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Nonetheless the Okinawa's sea is very beautiful today,too.I love the warm sea around Okinawa.

150408hyoukei01.jpg Beginning his first Asia tour, U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter laid out the U. S. commitment to Japanese security Wednesday in Tokyo, urging restraint in territorial disputes between Japan and China.
Defense Minister Gen Nakatani and U. S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter agreed on Wednesday that the Japanese and U. S. governments will work together to steadily implement the relocation of the U. S. Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station within Okinawa Prefecture as planned.The United States is reportedly concerned over the progress in the relocation of the Futenma base in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, to the Henoko district of Nago in the same prefecture amid objections from the Okinawa prefectural government. In consideration of the U. S. concern, Nakatani said: “We will steadily implement the relocation of the Futenma Air Station to maintain deterrence and reduce the burden of Okinawa in hosting bases based on an agreement reached during the two-plus-two talks in 2013. It is also part of the U. S. rebalancing policy and very important.”Referring to the realignment of U. S. forces, Carter said it is “another very important step towards continuing the work of our alliance together.”
And, on yesterday's April 8, Ashton Defense Secretary Carter of the United States of America made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Abe in Prime Minister's Official Residence.
Prime Minister Abe does not have the mind to stop construction of Henoko at all.However, for the visit to the United States of the Prime Minister of May, Prime Minister Abe only pretends to begin talks peacefully with Okinawa.

If I can see the ear-to-ear grin that came to his face of U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, I can feel that he really had something to smile about.Expectation caused him to be flushed with excitement.Not only his face but also his hand shaking with Prime Minister Abe was pink.When you can confirm that Prime Minister Abe forces to build landfill of Henoko, are you so glad U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter?
What an ugly obsequious smile "U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" shows!Oh....too ugly.Although "U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" knows enough "the miserable history of Okinawa" , "a pain and the sorrow of the Okinawa citizens" , "the unfair arrests of Okinawa's citizens demonstrating", and "the fact that Okinawa citizens suffer the violence of the Marine Self Defense Force","U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" can grin with such the ugly obsequious smile.
Why doesn't " U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" have his chin?It is because he is a fatty stupid.It is very neatly and simply arranged. " U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" is enough fatty stupid that he cannot be conscious of how one looks in the photograph.
imageshenoko01.jpg imageshenoko04.jpg imageshenoko05.jpg imageshenoko03.jpg imageshenoko02.jpgimageshenoko06.jpg imageshenoko08.jpg imageshenoko09.jpg imageshenoko010.jpgumigame.jpg hatatatehaze.jpg
"U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" Why do you think that Futenma base can't be transfered to Nozakijima island of the uninhabited island of Nagasaki prefecture ?Why can't you stop landfill of Henoko?
It doesn't mean I persist in my ego so that the Futenma base should be closed down by hating the establishment of the Henoko base. I think that Nozakijima Island is strategic and effective as the substitution place of the Futenma base.Okinawa always lives with being frightened by Chinese hegemony.And I am convinced that Shenyang Military Region will target Nozakijima Island.
I would like to hope that " U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter" would answer my 2 questions definitely. Is it for reinforcement of the Japan-U. S. alliance? It is not a clear answer. Please answer my 2 questions definitely.What? U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter!!!!!You can't reply because you are a fatty stupid????If you say so,you are shameless imposter,U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.Never come to Japan again. Die!!!Fatty stupid Ashton .
Although Ashton Carter is U. S. Secretary of Defense of the superpower United States, Ashton Carter can't stop "Prime Minister Abe who is going to rush into the military regime" at all.On the contrary,Ashton Carter dances attendance upon Prime Minister Abe.Therefore I am angry from the bottom of my heart.Ashton Carter is a thoroughly dishonest character.
Not only Ryukyu race but also much Yamato race of Japan criticizes the forced way of the Abe Cabinet to transfer it to Henoko .The Japanese citizens of the whole country are afraid of Japan rushing into the military regime by the Abe Administration.
Unless Prime Minister Abe receives the draft amendment of the specific secret bill , Japanese citizens can't receive "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" because Prime Minister Abe rushes into military regime.
If Japanese Government does even the business formalities that are advantageous to success in his own life of "Ashton Carter U. S. Secretary of Defense", even if many Japanese citizens cry and die in several concentration camps, it is no problem for him."Ashton Carter U. S. Secretary of Defense" is human scum. hatatatehazenanora.gif
I know both Ashton Carter and Prime Minister Abe never understand my voice.
However, the soul of Okinawa did not disappear by Okinawa war.
Nonetheless the Okinawa's sea is very beautiful today,too.
I love the warm sea around Okinawa.
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