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Prime Minister of the woman in Japan

Harvard University
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, right, speaks in front of professor Joseph Nye at the John F. Kennedy School of Government forum in Cambridge, Mass., Monday, April 27, 2015.
Speaking during a brief appearance at Harvard University on Monday morning, one of the more pointed moments came during the question-and-answer session, when a Harvard student asked why the prime minister continues to "deny" Japan's role in creating a system of sexual slavery during World War II. Prime Minister Abe, through a translator, said Japan is making "various efforts" to provide "realistic relief" to the victims, without elaborating.He also said the nation is taking a leading role in international women's human rights, giving millions of dollars to the United Nation's efforts in that arena.
"My heart aches when I think about the people that were victimized by human trafficking and who were subjected to immeasurable pain and suffering beyond description," he said through the translator. "We have very resolutely determined that, in the 21st century, women's human rights should not be violated." Dozens of protesters holding signs and banners outside were unimpressed, saying afterward that the remarks parroted similar statements Prime Minister Abe has made.
Prime Minister Abe still has not addressed any of the specific requests victims and advocates seek, including a formal government apology, legal reparations and punishment of those responsible.
Prime Minister Abe basically repeated the denial and the evasion of responsibility that he has been saying all along.Prime Minister Abe only said he has 'heartache.' That stops short of apology.
Professor Joseph Nye seems to be very sad.I know Professor Joseph Nye has genius of the analytical ability of the international situation very highly , the ability for negotiations and the high intelligence.I read a lot of articles that Professor Joseph Nye wrote.Professor Joseph Nye did not criticize Prime Minister Abe at all, but Professor Joseph Nye would assume a disappointed or sad expression because Professor Joseph Nye loves Japan deeply,I think.Also I feel deep sorrow for hypocrisy of Prime Minister Abe.
If Prime Minister Abe had "a one-tenth of love for Japan of Professor Joseph Nye" , Prime Minister Abe might have mentioned the apology for having kidnapped forcibly of Asian women and "Dutch women of Indonesia" by the former Japan's army.
"Women were captured" surely means that the enemy brought them as captives forcibly into the facilities of prostitutes for Japanese soldiers .
Some rapacious Korean dealers might have been the corrupt suppliers of "slave trade" and might have cooperated with kidnapping women forcibly of the former Japan forces, but Prime Minister Abe is the scum of society if Prime Minister Abe tries deceiving that the former Japan forces led the crime.
Women in accord with damage included even the 10-year-old girls , too. If girls were tall , even if they were the primary schoolchildren, they were kidnapped by the soldiers of the former Japan forces. Even daughters of the mayors and daughters of the doctors encountered damage, too. The former Japan forces abducted many girl students by basing on the classroom's list of the network of the school systematically. Can you imagine such terrible times?
Prime Minister Abe says that the Japanese students who cannot love Japan in the masochistic history increase.
However, it is a mistake.
I want to restore human rights and the honor of the victims' women by all means just because I love Japan. I am not a beast, and I want to be a human being. And the Japanese people are not the beasts.
Prime Minister Abe is a beast. And we are not Abe.The self-protection of the politician is ugly. Too ugly.
For what will the human being acquire culture ?
This is because the human being should become the human being who is useful for the society.It is not culture to tell a lie unconcernedly to let a victim swallow the damage.For a meteoric rise to stardom, Prime Minister Abe always may tell many lies as politicians to let victims swallow the damage under his web of intrigue . That may be the method to live as a politician.Yes...Prime Minister Abe may be a star of Japanese politicians.Prime Minister Abe can become prime minister twice.
But Japanese citizens need not become stars like Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe desires a beast's mind in order to become the political star.I want to be a human being not a beast.
I want to make women of the victims happy. I want to change their each life so that they can think that it was good to have been given birth by God.
If Japan and the United States do not create Japan's Prime Minister of the woman newly, this problem is never settled.That is a sad reality.We should recognize how far Prime Minister Abe fell short of the reality.Prime Minister Abe does not love Japan and has only self-protection and hypocrisy.
Prime Minister Abe thinks as if Japanese citizens were only his toys. Naturally Prime Minister Abe thinks as if all women were only his toys. Prime Minister Abe cannot feel that they have each heart and each soul.Because Prime Minister Abe is a human being to want to be a dictator, his personality has nothing to speak of any virtue.
Prime Minister Abe will make a very worthless speech on April 29 tomorrow.Because Prime Minister Abe has neither the love nor the heart for everything, the Obama Administration had better recognize that Prime Minister Abe is mere temporary fatuous financial supporter.
Women of the victims are already old and do not have time very much. Cooperation of USA is necessary to let "the compensating all women's victims for damages" and "words of apology of Japan's Prime Minister" come true.Probably the politician of the man will not apologize even if the politician of the man dies for it. Japan's politician of the man will not apologize to the women's victims because there is the aesthetics of the peculiar man in Japan.
The human race should let "the compensating all women's victims for damages" and "words of apology of Japan's Prime Minister" come true.It is important that we create the wind of spring.We need Prime Minister of the woman in Japan.The victims are waiting for the time coming.
Prime Minister Abe will sink in the public estimation again because he couldn't behave manly .Japan and the United States should walk a new way for stability of Asia .
The hour has come.
Japan might have been the Japan society which obeyed the wrong act of the national leader without an objection once. And the Japanese continued being said like a beast for war crimes after the war for nearly 70 years.
However, the situation is different now. I was born as a Japanese in order to shout that the Japanese people had a warm heart as a human being to the all over the world.
I fight against Prime Minister Abe thoroughly.
I fight against Prime Minister Abe just because I love Japan.
Japanese citizens never become your slaves, Prime Minister Abe. Of course Aozora never obeys to the scum of society like you, Prime Minister Abe.I never become your slave,Prime Minister Abe.Your slaves are only members of Liberal Democratic Party or Jinhurin(The mysterious dangerous facilities where they sneak a shot which is erotic by using a drug and beautiful women by several video cameras and where the resort facilities of the manpower supply company become like a cabaret).
However, slaves caused a revolt to one ship of three ships in the galley ships.There may be the revolt of the slave in the Liberal Democratic Party.It is a one-third probability.
Even if Prime Minister Abe spends a vast fund to all over the world, the world does not forgive your hypocrisy,Prime Minister Abe.

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a comment in the New York Times that the Abe Administration did not have an intention of the history decoration.But it is the hypocrisy of Prime Minister Abe.
As long as Prime Minister Abe denies forcible abducting women by the former Japan's army and as long as he never apologizes about it, it is distortion of the history.


I am really regretful for my own powerlessness.
I apologize deeply as a Japanese to all the women who got hurt by a cold-blooded unjust speech of Prime Minister Abe .
I think April 29's speech of Prime Minister Abe will be full of hypocrisy and the self-protection again.
I sincerely apologize to you for this confusion.
But I want to be a human being not a beast.
Japan should do them so that women can believe in God.
Japan should do them so that they can thank God.
Japan should do them so that they can feel the joy of being alive.
Japan should do them so that they can have the joy of being alive as each human being, not mere shadow of their true selves .
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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