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For a clear menace of China, we must not isolate Russia .

Japan is always living at close quarters with a menace of China from ancient times.When China prospers well as a country, Japan should make an effort to keep the amicable relations with China, but, Japan must stand within a reasonable distance from China not to receive several damage in the Japan's economy whenever China dies out .
Japan must work hard to reconcile United States and Russia, EU and Russia, Russia and Ukraine. Japan should always analyze the status of China calmly to care not to isolate Russia.
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Xi Jinping
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Jiang Zemin
Hu Jintao
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Zhou Yongkang
Ling Jihua
Ling Jihua
The Princelings, also translated as the Crown Prince Party, are the descendants of prominent and influential senior communist officials in the People's Republic of China and "Xi Jinping of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China" leads it.Although the Princelings is not blamed for bribery at all, the Xi Jinping of the General Secretary purges "2 factions except the Princelings" which are "Shanghai clique of Jiang Zemin" and "Hu Jintao's function  of the politicians's who are from Communist Youth League of China" , by bribery .The political purge would have begun for many military officers and politicians in large quantities from January, 2015.
Zhou Yongkang, the former head of the country's internal security forces was sent on the charge of big sum bribery by January 8. Ling Jihua who is a close associate of former Chinese president Hu Jintao has been removed from the post of vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee.
Both of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao were former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.The mere mention of their names were enough to silence a naughty child.Both of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao will revenge Xi Jinping of the General Secretary by all means,I think.They were the terrible dictators who have ever governed once very large China.Neither Jiang Zemin nor Hu Jintao are ordinary men , according to their leadership and their charisma .
If Japan does not anger China, a military coup will happen by all means in China happily.
Prime Minister Abe must not announce a statement of "Postwar days's 70th anniversary" which will anger China.
The Japan-China War may become the profit for military industry of Cheney, but the Japan-China War is not only the huge demerits for Japan but also may cause the ruin of Japan .
My suggestion brings Japan the huge profit that is vaster than suggestion of Cheney.Of course to Prime Minister Abe.
If Prime Minister Abe trusts Cheney, Prime Minister Abe is betrayed one day by Cheney and will be burnt to death by nuclear bomb so that even a bone of Prime Minister Abe is not left.Prime minister Abe's position, Prime minister Abe's honor, and all the property will become the ash, too.
But if Prime Minister Abe would not anger China by announcing a statement of the 70th anniversary after wars, a military coup will happen by all means in China happily.It is freedom of Prime Minister Abe which Chinese faction Prime Minister Abe exports weapons to. Prime Minister Abe's favorite vast wealth is waiting there.It is better than ash or despair by Dick Cheney.
theres-also-a-softer-side-to-.jpg The peace negotiation of Ukraine with Russia , EU and Turkey should be held in Japan.There seemed to be a person who prevented President Putin who was going to sit down on by pulling the chair at the peace negotiation which was held in Belarus.
I worry that he might have done more terrible harassment to President Putin in the place where the television camera did not work.I think that President Putin couldn't open his mind in such a serious environment.
I'm convinced Japanese politicians will behave far more politely for President Putin.The nice environment is necessary for the peace negotiation.
I pray that EU , Ukraine and Russia would talk about my suggestion about the peace of Ukraine as much as possible.
The Western countries should make the chance that Prime Minister Abe can persuade President Putin about Snowden.The conclusion may not be given about the problem of the Crimea immediately.President Putin would have spoken that he might have deployed a nuclear weapon in the Crimea , but I think that he didn't intend to threaten the United States and the Western countries.
I think that President Putin have said it to restrain ISIS and Turkey.Muslims participating in ISIS enter ISIS from Turkey.I heard that the member of ISIS were admitted to the Turkish hospitals.I heard that the training school of the members of ISIS was in Turkey.Because ISIS declares openly to revive Ottoman Empire, I think that ISIS cheats Turkey to use for a wrong purpose.But ISIS is not composed by Muslims. ISIS is satanists' group which Cheney created.ISIS aims at the Russian oil fields. Because Turkey may let ISIS go through Turkey so that ISIS can invade the Crimea, I think that President Putin hinted that he might fall a nuclear weapon in Turkey.
I think that several misunderstanding develops into a big rift.If Japan cooperates with a peace negotiation faithfully, the way of the peace of Ukraine may open out.
If EU admits that Turkey joins EU, Turkey will break with ISIS,I think.
Turkey is a country of the great Japanophile. Japan and Turkey have the history that they have helped each other. If Turkey participates in peace negotiations held in Japan, I think Prime Minister Abe can persuade President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan .
Especially,I would like to hope that President Obama and President Putin would be reconciled together as soon as possible .
The Japanese companies should begin each action to move to "Russia of cheap energy resources or India of cheap personnel expenses" from China before China's military coup happens .As for it, the other countries are the same, too.

Title:The Flower's Name
I think that every head of state is always lonely.
Citizens may always leave leaders whenever citizens can't get their profit.
Most citizens are lumps of the self-protection.
Nonetheless the leader must protect every civic lives.
The peaceful society where every life is respected is holy.
Let's build the kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace without being discouraged even if there is anything.
It is such times now.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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