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No more of your ridicule.PrimeMinister Abe!!

Japanese doctors threatened for revealing data on how bad Fukushima related illnesses." Arnie Gundersen said .If you click the button of translation, you can read the Japanese captioning.It right accord with say of Mr.Ninomiya.
Abe cabinet and TEPCO are guilty of crimes against humanity, and their neglect is compounded by a complete disregard, not only for human life, but for all life upon this planet.Prime Minister Abe conceals the radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for Tokyo Olympic 2020.
There is no qualification for Japan to hold the Olympics.
In Japan, Abe Cabinet should change the current policy of the area where citizens can live into the new policy from "the area less than 20 msv per a year" to "the area less than 5 msv per a year". Especially TEPCO hopes that all victims' health's condition turns worse to die earlier than the progress of the trial. It is impossible that "victims of bomb attacks of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant" are zero. At least Mr. Ninomiya is a living witness of victims of bomb attacks of Fukushima. Mr. Ninomiya can testify by all means that the data called zero are false. He can explain his own terrible acute radiation syndrome(ARS) caused by Fukushima nuclear power plant .
"Japanese doctors threatened for revealing data on how bad Fukushima related illnesses." Arnie Gundersen「多くの日本人医師は、福島原発関連の病気が、いかに実際に悪いか­というデータを公表しないよう脅かされている。」*from USA radio,Nuclear Hotseat, Libbe HaLevy, Nov. 12, 2014: http://www.nuclearhotseat.com/2200/ * 司会者HaLevy: 福島で子どもが直面している問題に目を向けましょう。子どもたちの健康へのすさまじい­影響があり、甲状腺結節、癌と診断される人数が増加しています。しかし、同時に、あな­たが以前に示唆したように、日本の医者たちに、そこで起きている真実を報告しないよう­、すさまじい圧力がある。あなたが日本の多くの医療専門家と連絡を取っていることを存­じています。彼らは何と言っていますか? Gundersen: 私たちは、少なくとも6名以上の日本人医師から直接の情報を得ています。もちろん氏名­を明かせませんが。 彼らは、病院の特権で上司から[口外するなと]脅かされていると言いました。現地で経­験している健康への影響に関し患者たちに率直に話すことや、実際の測定結果、放射能に­よる病気がどんなに実際に悪いか、その恐れに関して率直に公に話すこともです。 そう、少なくとも、6人ほどの医師が座視しているのを、知っています。また、そこで6­人ならば、さらに多くが同様であると確信できます。広範囲にわたり上意下達に働いてい­る圧力です。 あなたが今後見るだろうものは、まさに私たちが見ているのです。早期の癌と甲状腺結節­です。次の15から20年にわたって、筋肉の癌と臓器癌も増加するだろう。 朝日新聞は、主要な新聞で、基本的に不合理な仮定に基づき、人々に[福島の]家に帰る­のを求めている。 先天的障害やこの第一世代で予期できる事は、全く理不尽なものだ。どれだけ死産と流産­が、日本のその地域で関連しているか、彼らは私達にその数字を教えない。そして、それ­は放射能で引き起こされている。 日本では、死産、胎児の奇形、流産が出てくる。または、すでに癌を発病する。あなたの­体は発症するだろう。 日本人は、福島の死産と流産の報告をしていない。それは大変良いことですよね? (* 皮肉) 問題の核心は、私達が、40から30年の期間で、多くの癌の発症を見るであろうことだ­。 そして、今も同様に、私が3年間ずっと言い続けている事を言います。 福島第一原発事故の結果として、通常より100万人多く癌を発症すると思う。 -END- *We have firsthand knowledge from at least a half dozen Japanese doctors… who have said they have been threatened… if they speak frankly to their patients about the health effects that they’re experiencing; or if they frankly speak in public about their fears — and, in fact, measurements — of how bad radioactive illnesses really are. So we know of at least a half a dozen doctors who are being ‘sat on’, and if 6 are, you can be certain that many more are as well. It’s a pressure that’s being applied up and down the spectrum… [You would now expect] exactly what we’re seeing — earlier cancers and thyroid nodules. Then over the next 15 to 20 years, increased organ cancers as well as muscular cancers… The fact of the matter is, we’re going to see cancers in that 4 to 30 year time span. And I still stand by what I’ve been saying now for 3 years. I think there will be a million extra cancers as a result of Fukushima Daiichi.
illuminati card No more of your ridicule,Prime Minister Abe. Stop taking the mickey.That's enough of your boasting!
Abe cabinet and TEPCO are guilty of crimes against humanity, and their neglect is compounded by a complete disregard, not only for human life, but for all life upon this planet. Prime Minister Abe should resign soon. Prime Minister Abe committed evildoing enough so as to be too enough.Prime Minister Abe should resign soon.

By the way,what is this illumati card?What means?This card makes fools of citizens who lived near the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant very much.
As for Prime Minister Abe, have you been ordered by Cheney so that Japan's population reduces by radioactive contamination ?
The head of state must bear the responsibility for Japan's civic lives.But Prime Minister Abe murders many Japanese citizens slowly.If Cheney is a devil, Prime Minister Abe is human scum. Prime Minister Abe should resign soon.
No more Abe.No more Abe.
Dead-Sea-Lions-2y2cl4pgg36plk6gzzrnre.jpg Canada using a Freedom
Malibu beach radioactive water pass over 185 Rad per hour. Surfers are glowing in the night.Scientific Proof that Fukushima Radiation Has Reached North America.
We must protect both the Pacific and the sky.
The hypocrisy of the Abe Administration destroys both of "the minds of the persons", and "the earth" , too.
We must restore honor and the human rights of women of the victims by the former Japan forces.
If we will protect the minds,the blue sea and the blue sky,we can build a kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace.
When I found this video of a lyre, I felt it nostalgic.
And I heard it many times.
God gives the solar light as much as we want, a light wind as much as we want and the water as much as we want .
When I listen to her lyre,it put me in mind of the human origin.
Every human being has a soul in each solar plexus.
And it is connected all by one light's line from each soul to God .
That is the the human origin.Let's build a kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
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