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Uninstall Abe Cabinet!!!!!

From the intellectual woman of Navajo of the American Indian, there is a message for Japanese politicians.
Dead-Sea-Lions-2y2cl4pgg36plk6gzzrnre.jpg The oceans here are suffering and the tuna is to dangerous to eat. Radiation in the food is to a lethal level. People aren't educated here either for if is about $$$. Remember to eat sea weed for it will keep the radiation out of your body and miso soup every day as well. Radiation can be cleaned from the sea in time, but we must stop the run off...or all of Japan will be ill an cancer ~
The above is her important message.Fukushima nuclear power plant gives the other countries a great trouble.You should not give priority to honor of Prime Minister Abe. We must protect the Pacific.
Because major newspaper publishing companies do not report the information that is disadvantageous to Prime Minister Abe, almost major newspaper publishing companies regulate the information as press restraints for Japan's Dictator Prime Minister Abe. As for Japan's citizens, we don't just know that Fukushima nuclear power generation flows the damage of the catastrophe into the Pacific.
If Prime Minister Abe lets Japan enter into the military regime and comes to force a thought control on a citizen, it will become impossible for us even to obtain information from foreign citizens like a Navajo woman .We must stand up to stop a military regime and reign of terror.
Cheney and McCain are mere existences of punks under the underlings in Illuminati. And Cheney and McCain are the scum of humanity.You must not let Japan pollute by Cheney and McCain and radioactivity.
And Prime Minister Abe is mere punk under "these scum of humanity".
Prime Minister Abe does not mean to change his wrong measures or method at all, and Prime Minister Abe is not going to get the knowledge of the experts of United States and Russia about measures of nuclear power generation .
Resignation of Prime Minister Abe is the urgent thing for the world's sea.The Pacific is destroyed now as of now.
Is a mission to continue destroying the Pacific imposed on Prime Minister Abe by Cheney and McCain?

In Presentation by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the 125th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC),Prime Minister Abe said," The nuclear disaster is "under control".
But Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant is out of control recently. Prime Minister Abe knows it enough.
Uninstall the military regime!!!
Uninstall a concentration camp called FEMA Camp!!!
Uninstall the revision of the Constitution that Prime Minister Abe leads!!!
Unless Abe cabinet would admit a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill , New Komeito and the opposition parties should never cooperate with Abe cabinet for the revision of the constitution at all.
Uninstall Jinhurin,Heizo Takenaka and Pasona of the manpower supply company.
Uninstall the construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant!!!
Prime Minister Abe stops continuing obstinate and should change the policy of the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant to a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl.
Otherwise,Uninstall Abe Cabinet!!!!!
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Aozora Japanese Resistance


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