIS.
If Japan sets "the restrictions on travel" to the area of ISIS, the damage will be rarely given even if Japan pays ransom of Jordanian pilot.ISIS wishes to exchange "an Iraqi female prisoner, Ms. Sajida al-rishaw" for Mr. Kenji Goto, and ISIS wouldn't want to let "Jordanian pilot , Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh" release without any ransom.

Jordanian pilot (the center) who is restricted by ISIS
Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh
Ms.Sajida al-rishawi, Iraqi terrorist in Jordan's prison
Mr.Goto who is restricted by ISIS

Japan should pay another 300 million yen(US$2,539,500) to Jordan.And Jordan should pay 300 million yen of the ransom of the Jordanian pilot Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh to ISIS.
Rise to the occasion,please.
In the Turkish border that ISIS appointed, the Jordanian government should deliver the ransom and "an Iraqi female prisoner, Ms. Sajida al-rishaw" to ISIS, and the Jordanian government should receive "Jordanian pilot, Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh" and Kenji Goto there.
Both the Japanese Government and the Jordanian government give priority to each national pride over too much.To save each life is first priority.

Title:Genesis of Aquarion
There are the beautiful things in this world by all means.
They are pure love and prayer.
Just because we are in this harsh petty world where money does the talking, we need pure love and prayer.
Let's believe pure love and prayer.
Aozora will pray to God from bottom of my heart.
We love Mr.Kenji Goto.
We love Mr.Nisaz al-Kasaveh.
Please release Ms.Sajida al-rishawi.
We feel the value of each life.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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