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Oppression of Okinawa's minority race by dictator Prime Minister Abe

Two Japanese activists who oppose construction of the Futenma replacement base in Okinawa Prefecture were detained by 3 Japanese guardmen of the U. S. military for allegedly trespassing at the gate of Camp Schwab. And then the U. S. military handed over these Japanese activists to Japan's Police and Japan's Police have arrested them.
However, allegedly trespassing is a false charge.One of 2 Japanese activists is Hiroji Yamashiro, who heads a local activist group, the Okinawa Heiwa Undo Center.Look at the far left side of the picture No.1!!!Mr.Hiroji Yamashiro stood up on the boundary .At the next,.Look at the picture No.2.Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro is dragged in the border of the US base by 3 Japanese guardmen of the United States Armed Forces .Look at the picture No. 3!!!! Three Japanese guardmen abduct Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro in order to put handcuffs on him.
The person in the far right side is Japan's Dictator Prime Minister Abe who ordered these unfair arrests.Dictator has no heart.In this picture,Dictator Prime Minister Abe gives his sudden, goblin like grin.He is weird.()


Prime Minister Abe2015223

Dictator Prime Minister Abe
Camp Schwab is adjacent to where the construction of the new air base is under way in the Henoko area of the city of Nago.The base is being built to replace Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, currently located in Ginowan in the prefecture.Trespassing on a U. S. base violates a law based on the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between Japan and the United States.

But these incident on February 22 were unfair arrests.
Look at the left picture! Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro is put handcuffs on his hands tied behind his back and is made to sit down in a gate. The pictures from No. 1 to No. 4 are the exhibit of the unfair arrest of Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro.
10389538_1582566761989410_8074841816315306627_n_20150224055127c19.jpg About 500 demonstrators converged on Nago Police Station, criticizing the U. S. military's brief detainment of the two activists Sunday. About 20 police officers were dispatched to guard the building's entrance.They believe they will stop protesters from raising their voice against the construction of the base in the Henoko district by detaining them, but they're wrong.Activists had gathered at the gate of Camp Schwab to protest work on the new base. The organizer said there were about 2, 800 people present. Some held banners reading “We take a firm stand against landfill in Henoko” and chanted slogans.
Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine also criticized the U. S. military and the Okinawan police for arresting the pair.“The people of Okinawa need to team together as that's the only way to counter such strong power,”Nago Mayor Inamine said. “Let's raise our voices and present our demand to both the U. S. and the Japanese governments.”
2015022301002488.jpg AS20150223005286_comm.jpg Naha District Public Prosecutors Office released two people who were arrested by putting this dispositions on hold by the brave solidarity of the Okinawa citizens.
When two people who had been arrested were released, the Okinawa citizens clapped their hands and praised their courage.
However the pictures from No. 1 to No. 4 are the exhibit of the unfair arrest of Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro.
Prime Minister Abe must mention a graceful apology for the unfair arrest in the Diet to obtain the understanding of every Japanese citizen by properly answering questions.
1.All Japanese citizens are afraid that Prime Minister Abe may rush into a military regime and a reign of terror. It is necessary for the opposition parties to denounce Prime Minister Abe about this unfair arrest.
Because 3 guardmen who have dragged Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro in the boundary were Japanese citizens,and because Prime Minister Abe let almost Japanese citizens fall into the uneasiness for a military regime and the reign of terror ,Prime Minister Abe has apology responsibility.
Let's deal Prime Minister Abe a psychological blow in the Diet!!!!!Let's go!!!!This case is more serious problem than a case of Japan Teachers Union that Prime Minister Abe jeered.
We must restrain Prime Minister Abe not to rush into a military regime and a reign of terror.
Politicians of the opposition parties should be what is called a champion of justice like a cool superman .
Fight against Dictator Prime Minister Abe as if he were Lex Luthor!!!!!Oh he is a celebrity lookalike!!!!!
The construction site off Henoko threatens the survival of dugongs that live in the area.
We can hear an anguished cry out of the ocean.We cannot turn away from those sea creatures.Because dugong is a very nervous creature, dugong does not show its figure to the person.The fishermen rarely see dugong, too, but a tsunami got up soon whenever dugong was discovered from ancient times because the surface of the water falls down temporarily when an earthquake was generated . Although a dugong has the strong wariness,when a dugong was left in the shallows,Okinawa people could notice from ancient times that Tsunami might come.That is why there is a legend that a mermaid causes a tsunami in Okinawa.
Because dugong's wariness is extremely strong, the inhabitants of Henoko may not see dugongs very much, but dugongs live in Henoko.It is the characteristics of dugong to be extremely strong in wariness.Because dugong always escapes immediately by the distant sounds or a small clacking sound , dugong rarely shows itself before person .The auditory sensation of the dugong is very superior, and is 8 times of human beings.
The stupid commentators by a program called Sokomade itteiinkai often insist that there are few dugongs in Henoko, but it is a mistake. Because they are ignorant, they do not know the basic nature of dugong.
This TV program is "the talk show" like machine gun where "two comedians who are alzheimer" and "Journalist who was lost his friendship with Asahi Shimbun's ex-president and was out of a job" and "an instructor at a university who attaches the mask of the antelope" appear on the stage regularly.
Because they cooperate with political propaganda of Prime Minister Abe, they always criticize harshly Henoko transference opposition movement of Okinawa.However, they have no qualification to recite about Okinawa although they never love Okinawa .
In the first place they love nothing. They wish Prime Minister Abe is only satisfied with their comments . And they have no ability to prevent Prime Minister Abe to rush into the military regime. They have neither love nor justice but they seem to be commentators.
Because announcer Shinbo makes "a person of Okinawa who is brainwashed by the Liberal Democratic Party" appear on his TV program , I hate him. I can't stand the noise of his talking . His beloved yacht will sink again one day by his voice including the supersonic waves,I think.
Do you desire to be favorite by Prime Minister Abe so much?
Do you want to protect Prime Minister Abe so much?
Although you are not going to protect Japan from Japan-China War, a military regime and the establishment of the concentration camps,do you protect Prime Minister Abe?
If you want high price of the performance fee, do you sell your own soul to Prime Minister Abe?
It hurts the mind of the minority race to build the reclaimed land of the US base in defiance of the intention of inhabitants of Okinawa.The former Japan forces which forced group self-determination shot 100, 000 people of Okinawa to death. There were the people of Okinawa who were forced of each suicide bombings by the former Japan forces.
The U. S. forces killed 100,000 people of Okinawa by an aerial bombardment and a ground war.
Besides Okinawa's people do not want to change the sea by the strangers because there is the aboriginality faith that there is heaven called Nirai Kanai far away of the sea in Okinawa.
If the commentators can't feel the sorrow of the minority race,they are the same kind of people with Prime Minister Abe.
Dictator has no heart. And also the commentators have no heart.So they can feel nothing by lacking of heart..
If the Abe Cabinet whom these commentators have believed causes Japan-China War, if the Abe Cabinet shoots the relative of commentators to death for group self-determination as a result, if the Abe Cabinet forces a suicide bombing on these commentators, if the Chinese army seizes the house of commentators to make the house of the officer of the Chinese army , and if the Chinese army deploys a nuclear weapon there, these commentators will understand a pain for the first time.
The minority race survives without being discouraged at weak fate. And the minority race survives with knowing a pain and the regret for losing, and they snuggle up and come to unite.
The fate of Okinawa is weak.
However, the azure blue of the sea of Okinawa is noble .
The sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful all over the world.
The azure blue is the origin of the sprits of the Ryukyu race.
imageshenoko01.jpg imageshenoko04.jpg imageshenoko05.jpg imageshenoko03.jpg imageshenoko02.jpgimageshenoko06.jpg imageshenoko08.jpg imageshenoko09.jpg imageshenoko010.jpg

10388082_1541912296097102_2030552710547195351_n.jpg On February 22,.Another radioactive water leak in the sea has been detected at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the facility's operator TEPCO announced. Contamination levels in the gutter reportedly spiked up 70 times over regular readings.Because Abe cabinet and TEPCO do not change it into a sarcophagus method quickly, the radioactive contamination of the Pacific becomes more serious.A prompt decision is necessary.But it is not discussed about Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant polluting the Pacific at all now in the Japanese Diet.
I want to blame Prime Minister Abe Why the governments can't understand what they are doing to the People of the Earth .Prime Minister Abe is good at a lie, and Prime Minister Abe is a genius to be permitted to gloss over a fault. By the Diet statement on February 23, an opposition party pursued it about a slip of the tongue of Prime Minister Abe, and everyone forgot to criticize Prime Minister Abe about a crisis of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.Therefore he chuckled to himself over his success.About a jeering utterance about the bribery of Japan Teachers Union, Prime Minister Abe apologized on February 23.Do you hope to see the porker face of Prime Minister Abe? Click as follows.
Nishikawa ex-Minister of Agriculture
Because Nishikawa Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries got a political donation from the group about agriculture, in the group, as for the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, bribery was doubted because a subsidy was paid by the government. The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries returned a political donation in full.However, Nishikawa Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries did not violate the political fund method, but resigned because a Diet deliberation was delayed.
However, Prime Minister Abe was going to criticize the Democratic Party which cooperated with Japan Teachers Union to protect Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Nishikawa. However, the jeering of Prime Minister Abe became the great problem because Japan Teachers Union did not get any subsidies from government.
The Abe Administration received damage by the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Bureaucrats are going to certainly restrain the Abe Administration that is going to rush into the military regime.I think that the bureaucrats of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications leaked the information about the flow of the dirty fund of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
We should unite to defeat the Abe Administration in order to prevent military regime and in order to protect the Pacific and the blue sky from radioactive contamination.
But it is not discussed about Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant polluting the Pacific at all now in the Japanese Diet. The most important thing is to discuss about Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant polluting the Pacific at all now in the Japanese Diet.
Because Prime Minister Abe conceals the radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for Tokyo Olympic 2020,Japanese citizens do the big demonstrations.
If world civic people would cooperate with the activity to protect the Pacific from Radioactive contamination of Fukushima, the society will surely move.We need world civic cooperation to let Prime Minister Abe resign.
2.The world civic people should start a petition to the Olympic Committee to resend the Olympics and choose a different venue.
I can't but say between Tepco and the Japanese Government the cover up goes deep.
Scientists insist that they want studies, not pseudoscience.However may the raw data be tampered with the purpose of deception of "Abe Cabinet and TEPCO" ?
After an accident of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, why did malformed animals and malformed plants and deformed children increase suddenly?I do not think that the raw data of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is correct.
You can see the malformed child of Fukushima prefecture as follows.Please tell me how do you feel about it.
We need world civic cooperation to let Prime Minister Abe resign.Please cooperate with us. 
3.And the Japanese Diet must argue about the method to cope with the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant immediately.
4.Because Fukushima nuclear power plant scatters not only the Pacific but also the air pollution, Japan must change the method to a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl as soon as possible.
5.If Prime Minister Abe continue obstinate in order to refuse the skill of USA or Russia, and if Prime Minister Abe never changes the method of Fukushima nuclear power plant into a sarcophagus method of Chernobyl as soon as possible, the Japanese citizens must press criminal charges against Prime Minister Abe.
6.I'll suggest Tepco should put silt fences in 2 parts of the light blue circle marks.
7.TEPCO must capture all the fish within silt fence in a trawl net and should dispose them as nuclear waste. Japan must prevent that the malformed fish escape from silt fences.
8.Prime Minister Abe should not prevent boycotting or product delivery refusal owing to harmful rumors in Fukushima prefecture.The Japanese Government must be cautious of all products from Fukushima.
9.Prime Minister Abe should move all citizens of Fukushima to other prefectures.Former Russian President Gorbachev let every citizen have escaped quickly from Chernobyl.Prime Minister Abe often lacks decision a little.
10.The contaminated water of Fukushima nuclear power plant is caused by a large quantity of groundwater. Tepco should start large-scale construction work to change a flow of the groundwater in order to prevent groundwater so that groundwater does not flow into Fukushima nuclear power plant.Do action to let Prime Minister Abe resign.
11.The construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant is nonsense.The soil does not freeze although seven months pass .Japan should break off the construction of "water shielding wall based on frozen ground" in the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant as far as contaminated water of 400t a day flows into the Pacific.
12.World's citizens should start a petition to the Olympic Committee to resend the Olympics and choose a different venue.
Prime Minister Abe conceals the radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for Tokyo Olympic 2020.
A campaign to collect signatures to require the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics in the following site is taking place on a global scale.Prime Minister Abe carries through hypocrisy, but it has top priority that at first Japan overcomes a crisis of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Let's stop polluting the Pacific and let's require the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics .

Singer:M. Pokora Title:We danse.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
We must stop a military regime.
We must stop the radioactive pollution.
Water is the Lifespring. Let's protect the Pacific and the blue sky.
All these ordeals.And these damnable days.
Get us understand we live once.
If we fear "Anseinotaigoku", neither the reform nor the miracle happens.
We can build the world that there are neither slaughter nor persecution nor the oppression.
I believe realization of the peace.
Don't miss, don't miss the last chance.
Ne laissons pas, ne laissons pas passer cette dernière chance!!!
* * * * * * *


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