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Chao!Prime Minister Abe!! There is a message of the toad of a one-eyed goblin

Dear sir,
Prime Minister Abe,dictator
14720_10206317306997390_4514918298288633291_n.jpg Chao!Prime Minister Abe!!!I am the toad of a one-eyed goblin!!!
Did you say "Fukushika nuclear power plant is under control"??
Fukushima is out of control......
The toad of a one-eyed goblin always look at Prime Minister Abe about when Prime Minister Abe changes the method for an accident of Fukushima into sarcophagus method of Chernobyl.
The fact people weren't being evacuated to safety.
The toad of a one-eyed goblin does not know why the Abe Administration does not change the accident's method of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to the sarcophagus method of Chernobyl quickly. If world civic people would cooperate with the activity to protect the Pacific from Radioactive contamination of Fukushima, the society will surely move.The toad of a one-eyed goblin needs world civic cooperation to let Prime Minister Abe resign.
"The parent of the deformed child in Fukushima prefecture" looks like in pain.. Though Prime Minister Abe was able to prevent this misfortune, Prime Minister Abe did nothing for it.
Click here ,everybody.You can see the manmade misfortune.
Oh, this is so tragic. The toad of a one-eyed goblin fears this is only the beginning. When Agent Orange was used in Vietnam such deformities happened.
No money will ever take the hurt from the family. The toad of a one-eyed goblin's heart hurts.
A citizens' group should back up the family of the deformed children who was born in Fukushima, and a criminal trial to accuse the country not to have moved all citizens outside Fukushima prefecture to account is necessary.
The toad of a one-eyed goblin always see everything of Prime Minister Abe , as if the eye were illuminati symbol.
Prime Minister Abe,why don't you kiss the toad of a one-eyed goblin rather than Cheney and McCain?
If you kiss me,Prime Minister Abe may be a younger better prince of Godzilla by Radioactivity magic.The Godzilla is the strongest all over the world. If Prime Minister Abe transforms himself into Godzilla prince, Prince Godzilla Abe will be able to blow down even ISIS by radioactive contamination.
gojiradayonyonyon.gif The low levels of caesium do not affect us.Abe cabinet and TEPCO always insist Radioactivity from Fukushima is very weak in the water, as the sheer mass of the ocean dilutes it to negligible levels. Abe cabinet and TEPCO always insist that is humdrum propaganda with no evidence and is based in science fiction.But is the toad of a one-eyed goblin a congenital defect?
Scientists insist that they want studies, not pseudoscience.
However may the raw data be tampered with the purpose of deception of "Abe Cabinet and TEPCO" ?

After an accident of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, why did malformed animals and malformed plants and deformed children increase suddenly?I do not think that the raw data of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is correct.
The low levels of caesium do not affect us. Scientists insist that our own air contains more harmful pollutants, including oxygen free radicals which naturally occur and destroy telomeres.But the deformed children begin to be born around Fukushima.Abe Cabinet should let citizens of Fukushima move into other prefectures.
I am very worried for the Ocean won't heal if this goes on much longer. The Pollution covers huge areas of the ocean. When all life has been destroyed will Abe Cabinet then listen ? Japanese citizens should start a petition to the Olympic Committee to resend the Olympics and choose a different venue. The toad of a one-eyed goblin can't but say between Tepco and the Japanese Government the cover up goes deep.
On February 22,.Another radioactive water leak in the sea has been detected at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the facility's operator TEPCO announced. Contamination levels in the gutter reportedly spiked up 70 times over regular readings.
Because Abe cabinet and TEPCO do not change it into a sarcophagus method quickly, the radioactive contamination of the Pacific becomes more serious.A prompt decision is necessary.
Sincerely yours
Your toad of a one-eyed goblin Chu


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