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Please share both rights of "the electricity and  railway network" each other.

Ukraine's truce is at risk of unraveling over the fate of a contested transport hub after the first day of a cease-fire brought a decrease in violence.
ukraine 20150216 The government in Kiev and pro-Russian militants accused each other of several violations near the town of Debaltseve, a key rail junction on the road that connects the rebel-held cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. Fighting subsided along most of the front line of about 400 kilometers (250 miles) as world leaders urged the sides to adhere to the agreement signed last week in Minsk, Belarus.
The destroyed building is like the internal organs which were totally eroded by the cancer cells. It is not at all in a healthy situation.The human being is not a cancer cell. We should return to a healthy state.
The standoff near Debaltseve emerged as the biggest threat to the deal brokered by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France. Similar agreements have previously failed to defuse the almost one-year crisis that’s killed more than 5,400 people. The militants demanded that Ukrainian troops surrender the battleground town as the two sides traded blame for breaking the cease-fire hours after it began.
“We do believe that through peaceful means the settlement of the situation in the eastern regions is possible,” a monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said in a statement on Facebook. “We look for all parties to fully implement the package of measures, and for full compliance of the cease-fire.”
If the both sides think which side can let Debaltseve fall, the both side would struggle desperately in vain, as if they were stuck in the mud.
A war by proxy between the U. S. and Russia should not start. If a war by proxy between the U. S. and Russia would start, ISIS will join the Ukrainian right wing radicals, and a Russian oil field becomes their targets.Because ISIS declares that ISIS rebuilds Ottoman Empire, Turkey is coaxed in ISIS.I heard the information that a training place of ISIS is in Turkey. In addition, I heard the information that many members of ISIS are admitted to the Turkish hospital.

We should stare at this local area of the world map and must see ISIS's strategic plan.
I think the ISIS has a strategy to annihilate Europe after the capture of oil fields of Middle East and Russia .
A Russian and an Ukrainian are proud hearted, and ISIS knows enough that Russia and Ukraine intend each other to give priority to prestige .
This is a trap of ISIS. Pro-Russian soldiers and Ukrainian soldiers fall into a trap of ISIS and murder each other.If turmoil of Debaltseve would let a cease-fire end, Turkey may be going to open the way to the Russian oil field of ISIS.In this situation Ukraine will become the course over which ISIS moves .
I have a grudge against ISIS. ISIS murdered 2 Japanese hostages cruelly.And ISIS murdered 21 Copt believers cruelly yesterday.I would like to hope that both Ukraine and Russia would notice that ISIS members are looking forward to be able to execute the white people publicly in Ukraine.
I want to prevent a plot of ISIS. It is not a difficult thing.The current turmoil of Ukraine is caused by a trauma of Holodomor and a scar of Ukrainian race.
I judge that some armed forces of "Alexander the Great" had advanced to the north which is current Ukraine, and I think that they became the remote ancestors of Russia and Ukraine. Ukrainian and Russian folk costume and the characteristic of the folk music have many common points with Greece .
I suppose because President Putin felt Ukraine with the same countrymen until quite recently, President Putin intends to have supported Ukraine completely . However, I think that the Ukrainian right-wingers regard Russia as an other ethnic group.
Adolf Hitler killed 17 million people, but Joseph Stalin killed 23 million people.Because Ukrainian people were killed from 7.5 million to 14.5 million people by population famine of Holodomor , I think that the numbers of people that Stalin killed really exceed 30 million .
There are a lot of people shedding tears even among Palestinian people if common people watch the documentary movie that Jew people were killed by persecution of Hitler.
However, because Stalin continued concealing Holodomor, the world's people do not know the details and do not shed tears for Holodomor of Ukrainian people.However, we must notice that Ukrainian country itself became Auschwitz at time of Holodomor.Because there is not any healings of Ukranian sprits about the history of Holodomor, I think that the right wing radicals are born in Ukraine .
I guess that President Putin would have ever believed and would have loved in Ukraine very much as a country of the same countrymen .And I think that President Putin does not apologize for Ukraine like Willy Brandt ex- chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany because a large number of Russians were slaughtered by Stalin. Since many Russians are slaughtered by Stalin, I think that probably President Putin's social situation may sometimes differ from Willy Brandt ex- chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.Therefore I have a new suggestion as follows.
1.I would like to hope that President Putin would understand that the current turmoil of Ukraine is caused by a trauma of Holodomor and a scar of Ukrainian race.
Because Stalin slaughtered a large number of Russians, I think that President Putin has thought that President Putin can share a pain with Ukraine. However, actually, the trauma of Holodomor is much more serious.
2.Because pro-Russian group surrounds Debaltseve city, I think the Russian side wins predominantly around Debaltseve area, but I would like to hope that President Putin would untie a siege for healing of the Ukrainian sprits as compensation of Holodomor.
Because Russia has a world's best large territory and because Russia has the most rich oil fields, I would like to hope that Russia would yield a step to the others who stands at the weak situation at times nicely .
3.If Mariupol becomes the territory of Pro-Russian group, and if Debaltseve becomes the territory of the Ukraine government, I think that both can be reconciled with each other as a drawn game.
I think that just a drawn game quiets a dispute most.I think pro-Russian group had better get Mariupol of the port town rather than making Debaltseve fall forcibly . Pro-Russian group can get marine products in Mariupol, and pro-Russian group can secure the distribution channel of the coal widely in Mariupol .
"A power station for exclusive use of the Ukrainian government" and "a power station for exclusive use of Pro-Russian group" are necessary rather than scrambling for Debaltseve.
4.I would like to hope that the United States and the Western countries would give a chance to Japan so that Japan can provide ODA business about "electricity energy assistance of Donetsk", "nuclear power generation of the Crimea", and "two railroads from Donetsk to Mariupol and from Luhansk to Mariupol".
Please share both rights of "the electricity and  railway network" each other.Japan should prepare this local power station and railroads for the both sides.
5.Both of Russia and Ukraine should approach each other in order to protect the Russian citizens and Ukrainian citizens from a reign of terror of ISIS.
It is not a difficult thing.Because the Ukrainian right wing radicals love Ukraine,the Ukrainian right wing radicals should open the heart to protect Ukraine from a magical power of ISIS and Cheney and McCain.
Cheney and McCain scatter terrorism and Nazism all over the world .
Ukraine must not become the prey of "these two bad old people or ISIS".
6.If President Putin can let pro-Russian group remove a siege of Debaltseve, I would like to hope that the United States and the Western countries would cancel the half of economic sanctions for Russia.
7.If President Putin would hand over Snowden , I would like to hope that the United States and the Western countries would cancel the rest of economic sanctions for Russia.
I would like to hope that both sides of the United States and Russia would work hard to compromise not to enter into the Cold War.
The economic sanctions for Russia only delight ISIS.Because the economic sanctions are not applied to the Ukrainian right wing radicals at all, it is unfair for Russia.I think that President Putin is suffering.However, the true enemy is ISIS not President Putin.EU should suggest good idea that President Putin can have some merits so that economic sanctions of Russia are lifted naturally.EU should consider prestige of President Putin a little more.
Because the Western countries do not have delicacy, I think President Putin can not make mutual concessions . In this situation it develops into terrible war.
8.If Russia and Ukraine don't talk this problem out together about Debaltseve and Mariupol about which territory they have clearly , the cease-fire may not be maintained.Ukraine and Russia should talk with by arbitration of Germany and France again.
A menace of ISIS approaches Ukraine and Russia. It leaps to Europe soon. I would like to hope that Russia , Ukraine , France and Germany would cope quickly.

Title:Reflect tear
Composer:Hajime Kikuchi
I'll pray to God so that Russia and Ukraine would be protected peacefully by God.
"Love and the forgiveness each other" between Russia and Ukraine can stop a march of wicked ISIS.
The ugly things are not the all in the world.
The beautiful things exist surely in the world.
I'm convinced that the human beings can build the world that there are neither slaughter nor persecution nor the oppression.
I believe realization of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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