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The beautiful US first lady charms all Japanese citizens.

Ms. Michel Obama visited Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto city on the afternoon of March 20, and enjoyed Japanese culture such as the Noh play( classical Japanese musical drama) and Japanese drum .
In Kiyomizu-dera Temple she saw the Noh play that the student of the university of arts of Kyoto danced.I think this Buddhist priest had no delicacy not to prepare the chairs for Ms. Michelle ,Caroline Kennedy U.S. Ambassador to Japan and the others.And in addition, I do not like the Noh play very much because it is hard to know what the narration of the Noh play says.If doctor Donald Keene of the authority of the Japanese culture would listen to my opinion that the Noh play is boring, doctor Keene may be angry.But I have never watched planetarium and the Noh play till the last scene without dozing .If I am a producer, I will make the musical dancers of the girls opera of Takarazuka Revue perform. They can dance the classical Japanese Dances, too.
On the other hand, in Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine Ms. Michelle Obama joined Japanese drum adventitiously and enjoyed very much.Because Ms. Michelle Obama always loves children, Michelle Obama could play a Japanese drum together and seemed enjoying with every student.
Because Ms. Michelle Obama's intuition were well perceptive, she got the knack of playing Japanese drum immediately, and she played Japanese drum well while jumping .Oh.....very cute.Everybody praised Ms. Michelle Obama by saying that she is charming.
At about 5:00 of the evening of March 20, Mrs. Michelle would have left for Cambodia by airplane.Ummmmm..... I missed you,Ms.Michelle Obama.Please come to Japan again right away,Ms.Michelle Obama.I'm happy to watch the news of Ms.Michelle Obama.When Ms. Michelle Obama will visit Japan at the next time, Mr. and Mrs. Abe should care to join Ms. Michelle Obama in the restaurant Uzu.
Then I mention the photographs which Ms. Michelle Obama introduced about first lady diplomacy in her Twitter.
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Flying over Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, on the way to Kyoto. 11:29 AM - 20 Mar 2015

Ms. Michelle Obama breaked for a bento box -- a Japanese staple for lunch -- while at the Jojuin temple, which is famous for its hydrangea blooms.Joju-in Temple is the Honbo, main priest's residence of Kiyomizu-dera Temple situated in the north of the precincts.
First Lady Michelle Obama, along with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and Jack Schlossberg participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, while visiting Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan, March 20, 2015.
My Viewpoints
Whenever the American first lady would visit Japan, all the places that she would visit are televised.This is the best chance to introduce a tourist attraction of Japan to the world .Japan's government should think about more novel dramatic impact to publicize sightseeing of Japan to every overseas tourist.The students' program for attracting people had better include the Yosakoi team of the folk song dancing at the same time.The Yosakoi team of the folk song dancing has each club in the universities of the whole country, and there are society teams, too.I think the team which won grand prix at a competition can perform the plenty of impressive dancing in front of the national guests.Japanese government should adopt Yosakoi team for the hospitality of the National guest.
Junintoiro of the left video is the member of society team which won many grand prix. However,because an executive retires ,this team is to be dissolved soon on April 5 .Because Kochi prefecture is appointed in the restructure special ward area, Japan's government should support Kochi to make this Yosakoi team Junintoiro continue.
NagahamaKoide, Kouchi-city, Kochi prefecture 1681-1
Keeping same steps of "all members of a group or organization assembling" is splendid.
Championship teams of the whole country: Student;Shachi
Championship teams of the whole country: Team of society;Honiya
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