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Electromagnetic wave attack

German Chancellor Angela Merkel whold have left Japan on March 10 and went back to Germany.German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mr. Okada of the representative of the Democratic Party which was the Japanese largest opposition party and urged him to solve properly a problem of women who were forced by the former Japan's army to work in military brothels .
Mr.Okada replied,"The one that gave a pain wants to forget the evil deed, but, for the one who was given a pain, the pain is not readily forgotten.Taking into account it, we must cope with the problem of the settlement."
I think German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have done the best with her whole heart so that Japan-China War does not happen while she had been in Japan.German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a vivid personality has the great benevolent policy with which leader reigns a country.
I respect and love German Chancellor Angela Merkel more and more by her great benevolent policy .
However, Prime Minister Abe who is the marionette of Dick Cheney wants to neither compensate nor apologize for any victims because Prime Minister Abe wants to cause Japan-China War either.
However, after that German Chancellor Angela Merkel returned, representative Okada operated for a detached retina again. In this year , it is the third operation for Mr.Okada. I think it artificial.I suppose that Mr.Okada would be receiving Electromagnetic wave attack.When Electromagnetic wave attack is received by concentrating on the scruff , hematoceles collect in the blood vessel of the scruff, and it causes visual function disorders in association with various eye diseases caused by damage, defect, degeneration of retinal gangliocyte or optic nerve.
If Mr. Okada would change the connection cable of the Internet line into the very long connection cable of 10m and change the fixed position of the PC, Mr. Okada can evade an electromagnetic wave attack.

I'm convinced that this is a plot of Abebebebebebebebebe cabinet to make stupid Hosono a representative of the Democratic Party.I don't say," Abe Cabinet". It's Abebebebebebebebebe cabinet for storing many cotton boxer trunks shorts of Hello Kitty.
I had received Electromagnetic wave attack,too and I came to have a pain in the scruff and have stopped using the PC more than seven months , from October 2013 to May 2014.Because I continued a correct stretching of my neck, the optic nerve and the retina were not damaged .Mr.Okada should do the 2 exercises above every day, too.Mr.Okada,don't ignore my saying.By these 2 exercises,I could overcome the damage of my neck by Electromagnetic wave attack.
The pain of the scruff will continue more than one and a half year even if Mr.Okada would continue stretching.But please continue.Of course,please change the fixed position of the PC by the very long connection cable of 10m, separating from the places near glass door and windowpane.
Mr.Okada!!!!And Continue the representative of the Democratic Party!!!!!Do not give in to this wicked plot.It is not usually possible three times in a short term to cause retinal detachment . If Mr. Okada resigns as a representative of the Democratic Party, who will profit?
Fight!!!! I am with you . It is time!

Many American citizens stand up in order to prevent a population reduction plan of Prime Minister Abe who changes the Pacific into poisonous water by contaminated water of the radioactivity."An malformed's image of Prime Minister Abe with three hands and with one eye of his forehead" becomes widespread in the United States.American citizens create it.It is not me to do it..American citizens notice a population reduction plan of Prime Minister Abe .
The Abe Cabinet will fall down by the citizens' movement of the Pacific region coast now if the New Komeito and all opposition parties do not cooperate with revision of the Constitution of Prime Minister Abe and if they fight by Operation snail's pace.
I think it made Prime Minister Abe uneasy that someone might find out any second what he was hiding.But already American citizens stand up.
If Prime Minister Abe resigns before Tokyo Olympic is really canceled, Prime Minister Abe's honor will not seriously be injured.
Besides, Prime Minister Abe is frowned upon from many countries because Prime Minister Abe would intend to tamper with history recognition.Angelina Jolie made a movie about the captives abuse by the former Japan forces . It is UNBROKEN.Probably I think that Chichijima incident became a model.That is not the all of Japan. The war makes human beings being mad.Because Prime Minister Abe is going to conceal the history of the war crimes of the former Japan forces, Japan is frowned at from the world.So UNBROKEN was made.The one that gave a pain wants to forget the evil deed, but, for the one who was given a pain, the pain is not readily forgotten.Taking into account it, we must cope with the problem of the settlement.

In addition, we must not forget the women of the victims who are waiting for a long time so that their own human rights and honor are restored either.If Prime Minister Abe can't bow his head to the women's victims,I would like to hope that Prime Minister Abe would decide resignation at least. If it comes true, Japan will be able to part from Dick Cheney.And we must improve Japan.
Because Prime Minister Abe grew up as a son of a noble family of a man of substantial means of the clans producing the Prime Ministers, Prime Minister Abe isn't good at being considerate of the pain of the other persons. Prime Minister Abe must not trouble the other countries. We share the Pacific. The Pacific is not a thing of Prime Minister Abe.
Is the person who gives Prime Minister Abe a toy a good person?
Everything of this world is not our possession forever.If we are convinced that it is our own things, it isn't forever and a human being is a lonely creature. Therefore we should take good care of the sky and the sea and air and water simply because a human being is only lonely and small existence to share them .
There is the moment a leaf or flower is about to drop.Please notice it.

Artiste: Zazie
Chanson: Je Suis Un Homme 
In Japan, it's false there is neither tiger nor lion to fight against a dictator.
Japan already has Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird and White Tiger and Black Tortoise.
Sacred animals controlling 4 every direction of the sky.
Wake up !!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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