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Mariupol and Debaltseve

Pro-Russian rebels stationed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlivka
Near Debaltseve city ,Pro-Russian rebels stationed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlivka, Donetsk region, prepare to launch missiles from Grad launch vehicles toward a position of the Ukrainian forces in Debaltseve, about 35km east of Gorlivka. (AFP/ANDREY BORODULIN)
Fierce battles are said to be continuing around Debaltseve which is a strategic government-held town almost encircled by pro-Russian rebel forces .

And outside the southern port city of Mariupol a battle continues .
Ukraine's Azov volunteer battalion also reported fierce clashes just to the east of the vital government-held port city of Mariupol and said that the village of Shyrokyne had been "practically destroyed" by shelling.Mariupol is on the Azov Sea and there are fears that Russian-backed separatists aim to seize it as a step toward establishing a corridor between mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula which Russia annexed 11 months ago.

Ukrainian military convoy stop on the road between the towns of Dabeltseve and Artemivsk, Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015. The fighting between Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces has continued despite the agreement reached by leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France in the Belarusian capital of Minsk on Thursday. Much of the fighting had taken place near Debaltseve, a key transport hub that has been hotly contested in recent days. The leaders agreed to implement a cease-fire, set to take effect on Sunday, at one minute after midnight. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

Ukraine eastern map Because Debaltseve city is an industrial main part among Donetsk and Kramatorsk and Luhansk, Pro-Russian group wants to hold a network of railroads transporting coal mined in the area that pro-Russian group controlled . In addition, in the Crimea, Pro-Russian group wants to hold an Ukrainian power station in Debaltseve because power supply is limited by the Ukrainian government.
If Japan builds the nuclear power plant at low interest in the Crimea, the electricity shortage will be solved by serving the electricity of the Crimea enough ,I think.
And though 5000 people of the government troop are surrounded now by Pro-Russian group, neither German chancellor Merkel nor President Hollande hope that Dabeltseve falls in Pro-Russian group .Therefore I think that German chancellor Merkel and President Hollande arbitrated the peace negotiation for such 16 hours.
Pro-Russian group can get a railway network of the coal if Japan builds 2 railroads from Donetsk to Mariupol and from Luhansk to Mariupol even if Pro-Russian group would withdraw from Debaltseve.If Pro-Russian group occupies both Debaltseve and Mariupol, Germany and France will do economic sanctions to Russia,I think.
If Mariupol becomes the territory of Pro-Russian group, and if Debaltseve becomes the territory of the Ukraine government, I think that both can be reconciled with each other as a drawn game.
*I would like to hope that the United States and the Western countries would give a chance to Japan so that Japan can build "a nuclear power plant in the Crimea" and "two railroads from Donetsk to Mariupol and from Luhansk to Mariupol".
I think that just a drawn game quiets a dispute most.Ukrainian economy should revive by a postwar reconstruction as soon as possible.My idea provides the big employments to the people around these areas.Because Kremlin knows Japan often provides the vast funds to the Ukrainian government, President Putin often flies into a rage. If the Ukraine government would receive my suggestion above, because these areas will become slightly peaceful, the money of Japan's support does not disappear in the civil war in an instant .

Singer;Yume Suzuki
Words and music by Yume Suzuki
Let's believe realization of the peace.
Cheney and McCain scatter terrorism and Nazism all over the world .
Ukraine must not become the prey of these two bad people.
The Ukrainian people and Pro-Russian group's people should live as human beings.
If the human beings make an effort, we can understand each other, too.
I'm convinced that the human beings can build the world that there are neither slaughter nor persecution nor the oppression.
The sky to look up at expands forever endlessly.
The dream that might fade away makes a sound and wakes up again.
Let's believe realization of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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