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The right to negotiate peacefully

Iran nuclear talks progressed peacefully. I hear Russia suggested various method for peace solution . And that shows a big progression for the world's peace at Iran nuclear talks. I would like to hope to say that Russia has the right to negotiate peacefully with Western countries.
The world should become peaceful.Iran nuclear talks progressed surprisingly peacefully and I thought to thank God, and I prayed at the altar of my room. Before I knew it, more than an hour have passed while praying .I continued praying that God would give wisdom to me so that not only Iran but also Russia would be reconciled with the Western countries.
I cannot talk with God because my soul is not high level. So I always must think about an idea by myself.I can read a lot of information and documents and according the situation, I can suggest something in good faith .This is the all what I can do the best.I think there should be the method of the peaceful settlement if we think in good earnest without thinking about any profits entirely.Even if a politician , person in authority or a super-wealth can never do it, Aozora can do it.
20hlv6x.jpg I think that a politician , person in authority or a super-wealth can build a course of the peace afterward if I once sprinkle a seed of the peace.Therefore if only I can feel deeply "the fear and the uneasiness that Russia has now" and "the fear and the uneasiness that the Western countries have",I think I can suggest something good idea.
Because European Missile Defense which NATO deploys in Eastern Europe targets Russian nuclear sites, Russia feels a menace and seems to hint a nuclear war.This is "the fear and the uneasiness that Russia has now".
I surely think President Putin becomes very pale if President Putin would watch the left map.Because these MD adjusts 3 aims to Russian nuclear sites, the nuclear plant accidents such as Fukushima and Chernobyl may get up at the same time in 3 places.And the Russian Department of Defense insists that the interceptor missile deployed in Poland and Romania aims at a work room of President Putin and it does not aim an Iranian missile.
On the other hand, Russia deployed a complex of Iskander of a possible short-range ballistic missile mounted with a nuclear warhead in Kaliningrad of the enclave in Europe. The complex of this Iskander aims at MD base established by Poland.
New IskanderK almost finished development and its cruises performance was high, and had a long flying range. IskanderK is deployed in "the western part of Crimea" which became independent from Ukraine, and IskanderK will be predicted to aim at Rumanian MD base.Because the missile of European MD can reach Russia in approximately two minutes , if it is launched Russia can't prevent it after being launched. Therefore Russia examines Poland and MD base preemptive attack of Romania if the situation extremely grows tense. Russia is not going to stop the use of the nuclear warhead in some cases either.
If Romania and Poland and Ukraine receive nuclear attack by Russia, it may develop into a nuclear war among EU VS Russia.This is the fear and the uneasiness that the Western countries have".
Then I suggest three policies that supports relaxing international tension.
1.Both "every MD system of NATO" and "Russian complex of Iskander" should stop adjusting an aim to "a work room of the head of state of the enemy side" and "nuclear sites".
The both system should move each aim into a little harmless place in order to prevent war of EU VS Russia."Romanian interceptor missiles" and "Polish interceptor missiles" seem to aim at a work room of President Putin, but their behavior is too extreme even if they hate President Putin.President Putin would not be Stalin.President Putin would not think about territory expansion more than now and would want the economic expansion. Probably I think that Romania and Poland have gotten scared of invasion by Russia excessively because the Crimea was merged into Russia.I can't forget the photograph that Polish President Komorowski's eyes dimmed with tears to meet President Obama , and shook hands . I memorize this was the photograph when President Obama visited for talks to introduce MD into Poland.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine took the Crimea away from Russia by almost unjust votes in the midst of the confusion.Though nobody in the Western countries criticizes the act of Ukraine , the Western countries criticize intensely about the Crimea having been merged with Russia by a referendum .President Putin may feel that it is unfair for Russia .However, EU is afraid that Russia rushes into expanding territory.
2.Russia should hand over Snowden to prove that Russia does not intend to expand the territory more than now.
A compromise to the United States is important to give a sign that Russia does not intend to threaten the Western countries.I wish that Russia would hand over Snowden by the method that Aozora always suggests.
If Russia would hand over Snowden, time will solve the problem of the Crimea.
Snowden is a Chinese spy. China always intercepts everywhere far more than the United States.China lets an American programmer do information leakage by bribery.If Snowden is arrested, the organization form of American programmers of Chinese spies will be revealed.Probably it is Cheney to lead them. The human being who spoke first that Snowden is a Chinese spy is Dick Cheney.Dick Cheney is a wirepuller of ISIS and aims at all Russian oil fields.President Putin had better recognize Dick Cheney is an enemy of President Putin. If Russia would hand over Snowden,President Putin can remove difficulty or hardships and thereby free oneself from distressing circumstances.
3.For No. 1 realization, I would like to hope that U.K., United States, Poland, Romania,and Turkey hold the meeting of peaceful negotiations in Japan.
4.Of course,"another peace negotiation of Ukraine with Russia , EU and Turkey" should be held in Japan,too.
5.I pray that EU , Ukraine and Russia would talk about my suggestion about the peace of Ukraine as much as possible.
6.In order to let Turkey break with ISIS, EU should admit that Turkey joins EU.
Especially,I would like to hope that President Obama and President Putin would be reconciled together as soon as possible .The Japanese companies should begin each action to move to "Russia of cheap energy resources or India of cheap personnel expenses" from China before China's military coup happens .As for it, the other countries are the same, too.
Japan comes to be trusted more by all means by the United States because Japan did not participate in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and I think that it became more easy to arbitrate Russia and the Western countries.A loan may not be paid back in future if a military coup happens in China.I do not think that the United States accepts its fate to lose the current position of the financial system.
egg-coronation2.jpg 50 countries which joined AIIB will suffer heavy losses soon.If China overturns, all the countries of the world will receive a blow with more than Lehman shock.The reason why bureaucrats of Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn't have said to Prime Minister Abe by hiding the fact that more than 50 countries participate in AIIB is because bureaucrats of Ministry of Foreign Affairs are convinced that it has a military coup soon in China.Prime Minister Abe is lucky so as to be hateful.Though hyperinflation was able to be caused in Japan by excessively eager weak yen measures of Abe Cabinet, economy did not fail by a sudden fall of the oil.The devil's children have the devil's luck.After all, the devil of the high rank is standing behind him,I think.
The choice of Japan was wise.And Japan should make an effort by the United States and Russia, Russia and EU, Russia and Ukraine, EU and arbitration of Turkey for peace sincerely at least.
With life there is one universal language; not spoken from the mouth; but from the soul; an emotional universal language... It is "Happy Easter!"Did you already draw the pretty , beautiful, charming pictures on the eggs ?Aozora always prays for the peace.
I wish the peace came from the easter eggs.

Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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