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Columbus' egg

Komeito, Kitagawa vice-representative (the left) and Komura vice-president (the right) of the Liberal Democratic Party
Komeito prioritizes SDF aid for U. S. forces in collective defense talks but concedes geographical limits.
The government plans to enshrine in law the primacy of U. S. forces for receiving logistic help from the Self-Defense Forces whenever they are deployed in response to a serious threat to Japan's national security, according to a draft proposal presented to the ruling parties Friday.The move is a concession to pacifist coalition partner Komeito.As part of its effort to overhaul security legislation, the government plans to introduce a bill to amend the law covering measures for dealing with “contingencies.” The government's draft proposal will form the basis of that bill.The amendment aims to remove geographic restrictions on where SDF troops can operate when dealing with serious national security threats.
The both parties among the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito approved a policy of the government newly.The use of armed force that can use right to collective self-defense includes 3 new requirements.
In armed attack situation actions,that will include an item such as "There is not means suitable" .
◆Three new requirements of use of force 
When armed attack for our country occurred.
Or when the armed attack for the other countries which had relation that it was close to our country occurred.
When existence of our country is threatened by these, and when the danger that a right of the life of the nation, freedom and the happy pursuit is overturned from the first is clear.
In order to remove this and accomplish existence of our country and protect the nation, when there is not other means suitable.
Keeping use of force in minimum
This would restrict when Japan can come to the aid of allies under attack. However, the LDP and Komeito remain divided over whether to make case-by-case Diet approval a precondition for dispatching troops overseas.The two parties are expected to speed up talks on the matter so as to reach agreement before April 27, when Japan and U. S. plan to unveil their new defense guidelines.
Komura vice-president (the right) of the Liberal Democratic Party shows a prospect to agree formally in the ruling party on next month , May 11 or May 12.
I think that Komeito did its best well. I feel these contents insist so that Japan does not rush into militarism .However, this is idealism, and there is not the deterrent for the Cabinet.
1.Japan should make the items of the sanctions measures about the breach of contract for the Cabinet so that Japan does not rush into aggressive war.
The Democratic Party does not seem to have yet decided an original bill to suggest about right of collective self-defense.
2.The Democratic Party should think about breach of contract and sanctions to restrain a Cabinet about the right to collective self-defense by all means and should submit it.
There were not the sanctions for the Cabinet at all in the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS) either.It is possible for both bill to make Japan rush into military regime and it is too dangerous.
Of course the Komeito must recommend it strictly without compromising with the matter of sanctions against the Cabinet, too.It is faithfulness for Japanese citizens.
The Komeito should not give a toy to Prime Minister Abe,too.
3.The Democratic Party should submit a clear bill about the sanctions for the Cabinet about the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS).
The Democratic Party tends to think negatively. The Democratic Party should submit the bill that made the sanctions and the breach of contract for the Cabinet clear if the Democratic Party wants to restore the trust of the people.This is the big chance to restore trust for the Democratic Party. If the Democratic Party copes quickly, the approval rating of the Democratic Party will rise by all means.Make it snappy!You'll end up as a nothing.
Do you know why Prime Minister Abe is dangerous?Prime Minister Abe gains big trust and confidence by his own aides , and the danger of this country is what his own aides love Prime Minister Abe deeply.It brings about awful energy and can become the powerful huge power.
Prime Minister Abe imitates Weimar Constitution and the economic policy of the Nazis, but the personality of Prime Minister Abe is near to Napoleon who was Satanist.Napoleon had both cute identity and cold-blooded unjust identity.Like Napoleon, Prime Minister Abe may be a person whom people around him can't hate, but it is possible for him to become a dangerous dictator because they try to offer the toys as much as he hopes.
Abe Cabinet established the Futaba future Senior High School within the range of 30km from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant . However, because the gravestone of the cemetery of the 50km spot from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant deposited by radioactivity, cleaning water of the grave became the radioactive contaminated water , and I know the person whose whole body has the terrible keloids by the gravestone of the cemetery of the 50km spot from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant deposited.The Futaba future Senior High School was established in order to hold the Tokyo Olympics as if Fukushima nuclear plant accident went to the end.
This is a toy which provided to Prime Minister Abe.The American expert insists that a radius of 200 miles(321.8km) should be an evacuation advisory area from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.Prime Minister Abe must not let citizens of Fukushima yet return to the refuge areas.The citizens of Fukushima are not the toys and marmots of Prime Minister Abe.Citizens of Fukushima are human beings with the futures.
Prime Minister Abe is good at making subordinates gather around various rights, but, unfortunately, these subordinates love Prime Minister Abe very much.
Iijimasanyoumibozu.jpg Abe's adviser Iijima declare openly that Abe's adviser Iijima will give a white crow to Prime Minister Abe to support legitimacy of Prime Minister Abe even if Prime Minister Abe insists the black crow is white.Everyone can feel Abe's adviser Iijima has a sinister cast of countenance."Even person who is difficult to get along with" such as Abe's adviser Iijima deeply impresses with his character of Prime Minister Abe and he promotes Prime Minister Abe with devotion .Prime Minister Abe would possess an extraordinary ability to attract.
Whenever I read his essay of Abe's adviser Iijima,I remember anecdotes of Marshal Michel Ney.Louis XVIII dispatched the armed forces of Marshal Michel Ney to arrest Napoleon who escaped from Elba island, but Marshal Michel Ney kneeled to Napoleon and pleased to meet Napoleon again.And he accompanied Napoleon to make Paris fall.Marshal Michel Ney was executed after France's defeat of battle of Waterloo later although Napoleon was not executed.
There is no logical solution to it.Napoleon was very charismatic.
And Prime Minister Abe's current aides are the people who didn't separate from Prime Minister Abe , although Prime Minister Abe lost his position once at the first Abe Cabinet(September 26 , 2006-August 27, 2007).If Prime Minister Abe hopes Palace of the Lolita complex, this sea bonze IIjima will establish even "group for pleasure(Kippumjo)" by abducting many white crows which similar to Agnes Chan who is flat-chested.Ohhhhhh...The Prime Minister official residence may become the abnormal world in an instant by the black magic of this sea bonze...It is just the black fantasy like American Bush clan.Why will Prime Minister Abe commute to the Prime Minister official residence every day from his own private house without living in the Prime Minister official residence? Everybody doubts whether Prime Minister Abe may hide something.
The Democratic Party should give a response quickly so that awful energy does not occur in Japan's political world.
The Democratic Party should think about breach of contract and sanctions to restrain a Cabinet about the right to collective self-defense by all means and should submit it and should submit a clear bill about the sanctions for the Cabinet about the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS).
More than four months, Prime Minister Abe continued refusing a meeting with Onaga governor since Onaga governor of Okinawa to object to the transference of Futenma base to Henoko was elected.However, on yesterday's April 17, Prime Minister Abe talked together with Onaga Governor of Okinawa prefecture for the first time only for 30 minutes.Because Prime Minister Abe visited the United States from April 26 and will make a speech in the joint assembly among Upper House Lower House in Washington on April 29,he needs to behave as if Prime Minister Abe did not persecute a minority race of Okinawa.
Onaga Governor said he asked Abe to tell U.S. President Barack Obama of the Okinawa people's "clear opposition" to building a coastal replacement facility for the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma air station.
But the parallel lines never converge.In Friday's meeting, Prime Minister Abe explained the government's position that relocating Futenma from a densely populated area in Ginowan to the less populated Henoko district of Nago would be the "only solution" to remove danger posed by the air station without undermining the deterrence of the Japan-U.S. alliance in the increasingly tense security environment in East Asia.
"I asked Prime Minister Abe to stop work to relocate (Futenma) to Henoko," Onaga Governor said, telling him "not to be tied to the fixed idea that Henoko is the only solution."
Onaga Governor said Prime Minister Abe did not respond to his request to convey to President Obama Okinawa's opposition to the Futenma relocation. Okinawa officials are arranging for Onaga Governor to travel to the United States as soon as late May to discuss the matter with the U. S. government, Onaga Governor said.
But by this meeting, I noticed Onaga Governor always says a thought or a discussion which go around in circles.Even if Onaga Governor recites the miserable history of Okinawa, Onaga Governor must notice the fact that both Prime Minister Abe and the U. S. forces only pretend to listen to.It is Columbus' egg to be lacking in Onaga Governor.
1.It is a taboo to say that he intends to withdraw all US bases as the final aim.Onaga Governor must realize it .
China can stand in the world's top if China can seize Okinawa by making "the U. S. armed forces" defeat.Japan must not withdraw U.S. forces from Okinawa island.Because Onaga Governor tries to talk about withdrawing all US bases, both Prime Minister Abe and U. S. forces refuse any discussions together.
2.Onaga Governor should insist on only substitution plan of the Henoko transference definitely without mentioning any taboos which is to withdraw U.S. forces from Okinawa island .
Onaga Governor would misunderstand as if just substitution plan were a taboo because other prefectures would refuse it by all means if Onaga Governor would say substitution plan. .It is because Onaga Governor is Uchinanchu who is an islander of OKinawa .Because Onaga Governor would know the pain of the base burden, I know Onaga Governor can't say substitution plan.I love and respect "Onaga Governor" who is Uchinanchu .But it is not statesmanlike.
The visit to the United States is no meaning if Onaga Governor can't suggest effective substitution plan strategically for both of the United States and Japan if Onaga Governor would negotiate with the super powerful country of United States.It is important that substitution plan is useful as national strategy."The U. S. forces" does not want to listen to the miserable history of Okinawa very much.The United States is a nation that possesses formidable naval strength.Can Onaga Governor show a useful plan for U.S. Navy?
3.The new address for transference of the Futenma base should be the Nozakijima Island of the uninhabited island in Nagasaki prefecture.
I suggest that Japan should deploy Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile which is made in the United States in this Nozakijima Island and the U. S.forces and Japan should prevent the missile of a downsized nuclear weapon from China and North Korea.If Japan purchases American expensive Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile, my suggestion has a big merit in both Japan and the United States.
I think AIIB is established as the imitation's bank so that China cheats rich countries to contribute the other countries out of money in order to raise a military fund. China advertises as if Yakuza's loan company thought about the catch copy to relax an examination standard of the financing of developing countries.China is the country which cheats two digits of trade balances .AIIB can't be trustworthy.Of course China expects to extend hegemony and will intend to collapse the dollar by AIIB.AIIB is used for loss filling of the economic ruin of China, and China will collect money in military purposes, and I judge that it is established for the purpose of destroying US dollar.
The United States and Japan should deploy American expensive Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile in Nozakijima island in order to restrain AIIB.
Japan and the United States must consider the strategy that China seizes Nozakijima Island while China attracts interest in Senkaku Islands and Okinawa ..
A monitoring ship of China had tried to really force its way through Japan's sea's area towards North Kyushu two years ago. However, the monitoring ship of China has been prevented by the Marine Self Defense Force. I felt that that ship might have aimed at the Nozakijima Island.
The reclaimed land of Henoko must build "an aqueduct for transporting water" from Okinawa Island, or must build the seawater fresh water plant.In Henoko, Henoko is not effective very much as a base camp because it may be in danger of the cutting of the pipeline of aquatic resources at the time of a dispute. Nozakijima Island with the rich aquatic resources is suitable for a base camp.
nozakijima island Therefore Nozakijima Island is effective as U.S. forces far more than Henoko.It is useful to secure a US base in the Nozakijima Island for Japan. Nagasaki of Kyushu area, Hiroshima of the Chugoku area, Osaka of Kansai area, Nagoya of the Chubu area are the objects of the Chinese nuclear weapons ,I think. Because Japan should strengthen defense of Nagasaki prefecture more ,it is useful to secure a US base in the Nozakijima Island for Japan to deploy American expensive Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile. And Honshū–Shikoku Bridge is 89.0km in total length.Japan can build the bridge whose total length is 25.6km from Odikajima via Nozakijima Island to Nokocho, Hirado-city, Nagasaki prefecture .
And It is 20.5km from Nagasaki city's Miyanoura fishing port of Kyushu to the Nozaki Island.It will become the world eminent superior US base if I build the bridge from Kyushu to the Nozaki Island.
And there is 1359.9km from Beijing to the Nozakijima Island. Japan and the United States should deploy three of the multiple warheads SLBM having a range of 5000km in the Nozaki Island.
It defends the whole Asian areas because China will come to refrain from hegemony expansion if Japan and the United States prepares three of the multiple warhead SLBM which can strike 600 places for the Nozakijima Island.
Not only Japan but also the Asian foreign countries suffer from tyranny of China in a territorial problem.
Of course, for a peace negotiation between the United States and Russia and for peace treaty among Japan and Russia , it is important that these missiles never turn any aims to Russia.
In the first place Snowden is a Chinese spy, and I am convinced that Snowden has the key to programmer group leaking several American state's secrets into China.It is unnatural that Russia stands alone. We must be cautious of China.
China intends to make many naval ports for Chinese submarines with a fund of AIIB in the Asian foreign countries.
Foreign Minister Kishida made a slip of the tongue again and seemed to have angered President Putin.Foreign Minister Kishida spoke that the Japanese Government did not participate in the stagnation of the political contact about the peace treaty.
Why can't Kishida say that Japan wants to push forward the talks about the peace treaty???Kishida seems like he's got a few screws loose,I think.Kishida often acts without regard to the feelings of others by a thin & poor excuse.In stead of Kishida,I'll apologize for making Russia feel uncomfortable.
Japanese citizens desire both of "the peace negotiation between the United States and Russia" and "the peace treaty among Japan and Russia".
Because the snow melts, and it is already spring, the international situation should progress peacefully. Because Japan has financial power, Japan can realize my suggestion enough. hatatatehazenanora.gif
I know the fate of the island of Okinawa is weak.
However, the soul of Okinawa did not disappear by Okinawa war.
Nonetheless the azure blue of the sea of Okinawa is a noble color.
I love the warm sea around Okinawa.
Okinawa wants the history that does not succumb to the military regime.
That is most of 200,000 war deads's hope and is the souls' voices.
Aozora Japanese Resistance



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