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The Palestinian people groan under Israeli oppression.

destroyed-building-gaza_main.jpg Japan expressed the support of the 100 million dollars (approximately 11,700 million yen) scale for revival of autonomous district Gaza that went to ruin by a military clash on January 20.On the other hand, because EU which was the biggest trade partner develops economic sanctions for Palestinian oppression of Israel,Israel chooses Japan as a trade partner instead of EU.
Japan intends to do financial support to Palestine and Israel in order to arbitrate both sides.However, in the middle of Japan's confusion of the hostages crisis of ISIS, Israel has begun to persecute Palestine still more.
I think that oppression by the Israeli forces is so far serious according to the recent incidents including the unfair arrest without the evidence that they cooperated with the Hamas, the destruction of more than 100 houses in a day, and discharge of the poisonous gas .
What in the world is the matter?Why will the Israeli military rage as if insane?
In this dangerous situation, Palestine can't withdraw "a formal request to join the Hague-based court".
Because Prime Minister Abe is an ambitious person, Prime Minister Abe always may seem to be a mere big-mouthed person.However, Japan can't but break off the economic cooperation with Israel as soon as possible to do economic sanctions in Israel if pressurized by EU and the United Nations because Japan is a defeated nation.Japan has the financial power, but Japan has not national strength so much because Japan is a defeated nation.
Japan is the country which always cringe to EU and the United Nations and the United States and Russia in an obsequious manner.Children whose parents are over‐protective are prone to lack in self‐reliance.Japan seems to be a country like these children.
I think Israel may make a huge loss seriously if Israel would depend on Japan which has not national strength so much because Japan is a defeated nation.Because Japan lacks self‐reliance, Russian President Putin often fly into a rage with Japan's vague attitude .
Israel should stop oppression of Palestine the very day if Israel would want to push forward economic cooperation with Japan smoothly.
If the Israeli military does not do anything unfair even if Palestinian "a formal request to join the Hague-based court" will be approved in the United Nations, it is No Problem.
Israel has several superior technique, I am convinced Israel becomes the major economic power by all means if Israel would change the policy to the peace route .By the dispute that continued for a long time, I feel that Israel becomes aggressive from self-protection and fears .
However, Palestine is patient now until spring comes so that "a formal request to join the Hague-based court" is approved in April .
Even if Palestinian "a formal request to join the Hague-based court" will be approved in the United Nations, because Israel can realize economic growth with Japan,I would like to hope that Israel would stop the oppression.If Palestinian "a formal request to join the Hague-based court" will be approved in the United Nations,Israel does not receive damage so much,I think.Israel should give top priority to economic growth.Because Japan gave priority to economic growth rather than national pride, after the war, Japan became quite rich.Israel is superior in a scientific field, but Israel had better copy something skill from the economy of Japan.
I feel that the former Japan forces were much crueler than Israel or ISIS.In addition, I know the end of the former Japan forces.Therefore Japan knows the fact the peace is important so much that it hurts.
In the Okinawa war of World War II, "the former Japan forces" forced group self-determination on people of Okinawa, and the former Japan forces shot more than 100,000 people of Okinawa to death.
The U. S. forces killed 100,000 people of Okinawa in the Okinawa war .
I can feel both the pain of Israel and the pain of Palestine because I know the history of 200,000 war dead of Okinawa.
There is a pain that only ethnic minorities know.
Please hold hand with Aozora in your mind.
I always pray for the both sides.
Let's believe realization of the peace.
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Aozora Japanese Resistance


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