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Radioactive contamination of Fukushima nuclear power plant is a bigger challenge to the Japanese than revising the constitution.

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Cancer rates in areas surrounding the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan have soared by 6000% according to reports, yet the government and media are carrying on as if its business as normal.
As reports from individuals like Chieko Shiina, a supporter of the Fukushima Collaborateive Clinic talk about exploding rates of thyroid cancer in children, as well as an epidemic of leukemia, heart attacks, and other health problems, the Abe-led government continues to sweep the fall out of the Fukushima disaster under the rug.
Cancer rates have exploded at an increase of almost 6000% in areas near the reactor meltdown. Aside from people-on-the-street interviews that a rare media outlet like “Hodo station” will report on, mainstream media stays completely silent. One Japanese resident, Carol Hisasue, laments that as the incident has disappeared from the media, it has also disappeared from people's consciousness.
Because major newspaper publishing companies do not report the information that is disadvantageous to Prime Minister Abe, almost major newspaper publishing companies regulate the information as press restraints for Japan's Dictator Prime Minister Abe.
As for Japan's citizens, we don't just know that Fukushima nuclear power generation flows the damage of the catastrophe into the Pacific and the atmosphere.
1.Because Fukushima nuclear power plant scatters not only the Pacific but also the air pollution, Japan must change the method to a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl as soon as possible.
Prime Minister Abe20150208 On February 5, by introducing an unmanned photography robot, Prime Minister Abe let Tepco show a process of the construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the media and insisted on the legitimacy of this construction insistently.
Prime Minister Abe is not anxious about contaminated water and "air pollution caused by the radioactivity" at all with a half‐smile.I hate the half‐smiles of the politicians because I feel as if my heart almost were totally polluted by the radioactivity.Prime Minister Abe in himself is a monster of the radioactive contamination.
The malformed fish are like the Godzilla.At first sight,I filled with horror at deformity of the crops, too, and I become itchy. I feel sorry and cannot mention the photograph of the deformed child.
133827726_title0h.jpg Prime Minister Abe works hard to prevent boycotting or product delivery refusal owing to harmful rumors in Fukushima prefecture. But, actually, both the pollution of the sea and the air pollution spread.Prime Minister Abe did overdone "the street performances" too much while the Lower House election of 2014.In Fukushima prefecture Prime Minister Abe took a big bite into a fish as if Prime Minister were a cat,in order to prevent boycotting or product delivery refusal owing to harmful rumors in Fukushima prefecture.Prime Minister Abe bites a fish at the point of 20 minutes 52 seconds of this Video, but he does not swallow it if we watch well.
Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant is out of control recently. Prime Minister Abe knows it enough.
2.If Prime Minister Abe continue obstinate in order to refuse the skill of USA or Russia, and if Prime Minister Abe never changes the method of Fukushima nuclear power plant into a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl as soon as possible, the Japanese citizens must press criminal charges against Prime Minister Abe.
I doubt Prime Minister Abe as if a mission to continue destroying the Pacific were imposed on Prime Minister Abe by Cheney and McCain.These are caused by a danger of exceeding common sense and limits of a maximum permissible level of radiation as results of acting under Cheney and MacCain. The actions carrying through as Prime Minister Abe are too unreasonable.
3.I'll suggest Tepco should put silt fences in 2 parts of the light blue circle marks..
4.TEPCO must capture all the fish within silt fence in a trawl net and should dispose them as nuclear waste. Japan must prevent that the malformed fish escape from silt fences.
5.Prime Minister Abe should not prevent boycotting or product delivery refusal owing to harmful rumors in Fukushima prefecture.The Japanese Government must be cautious of all products from Fukushima.
Prime Minister Abe,everybody is awaiting for your sincere response.
6.Prime Minister Abe should move all citizens of Fukushima to other prefectures.
Former Russian President Gorbachev let every citizen have escaped quickly from Chernobyl.The Abe Cabinet must prevent children of Fukushima from dying by the childhood cancer.
Prime Minister Abe often lacks decision a little.
7.The contaminated water of Fukushima nuclear power plant is caused by a large quantity of groundwater.
Tepco should start large-scale construction work to change a flow of the groundwater in order to prevent groundwater so that groundwater does not flow into Fukushima nuclear power plant.
The construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant is nonsense.The soil does not freeze although seven months pass .Japan should break off the construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant as far as contaminated water of 400t a day flows into the Pacific.
8.Moreover, the IAEA assessed that Japan had taken the best method conceivable to deal with the nuclear power plant accident.But it is not true.The world should let Director General Yukiya Amano , the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) resign. He is a marionette of Prime Minister Abe, and he was not going to warn Prime Minister Abe about this global disaster at all.
Director General of IAEA should be a person except a Japanese.

Chiaki Ishikawa
Uninstall the military regime!!!
Uninstall a concentration camp called FEMA Camp!!!
Uninstall the revision of the Constitution that Prime Minister Abe leads!!!
Unless Abe cabinet would admit a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill , New Komeito and the opposition parties should never cooperate with Abe cabinet for the revision of the constitution at all.
Uninstall Jinhurin,Heizo Takenaka and Pasona of the manpower supply company.
Uninstall the construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant!!!
Prime Minister Abe stops continuing obstinate and should change the policy of the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant to a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl.
Otherwise,Uninstall Abe Cabinet!!!!!
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Aozora Japanese Resistance


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