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A result is all.

At about 5:00 this morning in Japan's time, Mr.Kenji Goto Jogo was killed.The Jordanian government did not accept exchange of Ms.Sajida al-rishawi, Iraqi terrorist in Jordan's prison and Mr.Kenji Goto Jogo. I sit at my desk in a brown study.
In Jordan's prison, there are many captives of ISIS who are more important than Ms. Sajida al-rishawi, Iraqi terrorist .The Jordanian government should have suggested the exchange with more important other captive of ISIS and Jordanian pilot , Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh and should have accepted exchange with Japanese hostage Mr. Kenji Goto and Ms. Sajida al-rishawi.
I think that the correspondence of the Jordanian government was too bad.I can't thank for the Jordanian government.The Jordanian government lacked good faith for a Japanese hostage.ISIS gave the chance to come back alive to Kenji Goto Jogo.However, the Jordanian government left Mr.Kenji Goto Jogo in a lurch.
Because ISIS government can't release pictures or video of his survival information of Jordanian pilot of Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh from now on, I think he might have died a few days later after crashing fighter plane.The Jordanian government could have predicted it, too.The Jordanian government lacked good faith for Mr.Kenji Goto Jogo.
I'm not surprised at the cruelty of ISIS now.However, it was a shock that the Jordanian government left a Japanese hostage in a lurch, and my feelings were bitterly hurt.Probably many Japanese people would be disappointed at the Jordanian government,too.
May I ask the Jordanian government some questions?What on earth did the Jordanian government make efforts ?A result is all.Vast support 28 million dollars that Japan contributed to Jordan is the true sincerity of Japan.And it is money of the Japanese tax payers.Because Japanese Yen is strong, Japan can provide money of support to foreign countries. However the real wages aren't raised in Japan and most Japanese people are thrifty with their money.Can't the Jordanian government do only such cruel treatment for us?A result is all.
The member of ISIS made a note in the website supporting Islamic nation;‘A rift remains by an execution of Mr. Kenji Goto Jogo for "the diplomatic relations between Japan and Jordan"'. He chuckles to himself obviously.
Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour should take responsibility by diplomatic responsibility and "a charge of professional negligence resulting in injury and death".
Because the survival information of "Jordanian pilot Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh" was not shown by ISIS, Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour should have understood the situation that "Jordanian pilot Mr. Nisaz al-Kasaveh" was already dead .
Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour should have risen to the occasion to suggest different hostage exchange in order to rescue Japanese hostage , Mr. KenjI Goto Jogo but Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour left this situation alone by becoming silent.
Accoring to Japan's law,it is on a charge of professional negligence resulting in injury and death.
1.Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour should resign by diplomatic responsibility and "a charge of professional negligence resulting in injury and death".
I would like to hope that Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour would behave as an adult of international society so that any rifts never remain by an execution of Mr. Kenji Goto Jogo the diplomatic relations between Japan and Jordan,because we Japanese people never criticize His Majesty King of Abdullāh aṯ-Ṯānībin al-Ḥusayny of Jordan at all.

Of course,ISIS can't continue the cruel terrorism forever.ISIS believes Satan, not God.God never hopes the cruel terrorism.
In ISIS, internal division happens now, and the situations that military unit itself escapes happen frequently.The collapse of ISIS will accelerate by the sacrifice of two Japanese hostages.
Nostradamus foretells ruin of ISIS.
Dépôt Nostradamus: Siècle 3, Quatrains 97  
Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine,
Le grand empire barbare corruer ,
Auant que Phebes son siecle determine .
New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine.
The great barbarian empire to decay
Before Phebes completes its cycle.
I think New law will be "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity"that Japan suggests ."Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" has the important purpose to support Israel, Palestine, and Jordan equally without being partial to only Palestine one-sidedly, and angering Israel.
By "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity",Syria, Judea and Palestine will become peace,I think.The great barbarian empire is ISIS,I think.Phebes means Iran."Phebes completes its cycle",it means that ISIS will ruin before the conclusion of Iran-six countries nuclear talks.
In other words if Iran dispatches a ground troop to destroy ISIS, the conclusion of Iran-six countries nuclear talks will come true.
If a ground troop subduing ISIS is composed by all Muslims, it does not develop into World War 3.
Siècle 2, Quatrains 79  
La barbe crespe & noire par engin
Subiuguera la gent cruele & fiere.
Le grand CHYREN ostera du longin
Tous les captifs par Seline baniere.
The beard frizzled and black through skill
Will subjugate the cruel and proud people:
The great "Chyren" will remove from far away
All those captured by the banner of "Selin".
縮れた黒鬚 は、計略によって
"The beard frizzled and black" expresses an Iranian leader.The second line means that the Iranian armed forces let people of ISIS surrender by a superior strategy.I think that it is a good strategy to decrease a sleep of ISIS by the night attack of the armed forces of the overwhelming majority.
The great "Chyren" means President Obama here.It means President Obama would save captives by remote control without direct participation in the civil war .
In other words it means that they can defeat ISIS if Iran would fight by a ground war cooperating with the aerial bombardment of the United States.
2.For national prestige , Japan should do a large amount of funding,11,500 million dollars for a punitive force against the ISIS by the United States and Iran.
Former Prime Minister Koizumi paid the contributions of the Gulf War 11,500 million dollars.Japan should pay 11, 500 million dollars to for a punitive force against the ISIS now, too.
First of all, we are furious at "ISIS's terrorist attacks and ISIS's several executions", which we regard as nothing but atrocious acts.
Japanese Government insists that Japan does not do logistical support of Coalition of the willing, but Japan should provide support fund as much as possible in at least Coalition of the willing against ISIS.If Prime Minister Abe is a coward, Prime Minister Abe should resign quickly.
ISIS has vulgar tastes.Japan should have an appropriate way to restrain ISIS .
Japan will get even with ISIS some day. Remember it.You will be sorry for this.Just you wait!!

And Prime Minister Abe announced the statement to thank for the Jordanian government which cooperated with rescue of Mr.Kenji Goto Jogo after Mr.Kenji Goto Jogo is killed, but it is hypocritical. Prime Minister Abe might have caused this incident of hostages' execution by cooperating with McCain in order to force revision of the Constitution so that Prime Minister Abe tries to let almost Japanese citizens forget a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill.The speech in Egypt which Prime Minister Abe did was the worst.I think that ‘just a sentence as "All that, we shall do to help curb the threat ISIL poses."' seems to be a declaration of war against ISIS.
Prime Minister Abe will lose political life because both two hostages were murdered.Prime Minister Abe should resign because both two hostages were murdered.
A demonstration for the resignation of Prime Minister Abe is taking place. Prime Minister Abe can't deceive anymore.
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Of course the speech in Egypt of Prime Minister Abe is on on a charge of professional negligence resulting in injury and death.
3.Because the speech in Egypt of Prime Minister Abe is on on a charge of professional negligence resulting in injury and death, Prime Minister Abe has no qualification to lead the revision of the Constitution . Prime Minister Abe should resign immediately.
Mslim prayingMuslims who are resident in Japan continued to pray for the safety for 2 Japanese hostages in mosques of the whole country while the Abe Administration's incompetence began to irritate everyone.
Regardless that the outcome has an equal chance of being good or bad, Japanese people must not forget their pure prayer.
Even if two Japanese hostages were killed, the Japanese people must not scowl at Muslims living in Japan . Even if two Japanese hostages were killed, Japanese people must not speak ill of Muslims living in Japan disparagingly , by apparently meaning it to be heard. Muslims living in Japan are our important neighbors.
4.The Japanese Government should speak formally so that every Japanese citizen never torment "Muslims living in Japan valid peacefully" by prejudice and discrimination.
The cruelty of ISIS is surely severe. However, the former Japan forces did far more cruel than current ISIS a cold-blooded unjust thing in Asian foreign countries. It was no wonder that Stalin canceled an alliance with Japan. On earth what country will be going to form an alliance with ISIS?
The history recognition that prewar Japan is a victim does not pass any longer in the global community.
5.Japan should consider Japan's war crimes humbly, and Japan should become the country which can arbitrate every dispute in the global community.
If Japan arbitrates the dispute, Japan can survive in this world. Japan should refrain from a slip of the tongue for every country without forgetting the war crime.

Title:The Flower's Name
I wished Mr. Kenji Goto Jogo could have returned to Japan alive.
My wish didn't come true.
Japanese cherry blossoms become in full bloom in another two months.
I wished "Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa" could feel it beautiful.
I'll make effort to think that they become stars in the night sky.
The light of the stars may light up the Japanese cherry tree.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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