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I had a weird uncanny dream a few days before.
In my dream, I did out-of-body experience and I flied in the night sky.And I stood in a corridor of the dark the Prime Minister's official residence when I noticed.In the long corridor, there was a street which was covered with a lot of blue flowers and red flowers .Because the street of the flowers was beautiful, I have begun to walk on the flowers.The street of the flower continued to the small room.The street of the flower continued to the rear of the small room. And the man whose whole body was covered other than hair by the white bandages was sitting down for absentmindedness to an King's chair in the rear of the small room.And my guardian spiritual soul of myself said in this way;"Don't take even one step forward.A line is drawn on the floor. You will die if you advance earlier from there."I replied,"I see."
"A roomful of a circle " was drawn by chalk on the floor.My guardian spiritual soul of myself insisted so that I should not enter in the white line's circle. It was a voice of the women who seemed to be smart. My guardian spiritual soul of myself is a woman.She will be ancestral someone else who was born before my several generations.
And I stared at the face of the man covered with bandages carefully.This man seemed sleeping. I was frightened out of my wits and I cried 'Ah! eeeeeeek!'.From a hairstyle and the form of the face, I noticed that the man was Prime Minister Abe .And I woke up.

I was truly scared.The man covered with many bandages sitting down to an King's chair expresses Osiris.I do not know whether a devil ceremony is held at a Prime Minister's official residence in the midnight. However, I think that dream was highly suggestive content.
Because the archeological value of the Egyptian civilization is high, the fact that Osiris is existence of the devildom is not known widely.However, the malevolent deity who let human beings have killed sacrifices most in human history is Osiris.Many people carried many huge stones to the pyramid to some extent, but they did a terrible thing halfway and piled up huge stones.If human beings bully a large number of human beings in closed space and kill them, many huge stones go up in the air by the energy of the pain of the human souls physically active.They killed the sacrifice of the larger-scale number of people in an enclosed space at the same time far more cruelly than any devil ceremonies that we can read at internet now.The pharaoh controlled the minds of the people who looked at the scene that huge stones floated , from the outside .God tells the human race so that the self-sacrifice is noble, but the devil wants to teach human beings how to do the devil ceremony because the devil wants to jeer at self-sacrifice.Forcing self-sacrifice in order to let the others be subordinate is devilish psychology.Of course the abuse by the parent or husband is devilish psychology, too, and it is not true love. It is ugly self-aggrandizing action undertaken simply for the pleasure of exercising control over other people.Because the ceremonies of the sacrifices are too pitiful,the Egyptians had carried out the same experiment by the sacrifice of the animals once, but they noticed human sacrifices could make the huge stones float most.
Instead of teaching the methods to become the millionaires to some human beings , the devil forces a human being to make the system which forces self-sacrifice on others.And the devil induces "the people who become the ambitious persons" to make them indulge in the devil ceremonies .The devil has hoped to control the human race from the earliest times to make them separate from God.But the devil is a weak existence enough that even an ordinary man can drive away the devil in 10 several seconds if he advocates words of the prayer that a human being was given from God. Just human beings who run about for ambition and who want to use world of Satan are the terrible existences.I think that Lucifer was jealous of the human beings because the human beings have the power to improve society by self-sacrifice.Therefore I think that when the devil had been angel yet,also the devil ate the fruit of the apple in Eden once ,too in order to know the method to jeer self-sacrifice.I think that a human being is more terrible than the devil.

And Prime Minister Abe is the person who is far more terrible than our imagination.If we don't take care to make Prime Minister Abe resign now, we will commit a fatal blunder.Prime Minister Abe has the charismatic leadership and has power to attract a vast multitude. Whenever Prime Minister Abe does a street speech,more than 5, 000 people gather in an instant. Before a few days I did not know what devil of the high rank stayed behind Prime Minister Abe , because my spiritual ability is low.However,now, I think that it is Osiris.

However, I want to say to everybody clearly.The times of Satanists will be over soon.As for Prime Minister Abe, all of his efforts brings about unfortunate results.Now is the times when world of Satan is defeated, and the times are different from Hitler now.
The devil of the high rank seemed to snuggle up to Hitler from youth. Hitler always called the existence of "the voice sounded from his inside" "He" .It is true that the evil spirit of the high rank possesses a terrible dictator who massacres.
But now is the times when world of Satan is defeated, and the times are different from Hitler now.
I would like to hope that politicians would not think say of Aozora may be silly talk.Aozora is surprisingly unselfish for my own interests. Have I moved by my loss and gain? I am a human being who was born with a duty to prevent World War 3.Japan is a world reduced drawing. Japan is a world's power spot.Therefore Aozora continues the activity desperately so that Japan does not rush into military regime just because I know that the world ruins if Japan is ruined .
In the district of Okinawa, there were the shrine's women who were consecrated to a god called Yuta from ancient times. One day a goddess appears suddenly before these women and they are persuaded to become Utah to contribute to the society.As for my grandmother, Amaterasu goddess appeared before her and my grandmother was persuaded to become Yuta, but the grandmother continued declining it and she died a miserable death.
Most women seem to decline to become Yuta for the Goddess . However, these women are forced by the Goddess to continue shedding tears by miserable fate until they resign themselves and surrender after all and become Yuta.I hoped that Goddess does not appear before me from my childhood because I don't want to become the Yuta. I don't know why the Holy Mother appeared before me but I am forced to work on resistance's activity after all.I think God seizes all something happy for me from me in order to work on resistance's activity.I have not the spiritual ability as much as Nostradamus and I am an only almost common citizen.I will be certainly a sacrificed chessman for God.
However, I feel the skill that the God contrived my Rinne Tensho is great for God to move me as a piece of the shogi. Rinne Tensho is all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth - the circle of transmigration).I have memories of the previous life that lived as a family of Nostradamus.Nostradamus always stared at the moon before foretelling in order to purify his soul. I don't know why but I knew that the moonlight purified a soul from childhood.
I know the Jewish pain because I lived as a Jew in France in my previous life.And, as for me, I know the pain of the minority race by having blood of Okinawa's minority race in me .These pain are the origin to stop war.Probably I might have fate of Yuta. But by God I seemed to be forced to become a resistance not Yuta.
I can't talk with the souls of the dead persons at will.However, if it is necessary , I am forced to do out-of-body experience and my soul is sometimes forced to fly to the place where the bizarre-hunting murder happened.I can't say the names, but several famous Japanese politicians of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party seem to participate in some devil ceremonies.Many Japanese citizens regard them as the good men.They might intend to hold a devil ceremony happily without being found out, but the soul of the dead person is going to convey it somehow simply because the soul is immortality.God does not abandon the victims's souls of the devil ceremonies. Therefore God would send somebody there to pacify their souls.
I always wonder why God has never made a thunderbolt happen to punish these satanists of politicians in order to rescue the victims beforehand.Probably God will be different from a human being in a sense of time because God thinks at the span of a long journey of each soul.
The human race was ruined by three times by the nuclear weapons of the power of Satanists, and the human race started four times from primitive living conditions as the primitive natives .Our times are the fourth, and the fourth is not ruined by a nuclear war.Even if they are the descendants of the former Japan forces, even if they are Satanists, even if they are reptilians , even if they are clones, notwithstanding , they are human beings .If they reform themselves and call for help to God and are going to build a kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace, God all helps them.
A spiritual woman's leader put the huge prevention's barrier of the transparence against evil on the earth so that the devil is not summoned in a devil ceremony, and after that she was dead.Therefore any Satanists can't revive in the ceremony even if Satanists bring back the clonal cell at the age that they are the babies even if they try to move their souls to the new cell , they can't already evade Rinne Tensho (all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death and rebirth, or the circle of transmigration).Now is the times when world of Satan is defeated.
Prime Minister Abe may try to borrow power of Osiris, but all his efforts are wasted.It is such times now. Although Osiris abuses the soul of Prime Minister Abe ,Osiris shows the love at the same time as if Osiris were his father , I think. So Prime Minister Abe suffers terribly,I think .Unexpectedly the devil of the high rank has the love, too. So the devil of the high rank attracts human beings.Any phenomenons of any demons have never happened at all even if I had worked on resistance to fight against Ozawa and Kamei. However, the phenomenons of the demon happened four times when I worked on resistance to fight against Prime Minister Abe.The existence seems to try to protect him,I think.Because the existence's the spiritual tapping's sound around 4 o'clock in the early morning resembled a sound that key clanks very much , I shed tears 2 times with fear.If I pray to God desperately, the existence disappears in ten several seconds. I shut my eyes because I can't see the existence with the fear, so I can't see the existence is Osiris.However, Osiris is cunning and ill-natured if the existence is Osiris.I am always able to stay calm thanks to SECOM but I think Osiris threatens me obviously to make me shed tear, if the existence is Osiris.
Prime Minister Abe may not give up making Japan rush into a reign of terror and the military regime by his own will.And Prime Minister Abe has the devil's luck.But the overthrow of the Abe Administration will help his own soul of Prime Minister Abe.Osiris leaves Prime Minister Abe only if he resigns, and Prime Minister Abe will wake up from the dream of the ambition.It's just like Prime Minister Abe is having a nightmare.
Therefore we must stand up to ruin the Abe Cabinet.

Japan has a law to prohibit receiving a political donation within one year from a company which has been issued a subsidy .

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Ube Industries, Ltd.1,000,000
DENTSU INC. 100,000
Tohzai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.120,000
Kyowa Hakko Kirin Company, Limited60,000
Takeda General Hospital ( TakedasougouByouin)100,000
Fujifilm Corporation1,000,000
Saraya Co.,Ltd.300,000
Orion Breweries, Ltd.60,000
Total sum 2,740,000
asou_tarou_1.jpgTaro Aso minister
of Finance
Air conditioner company of Tokyo120,000
suga_yosihide.jpgYoshihide Suga
Chief Cabinet Secretary
Yokohama Nursery Co.,Ltd.(2011-2012)50,000
Yokohama Nursery Co.,Ltd.(2013)240,000
Total sum 290,000
amari.jpg Amari Akira, the
minister in charge of
economic revitalization
The company which a subsidy grant of Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport decided
simomura_d.jpgHakubun Shimomura
Successive Ministers of
Education, Culture, Sports,
Science and Technology
a performance rate from the political supporters association without due notice 100,000
A man who is the former representative of the major cram school, and is related with the anti-society power100,000
Total sum 200,000
hayashiyoshimasa.jpg Yoshimasa Hayashi
the minister of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries
Ube Industries, Ltd.500,000
DENTSU INC. 100,000
Total sum 600,000
miyazawa_yoichi.jpgYoichi Miyazawa
minister of Economy,
Trade and Industry
The company which a subsidy grant of Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry decided
whip-lowattack.gifHe will not learn by experience.
motiduki_kankyou_resize.jpg Yoshio Mochiduki
Minister of
the Environment
Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.6,700,000
kamikawa_yoko.jpg Yoko Kamikawa
Minister of Justice
Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.1,500,000
kisida_fumio.jpg Humio Kishida
Foreign Minister
HIROTEC Corporation240,000
tanigaki0806666669.jpg Sadakazu Tanigaki
secretary-general of
the Liberal Democratic Party
KYOCERA Corporation120,000
Motegi0807.jpg Toshimitu Motegi
former Minister of
Economy,Trade and Industry
Kikuchi GEAR CO.,LTD.240,000
nisikawa_nousui_resize.jpg Koya Nishikawa
former Minister of
Agriculture, Forestry
and Fisheries
Sugar Refiners' Industrial hall1,000,000
Techno Wood works  CO.,LTD.3,000,000
Total sum 4,000,000
Total dirty contribution amount of money of the Liberal Democratic Party   16,990,000
Prime Minister Abe received a contribution of 2,740,000 yen(US$22,895.44) in total from six companies which received a subsidy. Total dirty contribution amount of money of the Liberal Democratic Party is 16,990,000 Yen (US$141,900.48).
If a politician says that he did not know that the company which had provided the political contribution received a subsidy from the government, they are not being questioned about the crime.
If a subsidy is not a commercial purpose for the revival of the disasters such as earthquake and if a subsidy is for an academic purpose, it doesn't matter whether politicians may receive a political donation from the company.
However, the Prime Minister Abe side has begun to say an unfair thing.The side of Prime Minister Abe has begun to complain irrationally and niggle at Mr.Okada of the representative of the Democratic Party.Mr.Okada received a political contribution of 240,000 Yen (UD$2,003.28)from from the Nisshin Seifun group head office, but the Abe government side flowed absurd slander into the media as if Mr. Okada received the slush funds because Nisshin Seifun which is the subsidiary of the Nisshin Seifun group received a subsidy.As a result, Abe Administration offered a suggestion to reconsider the terms of the regulation about political contribution again among the ruling and opposition parties.
Hey!Prime Minister Abe!!If you come pestering me any more with your silly talk I'll set "the dog which is bigger than Roy" at you.
If Mr. Okada who is the representative of the Democratic Party showed no signs of being upset, and if Mr. Okada would fight against Prime Minister Abe, the approval rating of the Democratic Party will rise surely.
The enemy of Japanese citizens weakens.In the Liberal Democratic Party, "a dirty contribution of a total of 16,990,000 yen" is discovered, and 240,000 yen of Mr.Okada is a fair political contribution.And there's no comparison between them.
The office of the politician should make the list of "data of a company which issued a subsidy" to Excel every month.And politicians can think whether the politician receives the political contribution after checking the list by a search of the Excel.It isn't difficult.The politician neglecting such a basic work should resign.It is thoughtless to be innocent if politicians insist that they did not know it.If it is the subsidy for "reconstruction aids from disaster" or "a academic purpose" , the politician should mention those reasons in the remarks column of the accounting book.
In the Liberal Democratic Party, "a dirty contribution of a total of 16,990,000 yen" is discovered and This is because the Abe Cabinet is always careless through this haphazard method.
Prime Minister Abe conceals the radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for Tokyo Olympic 2020. Although Prime Minister Abe provides neither subsidy nor the grant to any victims who had been exposed to radiation in Fukushima, and although Prime Minister Abe never let victims receive the right medical treatment,I am surprised that Prime Minister Abe induced Prince William to eat food of Fukushima.Though Prime Minister Abe did a careless thing for Fukushima, Prime Minister Abe held a party using the food of Fukushima in the Middle Eastern countries.
Abe cabinet and TEPCO are guilty of crimes against humanity, and their neglect is compounded by a complete disregard, not only for human life, but for all life upon this planet.
Prime Minister Abe should resign soon. Prime Minister Abe committed evildoing enough so as to be too enough.Prime Minister Abe should resign soon.
Dead-Sea-Lions-2y2cl4pgg36plk6gzzrnre.jpg Canada using a Freedom
Malibu beach radioactive water pass over 185 Rad per hour. Surfers are glowing in the night.Scientific Proof that Fukushima Radiation Has Reached North America.
We must protect both the Pacific and the sky.
The hypocrisy of the Abe Administration destroys both of "the minds of the persons", and "the earth" , too.
We must restore honor and the human rights of women of the victims by the former Japan forces.
If we will protect the minds,the blue sea and the blue sky,we can build a kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace.
When I found this video of a lyre, I felt it nostalgic.
And I heard it many times.
God gives the solar light as much as we want, a light wind as much as we want and the water as much as we want .
When I listen to her lyre,it put me in mind of the human origin.
Every human being has a soul in each solar plexus.
And it is connected all by one light's line from each soul to God .
That is the the human origin.Let's build a kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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