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There is the pain that human being can never eliminate suffering.

Mr.Dmytro Yarosh
The leader of the far-right Right Sector organization
Mr.Dmytro Yarosh,the leader of the far-right Right Sector organization described as follows in his Facebook.
The right wing sector leaves a right to continue an active battle act based on an original strategic plan to completely release Ukrainian land at hand.
Though cease-fire agreement starts on February 15 tomorrow, Mr. Dmytro Yarosh hints signs of attempts to continuing civil war. In spite of his terrible comment, Mr. Dmytro Yarosh's face was wreathed in smiles on February 12 in his Facebook. His terrible remark and his smiling are too inconsistent. Probably he might have gotten presents more than 10000 from nice Ukrainian girls on Valentine's Day of February 14. Because Mr. Dmytro Yarosh is the leader of the far-right Right Sector organization , everybody around him pays court to him. Therefore, Mr. Dmytro Yarosh was so happy that he broke into a smile while he expressed his terrible remark,I think .Oh...no....too inconsistent....
     Because I am a human being of the East Asia, I do not know their all claims of the Ukrainian right wing radicals in detail.But Stalin performed the Holodomor once which was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1932 year to 1933 year that killed up to 7.5 million Ukrainians.I think the hatred for Ukrainian Russia to be very serious by this Holodomor and reign of terror of the later former Soviet Union.
Because 7.5 million Ukrainians were killed by Stalin, each trauma may be too deep for the people of the far-right Right Sector organization.According to another report,it is said that the starvers were 14,500,000.There is the pain that human being can never eliminate suffering.But I would like to hope to say to Mr.Dmytro Yarosh,"Even if he annihilates a Russian and a Russian Ukrainian, I think the trauma may not be improved in the future."I know Cheney and McCain scatter terrorism and Nazism all over the world .And I hear that the wicked people of a part of "American military industries" instruct in technique of "a method of the brainwashing with the marijuana" , "a human killing method" and "torture method" for "the far-right Right Sector organization".
Especially Cheney and McCain are geniuses making a bad use of a pain and hatred and the ambition of the person for a wrong purpose.I fight now so that this Japan never fall a prey to Cheney and McCain.
Because the time that Ukraine swallowed various pain or a strong hatred by Holodomor was too long, the far-right Right Sector organization may never forgive Russia.The former Soviet Union accepted a fact of Holodomor, but does not do something to heal a wound of Ukraine.Of course Russia did vast support in Ukraine, but,in compensation for Holodomor, Russia does not announce what Russia does definitely to be concrete yet.If compensation of Holodomor becomes clear to be concrete, the Ukrainian hatred for Russia would become half, I think .
Mr.Dmytro Yarosh,would you stop fighting for a while?Because I study the Ukrainian history more and want to do peaceful suggestion to be reconciled with each other, as for me, I want time to consider a lot.
The news of the Kremlin called "the voice of Russia" says that unless economic sanctions of Russia disappear Russia never conclude Japan and Russia peace treaty.
Because China is going to cause Japan-China War, I want to restrain China by concluding Japan and Russia peace treaty .If compensation of Holodomor come true, a settlement may be established, and the economic sanctions to Russia may be over. Therefore I want time.
A battle continues now in Ukraine, and several persons are dead now yet.The human being is murdered and does not want to die. Please stop fighting a little, and please give me enough time to think to be able to do good suggestion.

Singer;Yume Suzuki
Words and music by Yume Suzuki
Let's believe realization of the peace.
Cheney and McCain scatter terrorism and Nazism all over the world .
And Prime Minister Abe conceals radioactive contamination and intends to build a military regime affiliated with Cheney.
But if the human beings make an effort, we can understand each other, too.
I'm convinced that the human beings can build the world that there are neither slaughter nor persecution nor the oppression.
Fortune favors the bold.
The sky to look up at expands forever endlessly.
The dream that might fade away makes a sound and wakes up again.
Let's believe realization of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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