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Japanese translation
German Journalist Udo Ulfkotte blows whistle on how the CIA controls the Media.He said,“I was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans to report…not exactly the truth.CIA” Mr. Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of one of Germany’s main daily publications, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.He insists on this video that CIA controls the German media to let Europe & Russia start the war .
We can read the detail of the opinion about his video, if you click here.
This video was uploaded on September 29, 2014.The war between EU and Russia doesn't happen yet although today is March, 26 , 2015.It beats me.ummmmmm.Why isn't this video deleted?
Is it true that CIA wants to fight desperately so much although President Obama would work hard to stop World War 3? ?The business of the military industry may be dreadful because they can't sell most of those goods of weapons in the recession.However, the Chinese situation becomes unstable.From 500 to 800 demonstrations and riots happen everyday in China from the latter half of 2013. It may be said that an internal disturbance has already begun in China.
Probably CIA had better do business with several Chinese political functions because a military coup will happen in China in the future that is not so far.I'm convinced that Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao want to write a lot of love letters to CIA because they wish to give a glance at CIA.Because President Obama makes an effort to evade World War 3, CIA should make an effort to snuggle up to President Obama a little more.I wish CIA does not cause "the war among Russia and Europe" , "Japan-China War" and "the Middle Eastern dispute".The United States should become the monolith.
If there is a nuclear war, the human race will perish.The human race dies out in the global nuclear war three times, and the human race starts primitive life four times.We should increase our study abilities.
The fight of a child of the light and the child of the darkness is written in the Apocalypse, and it is written that a child of the light wins. Please do the change of the switch as early as possible.
However, I want to say to everybody clearly.The times of Satanists will be over soon.Now is the times when world of Satan is defeated, and the times are different from Hitler now.
The human race was ruined by three times by the nuclear weapons of the power of Satanists, and the human race started four times from primitive living conditions as the primitive natives .Our times are the fourth, and the fourth is not ruined by a nuclear war.Even if they are the descendants of the former Japan forces, even if they are Satanists, even if they are reptilians , even if they are clones, notwithstanding , they are human beings .If they reform themselves and call for help to God and are going to build a kingdom for 1,000 years of the peace, God all helps them.
A spiritual woman's leader put the huge prevention's barrier of the transparence against evil on the earth so that the devil is not summoned in a devil ceremony, and after that she was dead.Therefore any Satanists can't revive in the ceremony even if Satanists bring back the clonal cell at the age that they are the babies even if they try to move their souls to the new cell , they can't already evade Rinne Tensho (all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death and rebirth, or the circle of transmigration).Now is the times when world of Satan is defeated.
And the Apocalypse says that a red dragon is thrown into the volcano of sulfur.The Chinese citizens name the Communist Party of a one-party system of China a red dragon .Sulfur is raw materials of the gunpowder.The Apocalypse foretells that the Chinese Communist Party of a one-party system enters in a great military coup d'etat.
Even if CIA makes an effort to cause "the war among Russia and Europe" , "Japan-China War" and "the Middle Eastern dispute", the war doesn't spread well as much as CIA expects.It is because fate does not take sides with CIA.CIA can open the way if CIA works as the prediction of the Apocalypse .
On the other hand,Nostradamus predicts that the internal disturbance in China lasts 27 years.
L'antechrist trois bien tost annichilez ,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
Les heretiques mortz , captifs , exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre .
Centurie 8 Quatrain 77
The Antichrist will soon annihilate the 3.
His war will have lasted for 27 years
The heretics are either dead,captive,or exiled
Blood, the human body, the water turn red and hail in the ground.
Century 8 - Quatrain 77
Of course anti-Christ is Xi Jinping.Anti-Christ isn't President Putin.The Apocalypse foretells collapse of China in the chapter of a red dragon and the beast, and it is not necessary to dare to isolate Russia .
The 3 means 3 powers in China,I think. 3 powers are a power of Jiang Zemin ,a power of Bo Xilai , a power of Zhou Yongkang.Only Jiang Zemin has not been yet arrested.
Jiang Zemin set assassination of Hu Jintao approximately three times.Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai planned the downfall of Xi Jinping. Zhou Yongkang set assassination of Xi Jinping as twice before and after "3.19 political change" (a coup d'etat attempt that an armed military unit surrounded Zhongnanhai of the best leadership location on the night of March 19, 2012) of 2012 and Beidaihe meeting of 2013.The leadership split into "federation of Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao" and "the Jiang Zemin group".If Jiang Zemin is arrested, probably the military authorities will begin to repel Xi Jinping for self-protection,I think.It will be soon.
If the United States and Russia become the Cold War, the world economy will receive the heavy damage.If the world's countries trade with not only TPP but also "the trade between Russia and BRICS" by progress each other at the same time, the flow of the fund will be smoothened and the world economy will develop widely.We should develop the world economy more positive idea than a negative idea.
If the United States and Russia are not reconciled with each other, an internal disturbance does not happen in China.It means that prosperity comes peacefully by a few efforts between the United States and Russia.
Do you want to know why I introduce Sylvie Guillem - Boléro here?
There is really no meaning for that.
Sylvie Guillem is a ballet dancer dancing in a charisma and the dazzling aura.
When I watched Boléro of Sylvie Guillem for the first time, I thought as if she were a muscular man .
What impresses me most about Sylvie is her single‐minded devotion to her ballet.
I want to passionately devote myself like Sylvie to do something for the big dreams.
Stopping the World War III
The restoration of human rights of the women who were forced to be comfort women.
And the restoration of their honor.
And building the kingdom of the peace for 1,000 years.
These dreams are pure at least.
The dreams are necessary to live.
Let's stand up together.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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