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The bright results of beautiful US first lady diplomacy

With a healthy splendid smile, beautiful Mrs. Michelle would have lectured on a project of "Let Girls Learn " for the expansion of the girl's education on March 19.
And Japan will cooperate with this project of "Let Girls Learn " as ODA business more than 42 billion yen(US$347,844,000) in three years.The beautiful US first lady would have shown the bright results of this project of "Let Girls Learn "on the second day since she has visited to Japan.
This is an international project.Ms. Michelle stated,"The education is the starting point of all chances. Let's join forces to give the world's women each opportunity, and both Japan and the United States should lead it." And Ms. Michelle Obama insisted on the necessity to fix the education environment in the world. The US first lady showed ability for superior diplomacy by her beauty and her charm.By this project of "Let Girls Learn ",many girls of many developing countries will become being able to study.One day, ‘a woman becoming the beautiful, smart first lady like Mrs. Michelle from girls by support of this project of "Let Girls Learn " ' may appear. The woman becoming the President and the prime minister may appear, too. It is wonderful.
The citreous dress of the day before yesterday of Mrs. Michelle seems to be a dress of Japanese fashion designer KENZO. The dress of the yesterday's red flower seems to express the color of the Japanese national flag. Probably I think that this design seemed to be KENZO, too.
The Japanese people are completely in love with Mrs. Michelle.Yesterday, Mrs. Michelle had a lunch in restaurant UZU which Mrs. Akie of the wife of Prime Minister Abe manages .The outskirts of restaurant UZU were guarded greatly by many policemen and SP, but without having their own lunch , the neighboring office workers and housewives waited to see the sight of moment that Mrs. Michelle appeared .
The soup of the shiitake of the Japanese mushroom which Akie brought up for three years seemed to be delicious. The excellent shiitake has the texture such as the abalone.Ms Akie Abe always use the fresh ingredients which are good for health, and beautiful Mrs. Michelle seemed to like it very much.
Mrs. Michelle went for a private tea party of His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress from the afternoon yesterday.Both His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress would seem to look very glad. Mrs. Michel is a person loved from everyone.Her Majesty the Empress said ,"So nice to see you."That must have been a very wonderful time for His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.
After that Ms.Michelle Obama made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe seemed to have lost weight considerably to meet beautiful Mrs. Michelle. Although Prime Minister Abe ate the luxurious dinner with journalists day after day, he have lost slightly flesh of his chin and becomes handsome and is refreshing photogenic . Would Prime Minister Abe have exercised with Leg magic circle everyday to meet beautiful Ms Michelle?
Mrs. Michel said, "Prime Minister, at first your wife was a splendid woman! ". And Mrs. Michel continued "And her restaurant was very good. You should try it, too. When I'll visit Japan at the next time, would you care to join me?"
Because beautiful Mrs. Michelle stared straight at Prime Minister Abe and said this, Prime Minister Abe confessed that he had not still been to restaurant UZU of Mrs. Akie.
Oh........Prime Minister Abe.....Do you know what Mrs. Michelle would have wanted to say most?
Beautiful Ms.Michelle hinted that Prime Minister Abe should not let Ms.Akie shed tears.Can you understand?Prime Minister Abe???
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