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In the Diet, Prime Minister Abe always speaks eloquently as if he sprayed the enemy with a machine‐gun fire.

Including "the issue of terrorism of ISIS" or "various security problems", Ms. Kiyomi Tujimoto of the representative from Democratic Party insisted in the Diet that Prime Minister Abe should live in the Prime Minister official residence and Prime Minister Abe should not live in his private residence.
But Prime Minister Abe said ,"Even if Japan was threatened with such a menace(ISIS), a country of Japan is a safe country clearly. The reason why 5 million a year tourists visit Japan is that Japan is safe." Prime Minister Abe argued it "is the Prime Minister excellent if the Prime Minister stays at the official residence all the time?"
Tehehehehehe.....Tehehehehehe.....His actions are suspicious.Teheheehehe.
Why doesn't Prime Minister Abe live in the official residence, and why does Prime Minister Abe go to the official residence every day from a private residence?
I'm convinced that Prime Minister Abe intends to bring beautiful girls to the official residence in order to cover up his erotic tracks from the Media of anti Abe like Nikkan gendai(a weekly magazine) or Tokyo shinbun(Nespaper).
Prime Minister Abe has the authority to appoint anything in a specific secret arbitrarily by the specific National Secret Bill that Prime Minister Abe approved by the overwhelming majority votes of the ruling party forcibly.
Ummmmmmmmm.His actions are very very suspicious.
Among the successive Japanese Prime Ministers, there seemed to be the Prime Minister who dug the secret underpass from the official residence to his lover's house secretly in order to avoiding a greater attention from the mass media though I don't know who he is. Even if his beautiful lovers are in the official residence if Prime Minister Abe commutes to the official residence from his private house every day, don't you think that it isn't discovered by any media?
Ummmmmmmmm.His actions are very very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry suspicious.
Prime Minister Abe has changed beyond recognition but I often hear the rumor that Prime Minister Abe was the very handsome playboy when he was young.Besides, Prime Minister Abe is a ladies' man still now and I suspect that he hopes to keep more than 100 concubines. 100 ?Oh....100 women are heavy. But at an official residence, I think Prime Minister Abe would be able to produce CM of Inaba's barn that has the capacity not to be broken even if 100 persons ride on it.
By the specific National Secret Bill ,Prime Minister Abe becomes stronger than an elephant of Inaba's barn.The specific National Secret Bill is a bill of the devils.
e29cf680fdcb1ecfdfb48a681f.jpeg fb90d59ba980ec5cf6084a464778c2c3b9a49ed3.png Prime Minister Abe seems to employ several beautiful women as his followers of Twitter to make them write comments to praise Prime Minister Abe as if they were the women of the bar.Prime Minister Abe,you're too self‐conscious!!!!
Hello everyone, do you want me to translate them?
Nyahahahahahahaha All Japanese people burst out laughing after reading these comments. Nyahahahaahahaha
I'm a bit embarrassed to translate them.....Hello everyone, do you want me to translate them?Are you sure ?
We proud of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. We are healed whenever I watch your smart and manly figure.I pray for your further activity, for the world and for Japan.
Yurie.jpg I feel our Japanese pride in a figure of dignified Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with peaceful flowers. I pray for your activity for Japan, and the world.
Well really! Translation for two women is enough. Can you understand how Prime Minister Abe always lives as an erotic old politician?Phew! Phew!Phew!gratz!They may be hostesses of Jinhurin(Please refer to No. 6 as follows.).I think that Prime Minister Abe may have already made something bad such as Pleasure Group of North Korea for taking advantage of the weakness of the people of "the political world and the economic world" by his plan based on the specific National Secret Bill .
Indeed, it is no wonder that that Cheney and McCain seem to suggest this idea.I think Prime Minister Abe considerably come under an influence of Cheney and McCain.Prime Minister Abe let Japan rush into the military regime in order to provide vast profit for military industry of Cheney and McCain and is going to fight against China.
We must prevent the military regime . I feel something awfully wicked has begun to already move through the specific National Secret Bill by being led by Prime Minister Abe.

Akie 20141101
Mrs. Akie Abe ,first lady
Mrs. Akie Abe who is the wife of Prime Minister Abe wrote in her Facebook that she often had a good cry in 2014 very much .Oh. yeah...Mrs. Akie..Prime Minister Abe is a bad man. There, there, don't cry, there's a good woman.Mrs. Akie is the good first lady.
Prime Minister Abe seemed to have leaked intentionally the information that hurt Mrs. Akie in the media.Prime Minister Abe is a horrid old man with a nasty temper.
Mr.Shintaro Abe who was the father of Prime Minister Abe died at 67 years old, and Prime Minister Abe had better throw away worldly desires soon because Prime Minister Abe is already 60 years old as if he were putting his one leg into his coffin.Because Mrs. Akie will care for the old age of Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Abe must not let Mrs. Akie cry.I think Mrs. Akie will not abandon Prime Minister Abe even if Prime Minister Abe loses his position.
1.Prime Minister Abe should live with Mrs. Akie and the dog Roy in an official residence in order to be doubted by nobody.Prime Minister Abe should find his life unsweet rather than Prime Minister Abe imagines.
2.Because anyone suspects Prime Minister Abe that Prime Minister Abe may use the specific National Secret Bill for his own erotic plot, Ms. Kiyomi Tujimoto of the representative from Democratic Party should point it out definitely.
I recommend Ms. Tujimoto to say it straightly to Prime Minister Abe , without making a distant allusion.
3.The opposition party should point out the risk of the specific National Secret Bill definitely and should submit a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill.
4.Unless Abe cabinet would admit a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill , New Komeito and the opposition parties should never cooperate with Abe cabinet for the revision of the constitution at all.
5.The opposition parties make "a draft amendment of the specific National Secret Bill" jointly and should submit it to the Diet formally.
6.Until the nationwide local elections in April, the opposition parties should pursue the issue of the causal relationship between Abe Cabinet and Jinhurin in the Diet .
Jinhurin which is a facility for meeting and treating guests of Pasona of the manpower supply company is not reported in a newspaper by news regulation.
Really doubtful.
The weekly reported on May 2014 that several cabinet ministers of the Abe Cabinet often had visited Jinhurin which has the rumor that the promiscuous dinner parties using the drug were performed.
The approval rating of the Abe Cabinet will fall surely.Why do the opposition parties cloud the issue? The opposition parties should fight without choosing the means so that the opposition parties can win in the nationwide local elections in April.
7.The opposition parties should insist so that at least Abe Cabinet should make "the Japan's Pension Organization" seize property of Pasona of the manpower supply company for the arrears of the social premium .
In fact, most of manpower supply companies do not pay social insurance, unemployment insurance, the workmen's accident compensation insurance.Opposition parties should punish Pasona as a warning to others.
8.Opposition parties should insist in the Diet to remove Heizo Takenaka from the members of the well-informed person meeting.
The nation had reached the limits of the patience for Heizo Takenaka which is a chairperson of Pasona.He bargains away Resona Bank to the foreign capital and is the ringleader who took over Misawa Homes.
There are even informations that someone else often blackmail many politicians by the video that someone makes erotic films in Jinhurin without permission.Nyahahahahahaha. A man is a fool.The all men who caught on the honeytrap of "women of the heavy makeup " are low level.However Japanese people in the whole country will give each glad shout if Heizo Takenaka is arrested.Prime Minister Abe should do something which will be liked by a nation, too in rare cases.Since quite a while ago, I felt that Heizo Takenaka had the ignoble character.
9.A person with the intention to "restore human rights and the honor of the victims" to apologize to women who were abducted to make the prostitutes of the former Japan forces should become the next prime minister.
Prime Minister Abe is a great ambitious person, but, Prime Minister Abe is a person like that "a boy of the egoist who was indulged and was brought up only had become the old man".Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Cheney and McCain after all.Because Prime Minister Abe desires to cause Japan-China War, Prime Minister Abe will not have mind to apologize to any victims at all.
Therefore we must defeat the Abe Cabinet.
Prime Minister Abe's careless coping with accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant is too serious.
Cancer rates have exploded at an increase of almost 6000% in areas near the reactor meltdown. Aside from people-on-the-street interviews that a rare media outlet like “Hodo station” will report on, mainstream media stays completely silent.
10.Because Prime Minister Abe conceals the radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for Tokyo Olympic 2020,Japanese citizens do the big demonstrations. If world civic people would cooperate with the activity to protect the Pacific from Radioactive contamination of Fukushima, the society will surely move.We need world civic cooperation to let Prime Minister Abe resign.
25C0D65300000578.jpgAbe cabinet and TEPCO are guilty of crimes against humanity, and their neglect is compounded by a complete disregard, not only for human life, but for all life upon this planet.
Though the deformed children begin to be born around Fukushima, the Abe Cabinet is not going to let citizens of Fukushima move into other prefectures.Former Russian President Gorbachev let every citizen have escaped quickly from Chernobyl.Prime Minister Abe often lacks decision a little.I think that damage of the accident of Chernobyl is minimal and finished .Because Fukushima nuclear power plant scatters not only the Pacific but also the air pollution, Japan must change the method to a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl as soon as possible.If Prime Minister Abe continue obstinate in order to refuse the skill of USA or Russia, and if Prime Minister Abe never changes the method of Fukushima nuclear power plant into a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl as soon as possible, the Japanese citizens must press criminal charges against Prime Minister Abe.
We must stand up to defeat the Abe Cabinet.
Your Party of a opposition party which is cooperative for the revision of the Constitution was already destroyed, and the Party for Future Generations which is cooperative for the revision of the Constitution has only one member of the House of Representatives.
Therefore Prime Minister Abe suffers for delaying the revision of the Constitution in the condition of being physically entangled and not being able to move.
Prime Minister Abe is existence such as the great white shark that all tusks were pulled out.
The myth of Prime Minister Abe already collapsed.
Prime Minister Abe stands on sand castle now.
Both outside and inside moats were buried.
It is not necessary for us to be afraid of existence of Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe is naked King rather than a dictator.

Singer:M. Pokora Title:We danse.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
We must stop a military regime.
All these ordeals.
And these damnable days.
Get us understand we live once.
If we fear "Anseinotaigoku", neither the reform nor the miracle happens.
We can build the world that there are neither slaughter nor persecution nor the oppression.
I believe realization of the peace.
Don't miss, don't miss the last chance.
Ne laissons pas, ne laissons pas passer cette dernière chance!!!
* * * * * * *



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